No new Xbox game for Windows Phone again this week. Here are some possible reasons why...

Things haven’t been looking too good for Xbox games on Windows Phone lately. As our readers probably know, there hasn’t been a new Xbox game released since KenKen on December 19th. Just before that there were two more weeks with no release: one before and one after AlphaJax arrived. Nokia users have a bit more to play thanks to iBomber Defense, but that does not help everyone else. Well, this week the disturbing trend continues: Microsoft has confirmed that there will be no new Xbox Windows Phone game or Deal of the Week this week. Yikes!

Dangerous drought

This officially marks the longest period of time Windows Phone has gone without an Xbox game release since Windows Phone 7 debuted. A year ago at this time we were getting new games like Zombies on the Phone and Bug Village. Not that the latter is an amazing game, but at least it's something! Usually a platform gains releases steadily as time goes on and its popularity grows, so what gives? I’m glad you asked. Here are the most likely explanations for the drought…

Possibility 1: Microsoft has decided not to allow Windows Phone 8-incompatible Xbox games to be released


Many popular games like Tentacles don't run on Windows Phone 8 yet.

As I speculated in yesterday’s article about Risk returning to Windows Phone 8, perhaps someone at Microsoft doesn’t want any more embarrassing Windows Phone 8 incompatible Xbox Live releases popping up. If that’s the case, then just maybe all of the scheduled releases for the past few weeks have suffered incompatibility issues and thus couldn’t be released.

As unlikely as this scenario might sound, it’s actually the best case scenario. Windows Phone 8 is on its way to replacing Windows Phone 7 (sorry, I’m not allowed to abbreviate today), so Microsoft needs to make sure the new OS looks good. Windows Phone 8 owners like myself really get annoyed when a new game comes along that we can’t play… Though you could say the same thing about owners of Windows Phone 7 devices.

Nailing down the various causes of incompatibility and ensuring that all future Xbox Windows Phone games (even those designed for Windows Phone 7) work on the new OS right from their launch is not the worst idea in the world. Most gamers would agree it’s not better than actually releasing games though.

Possibility 2: Microsoft is backing away from Xbox games on Windows Phone

Halo Wars

Halo Wars would easily adapt to touch screen controls. N.O.V.A. proves that mainline Halo games would too.

This less optimistic explanation actually seems more likely to your friendly neighborhood Games Editor. We’ve seen many little signs that point to a lack of faith in Windows Phone from the Xbox Live team over the last year. Initially Microsoft had announced batches of 4-8 news games at semi-regular intervals throughout the year, often accompanying events like CES an E3.

In 2012 they did tease a launch lineup of Windows Phone 8 Xbox games, first at Major Nelson’s blog in October and shortly thereafter at The lineup included the popular Jetpack Joyride, Fairway Solitaire, Gravity Guy 2, and a handful of Gameloft games. That page has now been removed, though its spirit lives on in our story about it.

Furthermore, none of the games listed actually comes from Microsoft Studios (though they did finance Fairway Solitaire). We don’t know about a single first-party game that’s in development right now, and the only other upcoming second-party games I can name are Skulls of the Shogun and Ascend: New Gods – games announced in June 2012 or earlier.

Microsoft has yet to commit to a Halo or Forza game for Windows Phone – two of their top gaming franchises. Heck, at this point we’d be willing to settle for a sequel to Beards & Beaks! Meanwhile, previous Xbox Windows Phone exclusives like Tentacles, Fable Coin Golf, Kinectimals, and Wordament have jumped ship to iOS. Not everyone will connect the dots and see a lack of commitment from the platform holder here… But it’s hard to see anything else.

Possibility 3: Third-party development is drying up

MiniSquadron for Windows Phone

The makers of MiniSquadron actually pulled their game rather than dealing with the update certification process.

This ties in with the previous possibility. You see, where the first party goes, third parties usually follow. If Microsoft doesn’t show faith in their own platform, why would third-party mobile developers who already make their profits on iOS and Android?

It’s not just looks that matter, either. Like it or not, Windows Phone holds a distant third place in market share compared to its rival smartphone platforms. Yes, our OS is growing, but not fast enough to create a comparable userbase. As such, a major developer would actually be silly to make an Xbox Windows Phone game – exclusive or otherwise – without some kind of incentive from Microsoft. If Microsoft is no longer out there sweet-talking developers and funding new ports of popular titles, there just won’t be enough games released until the platform grows much larger.

