Minimalist writing app iA Writer coming to Windows soon

For a lot of people, Microsoft Word is likely seen as the go-to app when it comes to writing. However, Word can seem heavy or distracting for some tasks, particularly when you're doing something like cranking out a blog post or working on a short story. A number of so-called "distraction-free" writing apps are available for those who want a Word alternative, and now one of the most popular, iA Writer, is coming to Windows.

Already available for Mac, iOS, and Android, iA Writer is intended to provide a clean and attractive writing space free of distraction. In a new blog post (via MSPU), the iA Writer team has announced that the Windows version of its app is now in beta and will be available on Kickstarter soon. And on top of the features that iA Writer already includes, such as Markdown support and options to help you concentrate on different aspects of your writing, iA Writer for Windows will mark the debut of a new feature. Called Folding, the feature lets you "compress and expand chapters with a single click," the iA Writer team says. You can see Folding in action in the video below.

The iA Writer beta will be available early to supporters once the app reaches its first goal on Kickstarter. As for timing, the team says the iA Writer Kickstarter campaign will launch "after the holidays" with the final release coming a month later.

While iA Writer will be worth checking out once available, anyone looking for a distraction-free writing app now can check out options like Appy Text and Typora, both of which offer similar minimalist writing experiences. Of course, you could always go for the ultimate in minimalism as well: Notepad.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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