In a somewhat surprising and unexpected leak yesterday, new renders of the Microsoft Band 2 surfaced from the site Windows Insider.

In many ways, what appeared is not shocking at all. At the core, the design and functionality of the Band 2 appear to be the same except for the new curved display and the battery position shifting. Still, there are likely many other engineering features we are not yet aware of yet. These changes could include material improvements, modifications to the clasp and the charger setup, which we do not yet know if it is the same as before.

A cursory look at user reactions here and other tech sites suggest overwhelming approval of the design, which certainly looks more premium and refined. Assuming these are the final renders – and our sourcing suggests they are – what do you think?

If the Band 2 retails for the same $199 and is available in more countries (likely the current 26 'Surface countries'), will you be picking one up?

I know I will be getting a Band 2. Ironically it will be less for the health stuff (I still prefer Fitbit) but mostly for the phone companion feature. For my usage, the Band was always great for alerts, emails, texting, weather and Cortana.

Fitness on the Band 2, in my opinion, needs a big overhaul in terms of data: friends, social, sharing, and more. What I want to see is more Xbox integration in terms of achievements, social, and challenges. I keep using Fitbit because I like to see what my friends are doing. Our own George Ponder wants (nay, needs) it to be waterproof. What about you?

Will Microsoft prevail? We'll find out October 6. For now, take our poll and let us know what you want to see changed for features with the Band 2.

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