Centaurus is the rumored device we're all very interested in. It's a new form factor for Windows, featuring a dual-screen design and a new user experience to match. Also rumored is the ability to run Android apps, which has been of much discussion in the community following this project closely.

There are, as always, two sides to the possibility of Android apps being part of the Centaurus experience. On one side, there's the people who think this is an excellent idea. The more apps, the better, after all. But on the other side, there's people who think this is a terrible idea, as most Android apps aren't designed for the PC form factor, and could also deter developers from building native Windows apps in the future.

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So we want to know what you think, and you can tell us by answering our poll. Does Centaurus need Android apps to succeed, or will it do just fine without? Let us know in our poll, then expand further in the comments. I personally don't think Android apps are a requirement for Centaurus, as I can't see myself needing any that exist. But everyone has differing needs.

Centaurus is rumored to be announced on October 2, but isn't expected to start shipping until sometime in 2020. Are you interested in the idea of a dual-screen foldable PC running Windows? Let us know.