Poll results: Windows Central community speaks up on Microsoft Band and the week of Windows 10

It's been a crazy, crazy week around here and in among all the Windows 10 activity we've turned things over to you, the community, several times to get your opinions. Starting out with our weekly poll, which this week was all about the Microsoft Band, we then switched gears on more than one occasion to get some opinions on everything surrounding Microsoft's Windows 10 event.

After a great response across the board, we've got some pretty clear results to share. And in some regards the outcome isn't a surprise at all. Let's get to it.

What do you want to see most in the next Microsoft Band?

Microsoft Band poll results

While the spread of response was pretty good from almost 3000 votes, the international audience won out. When asked to pick one thing most desired for the next Microsoft Band, the popular choice was to make it available outside the U.S. There are people crying out to get hold of one around the world. As a technology fan little is more frustrating than seeing hot new products and services restricted by region. I mean, I had to go all the way to Las Vegas to get one! (OK, I was actually in Vegas for CES, but still.)

In terms of the hardware there's a good spread of responses to what people want to see next. Gorilla Glass displays, better battery life and thinner form factor all about evenly represented and there were a few shouts in the comments for water resistance, too.

Microsoft did a fantastic job with the Band. But there's definitely room for improvement. And global expansion.

What do you want to see most from the Windows 10 event?

Windows 10 event poll results

About as clear cut a poll as we've run in recent times. 5663 votes were cast and 78% of the respondents wanted to see more about Windows 10 for phones. Given the sites history of Windows Phone-centric coverage over the years, this one came as no surprise at all.

The question now is, are the 78% satisfied with what they've seen so far? We're told to expect more at Mobile World Congress, and we'll be there in Barcelona to bring you it all.

What was the best thing shown at the Windows 10 event?

Windows 10 event poll results

While pre-event the community focus may have been on phones it was something quite different in the end that stole the show. Of 5316 votes cast, 48.66% of the respondents were most impressed by HoloLens. And who can blame them. Literally no-one could have expected that of the hardware Microsoft was planning to show off one of them was a computer for your face.

Even though no photos or video of HoloLens were allowed, our own Daniel Rubino has spent some time with it and outlined his initial thoughts here. Read it and be very, very jealous.

Did you install the new Windows 10 Technical Preview?

TP poll results

We knew after the Redmond event that a new Windows 10 Technical Preview was due sometime in the following week. What we didn't expect is that Microsoft would drop it early and give eager insiders the weekend to play around with it. Over 6000 votes were cast and the results speak for themselves.

So, how are you finding it?

Anything surprise you here? Sound off in the comments below!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at mstdn.social/@richdevine

