Here's a closer look at Microsoft Surface Neo specs

Surface Neo
Surface Neo (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft wrapped up its October Surface event with a surprise unveiling of the Surface Neo, a new foldable entry to its in-house hardware line, built around its new Windows 10X modern OS. The dual-screen device sets out to deliver portable productivity with its hinged design, accompanied by native inking support and a slimline physical keyboard. Our Executive Editor Daniel Rubino is on the ground, catching the latest on Microsoft's latest ambitious device.

The Surface Neo is comprised of two 9-inch LCD displays, strung by a 360-degree hinge for considerable flexibility. It results in a 13.1-inch spread once expanded, with each half measuring 5.6mm thin. An Intel chipset powers the new form factor, while onboard LTE solidifies the device as a portable companion. Wrapped up with USB Type-C connectivity and Windows Hello facial IR, its composition results in a 655-gram package, primed for daily use.

Microsoft's new Surface Slim Pen pairs with the device for signature inking. Be aware that the Surface Slim Pen will be an add-on purchase. Magnetic charging allows the pen to affix to the rear, offering a streamlined charging solution, akin to Surface Pro X. A separate slimline hinged Bluetooth keyboard also magnetically bonds to the device, usable both snapped to the screen and standalone. This also opens Microsoft's new "Wonder Bar," displaying an on-screen trackpad and shortcuts.

Four postures hit the Neo with Windows 10X – a tablet experience spreads apps across two displays, double landscape and double portrait with two apps, and composition mode.

The Surface Neo is set for a holiday 2020 debut, although formal pricing and a release date is yet to be confirmed.

Matt Brown

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