Possibility 4: Microsoft has totally forgotten about several games they could release right now

Shao-Lin's Road and Time Pilot

This wouldn’t be a ‘no Xbox release’ post without us mentioning Shao-Lin’s Road, Time Pilot, and Loondon. All three games are complete, though the third title might require additional language translations before being released. Loondon is a simple 3D remake of a Flash adventure game. We uncovered the story behind its vaporware development cycle last year.

Shao-Lin’s Road and Time Pilot are both Game Room titles – classic arcade games from Konami that would run on Windows Phone via emulation. Shao-Lin’s Road plays a bit like the NES game Kung Fu, though with the levels and the characters’ range of movement greatly increased. Time Pilot is a 2D shoot-em-up in which the player’s ship can move and fire in 8 directions instead of just one. Both titles are more visually complex than the four Game Room titles that actually got released. The existing Game Room titles run on Windows Phone 8, by the way.

Microsoft funded these projects and chose not to release them. Every time we have a dry week with no release, you have to wonder whether anybody on the Xbox Windows Phone team remembers they exist.

Final call (of the week)

If you ask me, all four scenarios seem likely at this point. I wish I could interpret the data more optimistically, but there’s been too little good news to go on lately. Let’s just hope things turn around next week, much as we hoped this week and the week before.

What do you think, dedicated readers? Do our hypothetical explanations for the Xbox game release drought sound accurate, or can you propose another explanation?

Photo courtesy of the Science Education Resource Center at Carlton College.