  • I'm surprised 25% voted on "Windows 10 for phones" as the best thing shown at the event when Microsoft practically showed nothing of Windows Phone 10 (I'll keep calling it that. "Windows 10 for phones" is a horrible name). But hey...I'll assume little was better than nothing. 
  • They're not calling it "Windows 10 for Phones" (though I think it sounds better than "Windows Phone 10" personally just for sake of comparison). It's just going to be "Windows 10" across the board
  • Actually what they called it was"Windows 10 for phones and small tablets"
  • http://m.windowscentral.com/windows10-story-live Head to the bottom of page 14 and top of page 15 "Windows 10 for Phones and Small Tablets" is not what they're calling it. They just had to differentiate between the editions as they were showing both on stage.
  • I think they were just happy to hear that there are new flagships being produced.
  • It's definitely something that helped reassure people
  • why are you still here? :P
  • None of your business ;) 
  • No need to go away, I often enjoy your commentary. As far as to why 25% voted for Win 10 for phones as their fav part is because most of us discovered wpcentral because of our love for windows phones. Well at least I did. The site has correctly transitioned to all things Windows but the core group of fans is likely jazzed whenever there is something exciting about Windows Phone - again at least I am :). I too have now transitioned into rooting for Microsoft in ALL areas of tech except for the Enterprise tools. The Enterprise is where Microsoft is at it's best but unfortunately that's the part of the company that bores me. Lynch, Office, Sharepoint etc bores me to tears. Again, vital to Microsoft but just saying it is just challenging for a company to be everything to everyone. I enjoy my Surface Pro 3, my Band, my 1520, Display Adapter, Xbox music and soon my big boy toy Hololens :). By the way, you know what a really effective way to get folks excited about Microsoft? I handed out Xbox music subscriptions to 4 of my iPhone friends as Christmas gifts. If ya get 'em hooked, they will keep coming back. Interestingly enough, 3 of the 4 friends talk about Microsoft quite a bit now. Let's see what happens after the year is up :)
  • Come on guy, your writing is too long. I don't like reading such comment. Lol
  • Maybe you should, it's well written English, unlike your sentence.
  • Actually, it's not. There's redundancy, misuse of it's and so forth. I doubt borin was talking about his English though. Like myself, I'd imagine he was just referring to one HUGE block of words. There's a reason Journalists use paragraphs... it's an easier read.
  • Yes, that's the point! I'm not a native speaker, so my English is not so good.
  • Once upon a time, clever people invented things called books. Try them.
  • Dcj... That's funny, I would've told home to fuck his grandmother... Then again..i get banned alot.
  • You don't know? DJCBS is the biggest MS closet fanboy out there. Maybe he'll come out one day. I mean why else would he keep up with all things Microsoft? If he hated them that much, he would have sold everything MS and gone away. He's at home here, don't know what the "front" is about, but whatever.
  • Here's the thing: you haven't been paying attention. Otherwise you'd know that my dislike for Microsoft Mobile has nothing to do with my relationship with Microsoft. I'm pretty much all in in the Microsoft ecosystem. The only thing I've dropped was Windows Phone because I simply will not keep using a limited unsupported OS without Nokia. Hence I moved to Android where, surprise surprise, I still have all the Microsoft services intact and working better than they did on WP. Perhaps WP fanatics should learn to differenciate a dislike of WP with a general hate of Microsoft ;)
  • Given that Win10 will run on phones/tabs/pcs, will you still consider WP to be "using a limited unsupported OS" when Win10 is officially launched? Just curious if that's when you'd consider returning home.
  • Of course that'll also depend on OEM's and manufacturers for some people. I know quite of few devices that are still stuck on Windows 8 or 8.1 and don't have either 8.1 or 8.1.1 because of you guessed it, the OEM's. Just because all Windows 8 running devices can upgrade to Windows 10 doesn't mean that they will get it. That's a difference. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The day phones CAN run full Windows 10 on them, I will consider a "return". But Windows 10 will not really run on the phone. Because desktop OS and a mobile OS are two different things. I will still be dependent on apps to run on WP, and those apps have to be made first. And developers simply aren't investing in it. Windows developers focus mainly on x86 programs. And those don't run on phones. So while they're calling it "Windows 10", it's not really the same OS as the one on Desktop.   Of course, there would be a good solution...Microsoft could open up the OS (to allow deep customization...like on Windows) and make Android apps run on it. Of course, this is the "unpopular" solution.   Oh and I would need an OEM I trust to produce the devices. Since Nokia is gone and Sony is not even considering WP at this point...only if LG were to release a great flagship (with a screen of 5" OR SMALLER) would I have hardware to return to. As a matter of principle, all "Microsoft Mobile" hardware is completely out of the question for me.
