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Microsoft shows off dual-screen Surface Neo, drops next holiday season

What you need to know

  • Microsoft unveiled the Surface Neo at the October Surface event.
  • It's a foldable Surface device running a variant of Windows Core OS.
  • The Surface Neo won't be available until next holiday.

Microsoft has unveiled the Microsoft Surface Neo, the latest entry among its premium in-house hardware line. First debuted on-stage at Microsoft's October 2 event by Surface lead, Panos Panay, the compact device is a hinged dual-screen device, framed as "next category" among its family.

The Microsoft Surface Neo sets out to deliver a portable Windows experience, between lightweight foldable hardware and accompanying software. The 2-in-1 utilizes its screens for productivity, inking, and more, pairing with the newly unveiled Surface Slim Pen, and a compact keyboard. Although formal specifications remain unclear, long-rumored device packs an Intel chipset, with each of its displays clocking at 5.6mm thin, weighing 655 grams total.

Windows 10X lies at the heart of Surface Neo – a new flexible take on Windows 10, designed for new device form-factors. Internally dubbed Windows Core OS, the platform better accommodates the new dual-screen experience, framed as a future-facing flavor of its experiences.

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  • Next holiday? As in Christmas 2020?
  • yep. I know the feeling when I found that out too
  • Microsoft is doing things today!
    . Where's Jason Ward!!
  • Yeah, and where's bleached? bleached, dude, did you decide that today was the day you'd take up all the hobbies I suggested over these past couple of years?
  • I was busy at work and the Duo was more interesting. This is kinda dumb next to the Surface X. They should have just put that hinge between two Surface X. It is too small at 9", making the laptop mode useless. At the same time, even 9" is too big to comfortably hold up. Might as well go all-in at 13" so it can at least be productive as a laptop. Dual 13" screens would be sweet in the upright mode they showed. Why wouldn't this be using the new chip from the Surface X? You don't want AI in this device?! I do not understand this at all. Does this Intel chip have LTE? If they are going to use Android in the Duo, they may as well use it here too with this form factor. It is too small and too big at the same time. It needs to go one direction or the other. The Duo has the small side taken care of, this should be on the bigger side.
  • Now I know what will replace my Yoga C630 in 2020, or the ARM version of this that will inevitably be the follow-up to the Surface Pro X.
  • Halloween? Thanksgiving? Christmas?
    I'm going to assume Christmas 2020.
  • Holiday season is generally considered roughly Thanksgiving through the end of the year.
  • Plan on 13+ months, if there are no delays. Lots of work still needed on WindowsX. Not sure why they need all that time to release an Android phone.
  • This isn't the phone. This is a small laptop running on the new Windows ten ten. (lol joke @ 10 X naming) The Duo is the phone that will be running Android BTW.
  • yeah right now is running android but with that being the case in 3 years
  • I think there is a better chance this device switches to Android. It is too small for to be a good Windows experience. Android would fit nicely here and they could use the same guts as the Duo.
  • I'm torn. I want one of them. I have Android now. And I'm so unimpressed with its apps and functionality of the apps. But I need to make calls and talk to others. At the same time, the Windows X version runs actual software. WC do you know if the Windows X version makes calls and texts??
  • That's why they're releasing the Surface Duo, because it does make calls and texts.
  • Yeah but that's with Android right? If you read my post again it should explain. I love my Huawei P20 Pro. Amazing phone. But the Apps in Android are so frustrating. I basically use browser counterparts for almost everything. Because the apps are either unstable, missing features or battery hogs. I would absolutely choose a phone device with full windows. I already use a Surface Pro with a stylus as a tablet in full normal windows mode. And the experience is so much better than my Android phone. Or does the Duo run windows and Android?
  • Why??? As if foldable haven’t flopped 3-4 times already
  • Yeah but the world leading Surface team hadn't made it yet. Don't judge Surface products by the failures of the likes of Samsung. The Surface devices are of considerably higher quality.
  • Samsung has a dual screen foldable?