Is 'Podcasts!' the best podcasting app for Windows 8? Our readers discuss

Once again, we travel to the Windows Phone Central forums to help a reader in need. This week, we are looking at a question by SocalTouch, who just purchased his Dell Venue 8 Pro. SocalTouch wants to know what the “best” podcast application for Windows 8 is. Let us see if we can help him out!

Before everyone screams out the Zune desktop application (because we know it is a favorite of many), let us note that our reader is looking for a Windows 8 application – something that is touch friend for his 8-inch Dell tablet, so think apps from the Windows Store.

The immediate Podcast app that we recommend is “Podcasts!”. This free application for Windows 8 machines allows users to easily browse and subscribe to a large word of podcasts. Open the application to see featured Podcasts, your subscribed Podcasts, and lists of the most popular podcasts for a variety of different categories.

You can subscribe to a podcast and view the latest episode in addition to a collection of episodes from the show’s past. Navigation is extremely easy and playback can be controlled via your multimedia keys or the volume dialog pop-up.

The application is very minimalist and does not feature much within its Settings menu. You can customize the color theme of the application or change the default playback speak for all of your shows, but beyond that, you simply subscribe to what you are interested in and allow the application to display to you the latest episodes available.

Speaking of podcasts, we cannot mention this topic without giving a plug to our own WPCentral Podcast. Be sure to subscribe either on YouTube or via the Podcasts! app to hear the latest in Windows Phone and Microsoft news.

To grab the "Podcasts!" application from the Windows Store for Windows 8, click here. You can also find "Podcasts!" on Windows Phone where the app first began; to download that variant click here or scan the QR code below!

Do you recommend any other great Windows 8 podcast applications for our friend, SocalTouch? Also be sure to join in on the conversation in our comments below and in our Windows 8 forums! You can click here, for a direct link to the topic.

Leave a comment below and be sure to mention what some of your favorite podcasts to listen to are!

Michael Archambault