  • "Windows Phone 10"
    Never thought i'll agree with you. and yeah even me i'm surprised, they showed us little to nothing on phone....
  • It's called confidence. Microsoft showed that they are going head strong into all things Windows 10, including phones.
  • no untrue they showed were they are in development cycle, halolense has been in development for years, win 10 is being developed first for pc then devices its just one core but has to be scaled to fit phones especially since its smallest screen size.once core is done then i think win 10 for phones will be more in the news than any other win 10 variant
  • Yeah hololens is gimicky, and will be many years away from being consumer practical... Not really excited about it yet.
  • Gimicky? Ok...
  • Well it is quite gimmicky, no one is saying that it isn't practical, useful or a really awesome device. Just look at Google Glass for one. It's not consumer ready yet and it has no definite estimate when it'll be launched for consumers. From what I'm aware of the Explorer Project is ending. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Are you kidding? There are so many practical uses for this it's mind blowing! And it's available this year... No gimmick there....
  • Available this year... To what capacity? I'm not saying it doesn't have a use, but an office worker or home body isn't gonna have a use for it for it price. Engineers, maybe... If the apps are written, NASA, maybe... Some people can use it, but its not a home use product. Not for quite some time. And google glass is dead!
  • Careful! That's NOT what Microsoft said! They clearly said that it would be available within the Windows 10 lifetime frame. Which means it could be available this year, or in 2018, depending on what the lifecycle of Windows 10 will be.
  • I agree... I watched the HoloLens vids and it's all pretty "meh". All the 3D manipulation stuff is "interesting" but probably nothing like reality and of limited use to the average user. Watching TV on a blank wall might be cool, but who wants to sit for hours with heavy goggles on? It's the main reason a lot of people stopped bothering with 3D movies that require those heavy glasses.
  • I like Microsoft Windows Mobile Series 10 for Phones.
  • its just windows 10 every thing after that is just a discription and is only need for explanation, example you dont have to say windows 10 for pcs but that is what it is.
  • I think that short name will confuse people. "Microsoft Windows Mobile Series 10 for Phones and small tablets based on an ARM structure" is a more comprehensive and catchy name.
  • True, very true, 75% were most interested in windows phone but since there was hardly anything impressive about that section of the presentation, Wi-Fi printing being the only impressive thing which comes to mind, the hololens ended up being the most impressive thing.
  • As far as the Band, if they would have made it more comfortable and if it contoured to your wrist better, I would be pretty much 100% satisfied
  • The improvement that I want to see is the wear and tear on the band. Underneath the band where the screws and the plastic are combine is where it can easily snap with constant wear and removal of the band
  • Can't wait for windows 10 preview on phone! get your next polls ready boys.
  • I wonder if it will be the same as dev preview
  • It wont. DfP is pretty much final code RTM software. This is a technical preview that is far from finished, buggy and advised not to be installed a device that will be used daily. Personally im going to ignore that warning and install it on my 1020, my dd. How else will I know how this os will be with constant daily use? *will have my DP 920 fully charge and ready to hand if SHTF* ;)
  • Me to but that's just because I need an excuse for me to go out and buy a new phone if my 920 becomes a brick.
  • I honestly think Band 2 needs ALL of those things to be a hit
  • Quite frankly, a bit dissaponited in Windows 10 so far. I do understand this is aha stuff. its not the completeness factor. dissapointed that the Metro (or Modern) start screen is totally gone and the option to bring it back is not there. Also missing the charms menu, which allowed easy access to quick menu items. Windows 10 looks and feels more like desktop Windows like Windows 7. My daughter who loved and u derstood the Modern start screen just hates this version too. MS ismin a predicament. The young generation whomdid not have the burden of the knowledge of Windows  love the new feel of the Windows 8.1 looks and feel. But, at the same time M has to cater to all the people who worked on and knew the old windows and were not happy with the new changes.  
  • I happen to think that the new start menu is amazing in the newest build. It has a fullscreen button to turn into a start screen, and it allows grouping, and scrolling down like Windows Phone. Plus, it looks really, really nice (Professional).  It fits in more with the OS.
  • Are you kidding? It's AWFUL. The Start Screen is a massive downgrade that lost TONS of features it has in 8.1. If it stays this way, I definitely will NOT upgrade to Windows 10 when it's released. The only reason I'm using it on my Surface Pro 3 right now is so I can give feedback to counter the moron trolls whose feedback essentially amounts to "Make Windows 10 into Windows 7!" Windows 10: 1 step forward, 7 steps backward.
