Popular music game SongArc goes entirely free ahead of impending shutdown

SongArc, a popular music game that has enjoyed a fair bit of success on Windows Phone, is preparing to shut down. Ahead of its impending sunset, SongArc's developer has made the app entirely free to play, providing in-app purchases for free with the Fan Pack for all players.

In a recent post on the SongArc Facebook page, SongArc CEO András Velvárt explained the main driver for the shut down was a combination of server costs and team members moving on:

I've been putting this off many for months now, trying to find the right words. But there's no good way to say it… SongArc is coming to an end.Why? Well, we couldn't make it working financially, and life went on. Adam, our lead developer and designer moved to a different country. David, our other developer started to work with self-driving cars (how cool is that?). I got a job as head of research and development, focusing on Mixed and Virtual Reality. We just didn't have the time to follow changes on the different platforms, and as operating systems evolved, couldn't find the time to keep the apps up to date.

SongArc will continue to be available for "a few more months" before its servers are shut down. If you recently bought anything in the game, Velvárt says SongArc won't oppose any refund requests sent through the Windows Store.

SongArc is one of the more entertaining "tap rhythm" games out there, and it's a shame to see it go. While it was available for some time for Windows phone, it was only around a year ago that the game saw an update to become a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app for Windows 10. If you're down for giving SongArc a shot before it shuts down, you can grab the game and its content on the Windows Store for free now.

Thanks, Daniël D., for the tip!

Download SongArc from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Aw, I can understand that. I wish all of the developers the best even though that is a bummer.
  • Will it cease to function entirely after it's shut down? Or is it just the online functions?
  • The way it reads, it wont function after. Hope that is wrong though...
  • complete shutdown. You need to download song templates for every single song, without templates the whole app is useless
  • Was a very cool game. Sad, but at the same time i hope all those guys go on to success and happiness.
  • Well at least this wasn't due to iOS and Android.  Sucks that it's going, but I do wish them the best of luck in the future.
  • Not familiar with this game, did they not target Windows 10/Xbox ?
  • It is old. Really cool game. Think it was originally released for wp8.0
  • WP8, than UWP, than android and iOS... And now it shuts down on all platforms 😕
  • That's nice :')
  • Sorry to see it go. It's a fun game.
  • This game paired with the L920 when it came out was pure bliss. Thanks for the memories.
  • A better excuse for the shutdown.
    They should have sold it to someone else who is interested in running it.
  • The next article will read something along the lines, available for iOS and android, shutting down win10 mobile...