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Bummer. At least I saved a few bucks again this week.
  • Just add it to the bucket of broken Microsot promises if there is any space left that is
  • I really hope that MS isn't giving up on their platform already, since WP8 has been out a grand total of 2 months
  • I think they don't. You don't rebuild something on a new kernel and decide later you don't like it. 
    Most of the games dont come directly from microsoft.
    And honestly: Didn't all of us had better things to do in the past weeks? 
  • I would be so pissed!!! Lol.
  • What Microsoft needs to do is freaking overhaul their stupid Xbox Live certification process.
    No more BS third parties doing terrible yet painstaking slow testing, no more ridiculous payments to push updates (it's the case on XBLIG). Just good games being noticed by Microsoft during development, some code thrown in for achievements, and extra work done in conjunction with Microsoft to make sure it meets standards (which are non-existent for current games. Many are buggy, terrible ports with the wrong resolution, or not even updated for freaking Mango).
  • Copying and pasting what I wrote at
    "I've been using Windows Phone since december/2011 and, after more than one year, I must say that I am not fully satisfied with the mobile platform that I chose. No, I'm not talking about Instagram, YouTube or Google Maps. I'm talking about games. My mom has an old Samsung running some old version of Android. With curiosity, I went to take a look at the app store and I came (behold!) with things like GTA and Dead Space. Googling some more, I noticed other great games. This got me annoyed and bored. However, considering the history of the Xbox and Xbox 360, how is it possible that Microsoft cannot bring significant titles for Windows Phone? Are the console partnerships with developers and publishers not worth anything to try something relevant in mobile platform? Doesn't the success of the console fit as a good reference to Windows Phone? Based on the resounding success of the Xbox and in the fact that Microsoft is now established as an entertainment company, one would expect that the games were the great advantage of Windows Phone. But... Nor it seems that Windows Phone and Xbox are part of the same corporation. But knowing that in fact are, I'd like to see the Xbox team running Windows Phone Division. It seems that Mr. Belfiore likes more to talk than to act. Not even Windows Phone 8 seems to have been able to repair this lack. And I, with my WP7, I will have to live with this frustration. Am I being too exaggerated? Are my frustrations unfounded?"
  • Totally agree +1
  • +1000
    We need halo (nova isn't good enough) and gears of wars.
  • Well said.  Great point, like you say MS now has developed quite the gaming pedigree with the success of the Xbox brand.  You'd think games would be one of the things they could use to really highlight Windows Phone.
  • Exactly thats why im even more disappointed.
  • I think both Windows Phone and Xbox are in Microsoft's Device division, which is probably as close as they can be?
  • +1
  • GTA on a phone like the HTC One S (not One X) is terrible.  And thats with a phone that shipped with Ice Cream.  Maybe its because I use both OS's frequently but let me say this anyway, everything is not greener on Android's grass (and I would say the same thing to my fellow fandroids about the supposedly ugly Android apps). 
    Look, most FPS's on smartphone's suck control-wise and if the experience is bad, the uproar about the xbox tie in would be worse then just bellyaching by impatient people.  A Halo-reach type game would be something that could relate well, but that thought process has its downsides too (see: Crackdown 2:Project Sunburst).  Just stop the bitching, convergence of common IPs is something we all want, sure, but the dev tools did just come out 3 months ago.  Some of the more graphically intensive games are going to take time.  Even with middleware, the OS (once again) is in its infancy.  Add to that, It's still 3 resolutions to support. 
    Lets look at this a different way, (some) people want console games to be played in some way shape or form, on a phone.  The controller for most last gen consoles had twin-sticks and 8 command buttons.  Replicating that with a gyroscope/accelerometer isnt easy and again, thats just last gen.  Top down gaming is OK, but over shoulder shooters aka 3rd person - like gears of war, really isn't that feasible when you have to put thumbs on the glass (which obstructs your view).
    I'm so tired of this.  
    That "It seems that Mr. Belfiore likes more to talk than to act" comment is completely ridiculous.  Flat out. 
  • There are plenty of FPS games that work well on iOS and Android. You may personally dislike them, but they continue to sell and gain popularity. On Windows Phone we want the same gameplay opportunities.
  • And speaking of which, when will we get the Gameloft games, temple run, Pandora, etc?
  • MWC 2013
  • You expect me to wait that long? While we are at it, lets push it till CTIA, or even E3...
  • A month?
  • That's what I wanna know
  • Shit, I'd just like to get the hoth update for angry birds star wars! My daughter laughs at my phone, while playing all levels for this game, and batman, and dead space, etc. on her new galaxy tablet.
  • And a hopefully different scenario: Microsoft is about to release some super killer big name titles for the platform. We really need something big! Here's to wishful thinking.
  • Unfortunately, I'd wager that IF MS had a super killer big name title, the launch of WP8 would have been the perfect time to release information about it.  Generally speaking, almost every semi-big name game comes with leaks, rumors, etc.  What we have here is...nothing...nothing at all.
    Don't get me wrong, I love my phone.  However, this CONSTANT need for us to remain internally optimistic is getting rather tiring.  No info on games, little info on 7.8, etc.  One thing that MS certainly has for them is they must have the most patient and loyal consumers on the planet.