  • Then you don't understand what a Technical Preview is. If you think that the final build will be like the current build, then you are totally wrong.
  • HI, You said you use windows 10 on your surface pro 3, please i want to do the same but first want to find out how it is doing on your device? and also if you experiencing any issues on? thanks
  • Completely agree. Windows 10 is a DOWNGRADE.
  • Nope.
  • What do you want, an OS that supports holograms???? Oh wait!!!!
  • I want an OS that works at LEAST as well as its predecessor. Windows 10 so far does not. That could change--it damn well *better* change--but right now there's no real reason to be optimistic. Each preview has been worse than the version before it.
  • I think some people just shouldn't try OSs before its final version.
  • I agree. And those who want new versions of Windows to adopt the design paradigms of ancient versions of Windows are at the top of that fucking list.
  • Ehm I think that Microsoft is following customer's on this one. Desktop mode on desktop/laptop and start menu that becomes full screen in tablet mode
  • yes people who dont like change , tell your daughter shes right and everyone else is wrong, change is a good thing, however ms didnt take full advntag eof the new changes and catered to old users and now people who do like change are more confused with the new win 10, and theold user are happier, but hopefully ms figure out how to make both happy
  • Windows 10 is amazing so far. I'm loving the newest build. Such greatness.
  • I personally found nothing mind-blowing for the consumer's out their. How many of us are going to buy a 82" tv or HoloLens ? Both are more for businesses. As far as playing Xbox One games on pc's, laptops, tablets or phones. Personally, I prefer actual pc games that tax my hardware. I have absolutely no interest in getting a Xbox One or a PS 4. Furthermore, if they don't include new versions of Windows Media Player & Windows Media Center in Windows 10, I see no reason to upgrade to it. Not even if it's free. They really need to fix their online sites and stores, so they stop repeatedly getting hacked and crashing. They also need to kill off Xbox Music & Xbox Videos, as both absolutely suck. Add the music, tv and video stores to upgraded modernized versions of WMP (with sound enhancements) & WMC. I'm also curious of the so-called free upgrade to 10. Does anyone find it funny that they didn't state, which version of 10 we'd get ? For instance, if we have Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 8 Pro w/Media Center or Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center, are we getting the same version with Windows 10 or the stripped down version of Windows 10 ???? WE NEED ANSWER'S ON THAT ONE MICROSOFT !!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • Yes, what they need is to update WMC. That will surely catapult the company to the top. Thank goodness you're not in charge of Microsoft.
  • You are an absolute idiot. I'm sorry, I had to say it.
  • If apple do the same thing...people start praising it,but if Microsoft did they say nothing interesting....really people need to change ..
  • It wouldn't matter who made the mess that is Windows 10. Right now, it's a train wreck. Competing visual design ideas at different parts of the OS, massive swaths of functionality removed completely, hideous icons that look like they were plucked straight out of Windows 3.1, the gutting of OneDrive. They've got 9 months to fix this mess. Hopefully they can pull it off. I loved the boldness of Windows 8.1, but Windows 10 is a disaster and a cowardly retreat so far.
  • it's just windows 10, no pro or whatever, and the upgrade will keep all previously installed software
  • I would have upgraded to 9926 except I got an error every time I tried...
  • I'm not complete satisfied on what they show for WP10. What they show was beatiful, and as they said merged with desktop, tablet and laptop. My only wish is that a phone can communicate with a desktop like a laptop/tablet does. Conection tru wifi and in a homegroup. Transfer data by dragging between maps.
  • Will this Spartan for phones allow download queues?? IE makes me worried when it comes to downloading
  • The new update for windows 10 sucks so bad .. It was way better before
  • Mind to share the things you didn't like?
  • Man .. I dont like the new settings menu for example when you click on one of the settings icons it doesn't work ..i dont like the changes to the start menu .. IE doesn't work right .. They totally blew Cortana on this .. Its just not as good as the tech preview was.. The web links I had on my start menu dont work .. Most of the time when I click a live tile on the start menu it doesn't do anything .. They should have just added features and not kept changing things
  • This is still a tech preview. The entire point of a tech preview is to fix things, change things, experiment with things. If you don't like the changes made, use the Windows Feedback app to make sure your voice is heard. Complaining about things HERE won't make any difference.
  • Im not trying to make a difference .. I was just asked what I thought and I gave an answer. Im not complaining im just saying it sucks now and it was awesome before
  • And I'm telling you that, if that's how you feel, let Microsoft know. Simple as that. Will it make a difference? No. It will not as most people have the opposite opinion, but maybe it will help make a difference between them keeping what they have now or giving people options ;)
