Windows 10

Having polled the Windows Central community on whether or not they'd installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview on their phones, the response was strong and the results not completely surprising. While excitement is clearly high, it seems that there are more who simply can't get it right now than can or are using it.

Despite the number of low and mid-range devices Microsoft sells, like the Lumia 635, the outright winner in our poll was the "my phone isn't supported" option. We're not overly surprised by this, given that a decent portion of our core audience will be high-end, 'flagship' phone buyers. And with the 930/Icon and 1520 not supported, along with the previous generations higher end offerings, it adds up.

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That's really the story. 53% of the 6,608 votes cast come from people who just can't use the preview because their phone isn't supported. Those that did install is way down at 21%. Hopefully future builds will see the percentage of those excluded come down quite a bit.

So, if you're in the 21%, how have you been finding it? Sound off in the comments below!