Poki 2 available for Windows Phone, revamped interface and a ton of new features

Poki for Windows Phone has been updated. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll now find version 2 of this very popular Pocket client for Windows Phone. Pocket is a read-it-later service that enables you to save articles and more for offline reading. This update for Poki introduces a new UI, tons of new features and a new freemium pricing model.

Poki 2 features

Poki 2 is live in the Windows Phone Store, and you'll want to update. There's a massive changelog of new features in this release. You can read the full changelog, but we'll highlight a few important changes.

  • Rewritten from scratch for WinRT
  • New and faster database engine
  • Revamped interface
  • Ability to update (add, edit, delete) items when offline
  • Automatically sync in background when Poki is closed
  • Improved speed on startup for large lists
  • Tutorial for new users
  • Account + Achievements are saved and restored across installs
  • Support for English, Polish, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Slovenian, Danish, French, Czech, Slovak, English (UK), and German
  • Much, much more!

Poki 2

We've been playing with Poki 2 for months now as part of the beta. It's a wonderful app and one of our favorite Pocket clients for Windows Phone.

Poki Premium

Poki 2 is an update to Poki 1 but introduces a new pricing model. The app is now free, but an in-app purchase of $1.99 moves you to Poki Premium. With Poki Premium you get a few extra features like background sync, the ability to update items when offline, ability to multi-edit items and four themes for the app.

Poki 2

Users on Poki 1 will get Poki Premium for free when updating the app, just make sure you already have Poki 1 installed on your Windows Phone.

There's a Windows 8.1 version of Poki coming out before the end of the year. Pricing changes a little bit when you take that app into account. Poki Premium is just $1.99 if you only want to use Poki on Windows Phone. Just want Poki Premium on Windows 8.1? That'll be $2.99, but for $3.99 you get Poki Premium on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. A sweet deal considering the overall polish you get when using Poki.

Want to win a promo code for Poki Premium? Just follow the official Poki account on Twitter (@pokiapp) and 50 codes will be raffled off next week.

Grab Poki 2 for Windows Phone and let us know what you think!

QR: Poki 2

Sam Sabri
  • Poki?
  • you must be sooo new here...
  • lol
  • One of my favorite apps.
  • So do I
  • I tipped you yesterday about the update ....
  • Here's your cookie. 
  • And what if he prefer a biscuit?
  • Amazing work from devs. Just AMAZING!
  • Are there any more good apps like this?
  • He, the hedgehog is here too :)
  • The hedgehog is everywhere.
  • Great work ❤ it!
  • Any official pocket apps for ios or lagdroid are slowly smokin' and watchin'...
  • Looking good! I think I preferred the old listen mode UI, where it docked on the right side of the screen. Looking forward to the day when IE lets me share directly to Poki instead of the extra step of copy and paste of the URL
  • "Share page" is working for me.
  • You don't need to wait man! Just open any webpage, add It to your favorite, then edit an URL address of bookmark: Paste this javascript:location.href="pocket:Add?source=fromWeb&Url="+encodeURIComponent(encodeURIComponent(location.href))
    instead of URL. DONE.ita work just like opening videos from YouTube in MyTube or opening webpage in Readability.
  • You don't need this anymore, Poki 2 integrates into the share charm!
  • Just noticed!
  • Didn't know about this work around! Glad share is actually now available
  • It's not a work around. Ignore lordbebech as that's how it used to be done. IE pages can now be shared and tagged directly.
  • Absolutely fantastic app. Clean and fast.
  • I'm going to have one of these codes
  • Jebeno
  • Now this is how an app should be done. Great job Poki developers.
  • Poki 2.0 now supports Full HD screens and looks much better on Lumia 1520, like it a lot!
  • Fantastic work, indeed. And on 1080 display it looks fantastic
  • Finally! Waiting for the big myTube update now.
  • I've bought Poki 1 months ago. Deinstalled it for pouch. Now I have to pay for the premium version? You're kidding me right?
  • You don't have to pay again, please read the text. In case you have problems with upgrading, please contact the Poki support!
  • So, reading about this app, it looks like a poor person's version of Reading List.
  • Actually, it's better than Reading List, more functionality, great design. It's outstanding in so many levels.
  • I gotta say it is a much better experience than reading list. Reading list has been supremely disappointing to me, while Poki continues to surprise
  • And yet again like many times before you (WPCentral), forgot to mention that it is for Windows Phone 8.1, it's not for WP8. I mean, not everyone yet have WP8.1. It was really misleading for me reading the article, hit the download app button to just find out that is WP8.1 exclusive, damn it, LoL :)
  • Oh yes, they forgot about it. Hope you get the update soon and can try Poki 2 :)
  • Fingers crossed dude :) 
  • Is it a one time fee for poki premium
  • Yes!
  • Im Poki user for months and i didnt get premium after the update. Something wrong?
  • There was a bug in the release. Please try it again with the newest update and if it still doesn't work contact the Poki support (please use the EMAIL button in the app (about+support => support)).
  • How does this compare to Owl Reader?
  • More cool UI.
    I installed it for poki2
  • I think Owl better: more settings for article view. You can change the background, fonts, brightness etc. And premium version the same like a free. In poki better UI. 
  • 2
  • Who knows, how to make less brightness like in OwlReader?
  • One other thing I've noticed in the new update: The P in the logo looks different. It's.... rounder.
  • Nice one! That's true, I've made a new p so it looks a bit smoother :)