Portly Telus Touch Pro 2 available at Best Buy

We've been hoping that after a couple of days Best Buy Canada would realize there's a mutant Touch Pro 2 on the loose, but no dice. So, here you go. The Telus version is now available (opens in new tab) for $249 and the standard 36-month contract. Good luck finding a square case.


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  • It's also the fastest WM phone on the market, apparently, sporting a CPU speed of 800/1900MHz, almost twice as fast as the TG01! (hint: it's really the CDMA frequencies). They've also swapped the RAM/ROM sizes... Woops.
  • Did the post mean to say "it's not available" as a joke, or a typo?
  • Grrrrr. "Now available." Gonna have to start using all nine fingers to type again.
  • Considering the money exchange rate maybe T-Mobile US will sell this less than $299
  • I think the image they're using has been accidentally altered. Or was that the obvious joke?