Would you prefer a Surface Duo with Windows 10X or Android? (poll)

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Last week, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Duo, stunning the tech world with its very first Android handset. The Duo is a resurrected Surface phone, previously codenamed Andromeda, the history of which our own Senior Editor Zac Bowden recently detailed in a brief retrospective.

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Alongside Duo, Microsoft announced Neo, which is a larger Intel-based tablet built with a new operating system designed for tablets and folding devices, dubbed Windows 10X.

Instead of running Android apps, Windows 10X runs Win32 apps and UWP programs, similarly to the Windows 10 you know today, albeit optimized for a touch-based, folding interface, without any form of cellular calling capabilities.

The Duo runs full Android, with an OS adapted from the Microsoft Launcher built by Microsoft. This spurred a petition on Change.org, with users asking Microsoft to at least provide the option of a Windows 10X version of Duo.

We'd like to ask, where do you stand? Vote in our poll, hit the comments, or make your voice heard in our Duo forums.

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