  • True, true, work that feedback app people, add to someone else's or start a new one, let's not get stuck with something we hate.
  • The new build is much better in looks and speed but it would be nice if Xbox Music worked looking forward to a fix
  • Xbox Music is fine here.
  • The only thing I don't like in the new build of W10 is the way that multitasking works in continuum.
  • You mean, you don't like how *awful* it is? Other things I don't like: Start Screen: 1. Custom backgrounds GONE
    2. Swipe fromt left to quickly switch apps GONE 3. Horizontal scrolling GONE 4. "All Apps" list custom view features GONE 5. Ability to move entire groups of pinned apps by finger GONE 6. Tiny fucking fonts EVERYWHERE. WHY, Microsoft?! So far Windows 10, especially the most recent build, feels like a massive DOWNGRADE.
  • I totally agree ..i was loving the techpreview on my tablet and didn't need the start screen since the new start menu did what I needed .. It used to be great but this new continuum crap blows big time
  • are you telling me that a preview release is not feature complete? oh, the horror!
  • He's saying that they had a good product and totally screwed it up
  • Often you have to temporarily remove features to upgrade them. This is common practise in software development. It's not Microsoft's fault here; it's more that this is the first time they've let people be involved in the testing process and some people just don't understand how it works.
  • Then they shouldn't have released this build.
  • You just embodied exactly what I explained about some people not understanding how previews of this kind work.
  • No, I understand it fine. I've been beta testing Windows OS's for literally two decades, and never has a betta removed so much and replaced it with a baseline of nearly nothing.
  • Microsoft has *never* released a preview for a product that was any less than 95% complete before. 10 was released at around 25% complete. So my point still stands.
  • Show me some numbers to backup your claims. You honestly think the Windows 7 beta, released a full year before the final shipped, was 95%? Gimme a break, dude, who do you think you're kidding?
  • Ok, maybe less than 95%. But was it 25%, or even 50%? No. This is the first time Microsoft has let the public in on the Alpha phase like this.
  • Nope. Windows 8 developer preview. A year early, MAYBE it was 25% done. And it changed dramatically--adding, but never taking away anything major throughout. My point is: Windows 10, as of build 9926, is a big step in the wrong direction.
  • I was in the 8 DP as well and it was much more polished and complete than 10. Do you realise that many of the things you take for granted have been rebuilt from the ground-up in 10? Even if they look and behave similarly they're actually brand new code. That's why they sometimes have temporary omissions. That's how the agile development method works: get stable code into the build as often as possible even if some features are not yet implemented, and do work on a feature-by-feature basis rather than hold back entire sections of the software until all their features are finished. Furthermore, if you've been a tester for so long why have you not expressed this opinion on UserVoice rather than random blog posts? That's where it will be noticed. And then you can even post the link back here in a constructive comment so others who agree can officially support you in it.
  • I've pumped well over 50 suggestions into uservoice. Why would you assume a comment here is in ANY way an indicator I haven't done that? In point of fact, during the last build I was the first person to suggest adding a button to expand the menu to full screen. Yes, some of this code will be brand new. Probably not most, because they already have TONS of stable code from 8x, and there's no point rebuilding Start from scratch every time.
  • I would have thought that if you had suggestions already on UserVoice you would constructively share them here rather than just complain about it. In fact, I'd be interested in voting on some of them myself.
  • What I'm saying is pretty clear: the Windows 10 Start Screen REMOVES a bunch of features that Windows 8.1 *already had*, in favor of something much LESS functional. Being feature incomplete at this stage is expected. Stripping out functionality in order to provide LESS functionality is not.
  • As it has already been stated: Sometimes features are being taken out and re-implemented later on.
  • 5. still there
  • No, it isn't. You can do it with a mouse, but not a finger. I've tried a zillion times on my surface pro 3 today. Does. Not. Work.
  • 5: Not gone. Tap on the group label and drag the handle that appears. Just tried it now with my finger and it works fine.
  • Let me put this for you simply: IT DOES NOT WORK.
  • Funny, because I'm literally (in the exact sense of the word) doing it right now on my SP3.
  • Well, then maybe my install went wrong. All I can tell you is what it's doing on *my* Surface Pro 3, and it *does not work* with a finger, at all.
  • @jason I thought that was because w10 isn't touch optimised yet.
