Windows Phone 8 Update 3

Yesterday was a blizzard of news from Microsoft. Not only did they finally take the wraps off of their third update of the year for Windows Phone 8 (aka ‘GDR3’), but they had their own “one more thing…” moment where they announced the Preview for Developers Program. That program, which is open to anyone who takes a moment to register, allows you to download over-the-air Update 3 right to your device.

We walked you through the process and showed you what’s new in Update 3. So the question is simple: How many of you have already jumped on board with Update 3?

Our forums dedicated to the topic have exploded with chatter, and we’re receiving a lot of positive feedback on the process. In fact, we have received nary a complaint from users as the update appears to have gone very smooth for those of you dived in.

But are you still on the fence? Are you waiting for the official updates due later this year? Let us know by taking our poll.

If you’re on your Windows Phone, simply head to to take it that way!