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One of the big news items this week was the announcement that Microsoft has updated their corporate logo for the first time in 25 years. While logo designs are not the most exciting topic we can think of, this change in appearance is also a continuing sign of a shift for the company, including a reimaging of the Microsoft brand.

The new logo (which looks to have ties to the past) fits in with Microsoft’s new Metro/Modern UI that is being rolled out across Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Outllook.com and even SkyDrive. The look is clean, minimalist and the opposite of gaudy. In fact, some have complained that the new logo may be too plain. That’s an odd criticism, especially since one of the top technology companies today, Apple, hardly has the most exciting logo either—yet no one complains.

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Clean. Minimalist. Elegant? You say, 'yes'.

Regardless, we put the question to you folks on whether or not you liked the new look. With over 6,000 votes (IP and cookie locked) tallied in 48 hours, the results solidified themselves after the first 2,000 participants voiced their opinion.

In short, it’s a hit.

A full 83.12% (5,135 votes) of you agreed that Microsoft did a good job with the new design with only 16.88% (1,043 votes) voting against it, suggesting that the design was not bold enough.  Clearly though the ‘yays’ have it and Microsoft’s new appearance has clicked with our user base.

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Our audience certainly has a bit more Microsoft-bias (although our friends iMore linked to the poll too) so it remains to be see how Microsoft uses the new look in commercials and ads. From there, we’ll have to wait and see if the consumer market responds positively to this new direction for Microsoft as Redmond doesn’t have a much sway in the consumer space as other brands just yet.

We will say that if Microsoft is looking to finally take over the mass consumer market, they so far are headed in the right direction.