  • I seriously doubt it. Windows was touch optimized 3 YEARS ago. There's no reason in the world to think 10 at this stage of development isn't touch optimized, at least in terms of the code. I will say that I think most of the UI is a problem for touch, even in tablet mode. Buttons are too small, and despite their claims about supporting resolutions up to 8k, system text is STILL tiny even on the Surface Pro 3 screen unless you use display scaling, which breaks several programs and games and makes the text go fuzzy. So far, there's not a lot to like about Windows 10, unless you're one of those whiny Windows 7 lovers who can't move forward.
  • All valid, please find the same feedbacks and add to them or send a new one to get that started, we need to help them fix this or get stuck with it
  • Did that before I said anything here :)
  • I have doubt, it will be able to upgrade to the official one or I will need to format and reinstall all programs that I already have with the official launch (when the time come)? I don't want to reinstall all things that I already have...really boring... I keep using w8.1 just want to be sure about it to go for w10tp.. Thanks in advance and sorry for the English :P
  • Hololens is the best....
  • The best what?
  • Given the WPCentral community, was the #1 answer "when will it come to India?"
  • Thank goodness that has stopped. At one point it was getting ridiculous; almost all the comments were, "when it will come to india?"
  • I'm fine with that. It's the "When in India?" that is a little bit hard to swallow. At least use translators guys. (like me).
  • I can never see the polls on here.
  • Windows 10 runs like it on molasses on my XPS 15(16gb ram, core 7 and 512ssd). It should have been faster but even scrolling through the start windows was a chore. Though I suspect it to be due to lack of W10 specific drivers. W8.1 flies on this same box
  • Imagine if Microsoft could leverage the Hololense with Kinect so you could actually shoot baskets in your living room in NBA 2k or star as Master Chief in Halo immersively
  • I was wondering what if they played "virtual" catch using the hololens during the windows 10 event demo. That would have been awesome!
  • That would be great.
  • Whiners Central, Assemble!!! :)
  • That's funny! :)
  • Lol, I know, right? It's a potty we don't have more reasons to chime instead of whine.
  • Malayalees
  • Tamilians
  • I am worried here. I have Lumia 720,a 512mb ram device. I want windows 10,will I get it? I will have windows 10 on desktop. I want windows 10 for my Lumia 720 so that i can be totally in sync with my phone and computer. Please reply.
  • of course 512 devices will support W10 but you may not get all the features due to hardware restrictions.  
  • http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/01/every-windows-phone-8-phone-will-...
  • Your phone will get it but what he said also will happen. You'll receive Windows 10 but won't receive nearly all the feature the full OS will bring. Think of like an iPhone upgrade, you'll receive the new iOS version. It won't receive all the features that the new update brought like the iPhone 4 and Airdrop, furthermore, consider the RAM. You have a 512 megabyte of RAM, that's not allot these days. You should be prepared for slow downs and lag here and there with the new update. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ahh! Thanks for replying. I am relieved now.
  • Any body noticed the mose pointer in the article picture. It looks like MacOS cursor. OR linux''s
  • It is possible in Windows also.
  • In fact Windows comes with a set of black pointers out of the box. However I think the one in the image is a third-party one as it's a bit nicer.
  • From a productivity stand point windows 10 on phone has improved, with Microsoft office finally being optimized for touch screen, and the full PowerPoint is also available on phones.
    I would have also liked to see stylus support implemented, ideally I would like a Lumia 1520 successor with full optimized office software and stylus support, coupled with wireless printing. Which leads me to my gripes Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft takes the mobile aspect of windows seriously. WP users are always limited when It comes to apps and games. Simple apps like supercell clash of clans is a big hit on android and IOS and is not available on windows phone. It makes me wonder if I should get an android phone just for those apps that always seem to take a yearand more to come on windows phone. I expect Microsoft to make simple efforts to rectify this problem like giving us good games and apps from Microsoft studio so we don't feel as if we are missing out on anything. Why not give us combat evolved and gears of war on windows phone, why not give us forza for phone? And at least if mobile gaming is not a priority refer us to a mobile version of steam or something. I was so excited about the universal apps because finally by force WP will get good games and apps and that's just not the case. I was quite disappointed. Microsoft is just not in touch with mobile users and it will cost them. They need to realize that people are not going to sit by an Xbox to play games 24/7. The phone is the only device carried around all the time. Samsung and apple realizes this. Microsoft has no clue.
  • it costs too much to develop those for the miniscule number of people that would want those games.
  • Gaming on touch screens is very basic. Forza without a big screen and a controller / wheel ? Lol.