  • Yes this is true though. I upgraded in February of last year and I'm on T-Mobile who of course didn't get the Lumia 920. Its been seven months since the announcement and the teasing(demo running on Lumia 900) of the 7.8 update and Microsoft hasn't even confirmed a release date other than "coming soon." I think our patience has been very well tested and really the only reason I haven't given in to abandoning the platform is really because I love Windows Phone. However, I think they're asking for a lot when we get games after everyone else. No Instagram or some other big name apps. Constantly behind in features(taking pictures while recording video) and the best phone is nailed down to one carrier in the States. It's getting hard to hang in there with Windows Phone when this always the case but my heart is with Microsoft. I really hope in the course of this year, a lot of this changes or I'm getting an Android phone and I'll keep my HTC Titan(hopefully running 7.8 by then) just to hold on to.
  • I posit that there is actually NOTHING that anyone would do to satisfy anyone...sure, I would love to play all kinds of games on my phone, but this is not something that would really sway me to change platforms altogether. There's more to it than just games, but if people are tired of waiting for something I think they should be the ones to MAKE it happen. =)
  • Did you not read my comment? We are lagging behind in a host of areas not just games. Almost every area and I'm just ready to see Windows Phone on TOP. But trust me, if I worked for Microsoft I would be working my butt off to make sure Windows Phone becomes the front-runner in the OS race. And not saying that there aren't people working for Microsoft who aren't but when you make the people that supported the platform from the beginning or people who recently upgraded wait more than half a year for a mostly cosmetic update, can you really expect consumers to be ok with that? Especially if you actually like the phone you're using and not in a rush to spend extra money for an early upgrade. If Windows Phone was the top OS then, hey that's fair but we're trying to make our way up. And like I said the phone that everyone covets is tied down to one carrier.
  • Apparently Microsoft has reorganized their Vancouver studio and tasked it with developing a franchise big enough to be "the next Halo" for Microsoft. Here is the game studio's website: Black Tusk Studios. Personally, I think Microsoft needs to start pairing games together across the Xbox and WP in a similar way that they did with Fable III and Fable Coin Golf. For those who don't know, when you'd play Fable Coin Golf on your phone, you'd earn gold that you'd then be able to use in-game when you played Fable III on your Xbox. Imagine if there was some fun little Halo game that tied in with Halo 4 on the Xbox that rewarded you with H4 XP. Microsoft could do other similar game tie-ins for Gears of War or Forza that had platform crossing rewards. As an Xbox gamer, this was a HUGE draw in for me.  I'd love to see more exclusive games that both award XB Live achievements and enhance my console gaming experience.
  • Honestly I know I am the only one but this wouldn't matter for me...i share an Xbox with brother and use a different email when we made it in 2006 so I will not be able to have any of the Xbox features because my wp8 is a different email bit Is there a way to use a different email in the Xbox app
  • You can put your phone's Gamertag onto your Xbox 360. A 360 can have any number of Gamertags on it. It honestly makes no sense (other than saving money) to share one Gamertag between two people. Your friends wouldn't be able to tell you apart, all of your personal Achievements would just blend together, etc...
  • Maybe they are still in the process of programming new games ? It's hard to say but, disapointing so far for me. I just got a HTC 8x looking forward to games that can run on the dual core CPU and the HD screen. Is there any WOW games out there now ? Sure if you want puzzle type games that iOS has had on it for a while now, sure but, any hard core games ? Nothing.
    It sort of reminds me of how the release of the 3DS was, you got about 5-7 tiles (most of them sucked) and nothing for about 2-3 months. Then they started to release fairly cool tiltes. Maybe the good titltes are in programming now for WP8 ?
    I have my phone setup on my dev account and I side loaded Tentacles 1.1 to see what the problem where with it. Audio got choppy on my phone, the game played but, at the end of the first level, the game just exited, when i went back, it didn't save my progress...Wish they would fix it...
    this does suck tho, new Dual core phone with HD display and no new games to show it off on :(
  • NOOOOO!!!!
  • Shouldn't be a surprise, Xbox live gaming has always seemed to be an afterthought on WP.
  • The world would be a better place if Microsoft didn't break XNA backwards compatibility in Windows Phone 8.
    Why, Microsoft, why the fck?
  • They needed to end Silverlight in order to foster that html5 development cycle because people are unmotivated slugs sometimes =[
  • Getting high title games for WP is like a rare thing. I would be glad if asphalt 7, temple run, subway surfer, and games like these even come to WP by mid year.. If they don't, im not gonna be surprised.. :) well that's my views about games for WP
  • Hmmm.  Interesting viewpoints, all credible.  I can certainly understand anyone being frustrated by this; I have only had my Lumia 900 for about 6 weeks, so it is still very new to me, and the few games that I do have, I am no where near completing them.  But I do find myself hitting the Marketplace, daily, perusing all areas, including games.  No new XBox Live games or well known titles, not to mention price drops/sales.
    I am hopeful, however, that once the 'newness' of WP7.5 starts to diminish for me (which I predict will be awhile), that there will be more XBox Live games in the store.  But for the sake of everyone else who have been with the platform longer than I, or have a new WP8 device, I hope that the games (and apps) come a lot sooner.
  • Very nicely said, Residing. :)
