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It's been a crazy, crazy week around here and in among all the Windows 10 activity we've turned things over to you, the community, several times to get your opinions. Starting out with our weekly poll, which this week was all about the Microsoft Band, we then switched gears on more than one occasion to get some opinions on everything surrounding Microsoft's Windows 10 event.

After a great response across the board, we've got some pretty clear results to share. And in some regards the outcome isn't a surprise at all. Let's get to it.

What do you want to see most in the next Microsoft Band?

Microsoft Band poll results

While the spread of response was pretty good from almost 3000 votes, the international audience won out. When asked to pick one thing most desired for the next Microsoft Band, the popular choice was to make it available outside the U.S. There are people crying out to get hold of one around the world. As a technology fan little is more frustrating than seeing hot new products and services restricted by region. I mean, I had to go all the way to Las Vegas to get one! (OK, I was actually in Vegas for CES, but still.)

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In terms of the hardware there's a good spread of responses to what people want to see next. Gorilla Glass displays, better battery life and thinner form factor all about evenly represented and there were a few shouts in the comments for water resistance, too.

Microsoft did a fantastic job with the Band. But there's definitely room for improvement. And global expansion.

What do you want to see most from the Windows 10 event?

Windows 10 event poll results

About as clear cut a poll as we've run in recent times. 5663 votes were cast and 78% of the respondents wanted to see more about Windows 10 for phones. Given the sites history of Windows Phone-centric coverage over the years, this one came as no surprise at all.

The question now is, are the 78% satisfied with what they've seen so far? We're told to expect more at Mobile World Congress, and we'll be there in Barcelona to bring you it all.

What was the best thing shown at the Windows 10 event?

Windows 10 event poll results

While pre-event the community focus may have been on phones it was something quite different in the end that stole the show. Of 5316 votes cast, 48.66% of the respondents were most impressed by HoloLens. And who can blame them. Literally no-one could have expected that of the hardware Microsoft was planning to show off one of them was a computer for your face.

Even though no photos or video of HoloLens were allowed, our own Daniel Rubino has spent some time with it and outlined his initial thoughts here. Read it and be very, very jealous.

Did you install the new Windows 10 Technical Preview?

TP poll results

We knew after the Redmond event that a new Windows 10 Technical Preview was due sometime in the following week. What we didn't expect is that Microsoft would drop it early and give eager insiders the weekend to play around with it. Over 6000 votes were cast and the results speak for themselves.

So, how are you finding it?

Anything surprise you here? Sound off in the comments below!