Poll time! After today's Preview for Developer OS update, which unlocked the Lumia Cyan firmware for a larger swath of phones, we are curious as to how many of you are now running the latest release.

The question is simple. Assuming you have a Nokia Windows Phone are you now on Lumia Cyan? (Sorry Samsung or HTC users, we already know your answer)

Expectations for the results are unknown, as there could be a lot of you or not many at all. Let's find out!

Are you unsure if you are or are not on Lumia Cyan? Just head to Settings > Extras + Info and it should either say Software Release: Lumia Cyan or Software Release: Lumia Black.

If using our app, swipe to the right and tap 'show more links' to open the article in IE if you want to take the mobile poll or just browse to m.wpcentral.com