  • You are so correct, I also wonder if Microsoft is truly taking mobile conputing seriously, they cannot henpick phone capabilities, they need to blitz it. There are several things i was homing to find out, including: Will Windows 10 on the phone still be connected to the Windows phone store? Will all my beloved and paid for apps for Windows Phone 8.1 be able to run on Windows 10 on my phone? Can Spartan run flash content on all devices including Windows Phones? I am very happy to see Wi-Fi printing from Windows Phones but will we be getting USB on the go? Will se be getting any sort of HDMI connection? Will phone users still have the neat WP 8.1 update 1 folders feature on the home screen? Is a folder list going to be added to music or are we stuck with album artist genre and playlists? Is Cortana going to go to the next level, eg. "call so and so mobile, put on speakerphone" ... Or Bluetooth or handset as the case may be. Or to play music of a particular artist, album, genre or subfolder of the music folder. Will Windows maps on the phone be able to find and set alternative routes or only import them from a PC as shown in the demonstration?
  • 1º and 2º: Windows 10 will, for sure, be able to run apps from Windows Phone 8.1, just like Widows 10 does it for Windows 8.1 apps. And your paid apps will be available for you without needing to re-buy 'em. 3º Adobe (flash creator) decided to not support mobile platforms sinse 2011 or 2012... I remeber i had a Sony with Android, and when Android 4.0 launched Adobe decided to retire its support for flash on phones and mobile platforms, so don't expect to get Flash ... Now everything is HTML5.. Isn't Microsoft's fault... its adobe's 4º can't tell you anything but i expect will get USB OTG 5º I expect will get something like that 6º That will be there, as i know folders are available in Windows 10 for PC's 7º I expect that feature appears and the same with the others questions hope my answers helps you a little bit at least
  • Not much surprised with the polls. It's what I expected.
  • the one thing I forgot to put down is auto syncing whenever it is near the phone or app 
  • 8.9% don't own Windows Phone's lol.
  • "Free Upgrade" another best thing from W 10 event.    
  • MS should make possible to run Windows Phone Apps (all not only universal apps) in Win 10 Tablet mode !
  • I wanted to install but I am not sure if my notebook wil work well with them, since I have switchable graphic cards and i have to use third party drivers even under 8.1 cause lenovo has no support for it...
  • I installed Win10 Tech Preview. Installation took 3 hours. Then after about 2 hours of continuous use, my device restarted itslef and after I re-login, I get a black screen. Also, I see my mouse pointer hovering on a black screen. I'm not sure if I installed the ISO correctly. I'll fix it at another time to see what went wrong. At least now I know that the Preview works on a Netbook. Cheers!
  • I've tried to vote on my Windows Phone with 8.1 GDR1, but the windowscentral.com web is just unusable in it. Slow scrolling with strange lag and tapping the poll option does nothing.
  • Good feedback! Like*
  • No test laptop to try. Already gave it away :(
  • Yes, 75% were most interested in windows phone but since there was hardly anything impressive about that section of the presentation, Wi-Fi printing being the only impressive thing which comes to mind, the hololens ended up being the most impressive thing
  • I wonder if Microsoft is truly taking mobile conputing seriously, they cannot henpick phone capabilities, they need to blitz it. There are several things i was homing to find out, including: Will Windows 10 on the phone still be connected to the Windows phone store? Will all my beloved and paid for apps for Windows Phone 8.1 be able to run on Windows 10 on my phone? Can Spartan run flash content on all devices including Windows Phones? I am very happy to see Wi-Fi printing from Windows Phones but will we be getting USB on the go? Will se be getting any sort of HDMI connection? Will phone users still have the neat WP 8.1 update 1 folders feature on the home screen? Is a folder list going to be added to music or are we stuck with album artist genre and playlists? Is Cortana going to go to the next level, eg. "call so and so mobile, put on speakerphone" ... Or Bluetooth or handset as the case may be. Or to play music of a particular artist, album, genre or subfolder of the music folder. Will Windows maps on the phone be able to find and set alternative routes or only import them from a PC as shown in the demonstration?
  • I think the almost 6% number on skipping the technical preview stands out. At first glance the number may not feel significant, but at a closer statistical level (probably the scientist in me ;)), I think it is worth exploring what the arguments behind the skipping argument. After all the writer did explore to add this answer as an option in the poll. I think it could add true value to all the wonderful impressions, data and information popping out from windows central. A balanced view. 
  • Richard, like your style and the way you present things. KISS is how I like to see articles and data.
  • The thing what I took away from this was that I'm going to get Zuned again. Surface RT and Surface 2 took it in the shorts... Limited upgrade path means that the OS is going to wither and die. The app ecosystem is pretty terrible and I doubt anyone is going to maintain apps on it.