Use POP Messenger to chat with pictures, now available for Windows Phone

POP Messenger is a new app in the Windows Phone Store. It comes to us from Pinger, the company behind other popular apps like GIF Chat and Doodle Buddy. POP Messenger allows you to easily create and send customized visual text messages. You just pick a font, change the background color (or select a background image) and send the POP to a friend.

POP Messenger

Here's what you can look forward to in this early version of POP Messenger for Windows Phone:

  • Move, scale and rotate text on screen: Quickly customize your text by moving, twisting or sizing the text on top of whatever background you pick, whether it's a photo or a web image.
  • Chat with pictures: POP makes it easy to chat with pictures from your camera roll, your camera, or the web using POP's instant web search.
  • Search the web for background images: Easily pop in a background image from the web with instant on screen search because Bing is built-in.
  • Custom background colors: If you don't want to use a picture in your message, use the on screen color picker to pick a background color and your favorite font.
  • As fast and easy as regular texting: The best thing about traditional texting is its ease and speed. POP is so intuitive it allows for infinite customization at the speed of texting.
  • Full screen texting: Say hello to a bigger, better conversation view. A POP conversation is a stream of beautiful edge-to-edge images with text on top.

Really important stuff:

  • POP is not yet available outside the United States (Coming Soon!)
  • When not on WiFi, POP uses your carrier data connection. Contact your carrier for details of your data plan.

POP Messenger

If you're in the United States, download and try out POP. I've been playing with it for a few hours and enjoy it. It's just a quick and easy way to send creative text messages to your friends and family. The Bing image search is a great feature for adding backgrounds to your POP messages. Don't worry if your friends don't have POP yet, when you send the image they'll still receive and get an invitation to join POP.

We'll let you know when you can POP outside the U.S.

Thanks for the tip @EddieDOTexe!

QR: POP Messenger

Sam Sabri
  • Is this not available for India?
  • Nope. As stated in the article it's only available in the U.S. at the moment. They plan on bringing it to international markets soon.
  • Thanks bro.. Didn't actually read the description :3
  • I think you shouldn't put this image (512 supported) at the end of every 512 MB supported app, because most of WP apps support 512 MB RAM. just use "512 not supported" for 1GB RAM or more apps.
  • I think you shouldn't have wasted everyone's time by posting this useless comment because your comment was so stupid.
  • Might change my region to get this and change back again....there was an app (forgot the name but still there) on the app store where you don't need to change region to get apps outside your country.. You just pick the country you want and it will show you all the apps available you can soon as I get it again I will let you guys know
  • I'd like to know bout that App o; it'd be quiet a thing to download apps that way
  • Alot of apps pushed out this week.. I just luv eeeett! Lol. Keep em comin
  • You can change your region to US
  • So it's Snapchat.
  • Cool, and a new social app was released yesterday in the windows Phone store "Clipme" check it out Dan
  • Cause we need another social networking app, right?
  • Exactly...
  • not available in india... :(
  • MS, builds the Bing image part into the default messaging app. That's a great thing, but not worth a separate app for me.