  • Paul, what's going on with the rumors for Xbox 720. maybe there's a generation shift in gaming that is/was a similar shift from windows phone 7 to 8 and MS doesn't want developers getting invested in the current Xbox windows phone SDK if changes will be made for the upcoming Xbox platform
  • I don't know too much more about the 720 than you guys (sadly). But I don't think the Windows Phone SDK will be going through major changes anytime soon; they just did that with WP8, so they have to run with what they've got for a while.
  • I think there are more important problems with the platform than a lack of new releases of crappy Xbox-branded games.
  • We mainly want good Xbox-branded games, not crappy ones. Nobody ever said this was the only problem facing Windows Phone.
  • I honestly don't think that there is a bigger problem, in terms of the OS. The lack of apps hurts the martketshare, which hurts the apps further the longer that problem drags on. You go from having a small number of apps and consumers to having developers disheartened by slow growth due to lower levels of high-qualtiy titles, which leads to end-of-life treatment.
    If Android's taught me anything, people will tolerate bugs and a generally-slow OS if the apps are there. Windows Phone is much more polished and functional than Gingerbread was, in my opinion. The only thing it lacks is the apps, and Microsoft HAS to lead the way on that.
  • Could't agree more! I have been a WP7 user since the LG Optimus 7 (sympathy needed) and am just about to reach the end of my contract. At first I was going to jump straight onto the Lumia 820/920 (dependent on storage needs) but to be fair the lack of apps is becoming almost unbearable.  Watching friends show off the latest new android/iphone app and I can barely show a decent facebook app (just pin the webpage nowadays) is making me contemplate juming ship.
    Considering my reasons for joining WP was the xbox integration, news stories like this are in no way making me reconsider...
  • Would be very dangerous, and stupid, for Microsoft to lose faith in WP now, given the money invested in the platform and Nokia this far. They'd have stuck with 7 if that was the case, no need for WP8 development.
  •   I would like to see something like this brought to the Windows 8 phone! Games like this are what I like it's based off the EverQuest MMO game... I believe there were three releases/Levels of this game and it was really enjoyable to play until I got to the end... That was back in 2003... I might have to pull out my old Audiovox PPC-6700 pick it up again! I would also like to see more PopCap titles come to the Windows Phone 8 they were well suited for this type of environment!
  • In summary of the article, you don't actually have any idea what the cause is? Do you not have a contact at Microsoft you could contact to pose this very question to them? Given the strength of the Xbox gaming platform, it is a surprise there aren't any (almost literally) quality games on the platform. They could in theory easily port over several Live Arcade classics, with little work other than graphical downgrades and touch control being added. I am sure they could destroy Android and Ios in a couple of months with the vast resources they have to play with.
  • The Xbox Marketting team just had a regime change, so I'm hopeful that the new staff will be willing to address issues like this. Of course we always head to the source in addition to offering our own speculation... Fingers crossed that it pans out this time.
  • I'd like to see what Nokia has to say about this as well.  Then again, if the rumors are true that they will be selling their mobile division to MS or (was it Huawei) then maybe they don't care?
  • Maybe they just don't have any games to release...?
    I doubt they're giving up on releasing Xbox games for the platform, especially with the new console around the corner I expect to see quite a large tie in between the two platforms. Also the platform is the healthiest it's ever been since WP7 launched. For the first time ever the mainstream audience seem to know that the platform exists and Microsoft seem to be pushing it pretty hard here in the UK with ads. Meadowhall shopping centre has a dedicated little booth to play with the phones and speak to representatives along with digital ad boards. They wouldn't go to all this effort then just give up on releasing a games...
  • That's a nice and optimistic view that I'm choosing to believe as well ChazTyldsley. Hopefully our patients and slowness to get angry or jump to dire conclusions pays off.
  • The idea of "they just don't have any games to release" is probably the worst possibility of all. That would mean that they couldn't get a new game made in, what, 6 months? WP8 has been in-development for a good, long time now, so their mobile team could/should have gotten with the gaming division and had some stuff ready at launch. Remember how Halo propelled the Xbox into households? It could have done the game for Windows Phone. I would rather hear that they're having compatibility issues than they simply don't have stuff there.
  • Exactly, I know several people that would be willing to lose a couple apps in order to play a new Halo game on their phone.
  • +1 There is no way MS is going to just give up on WP8.  They have way too much invested in it.  I'm sure they are working to release games as soon as possible.  It kinda seems they are scrambling on all fronts trying to keep up with all they have going on.  I understand bringing issues like this to light however I think that sometimes blog sites including WPCentral, sorry guys, tend to blow things out of proportion to get people to start talking.  Mark my words,  There will be games soon. 
  • Completely agree. Not only invested in WP8 but also Windows 8 and no doubt the next Xbox which will tie in to both in a significant way. This isn't something that's going to happen over a couple of months, it takes time and Microsoft do genuinely seem dedicated to promoting the platform and making it a success.
    When WP7 hit there was no noise whatsoever, no ads, barely any kind of mainstream presence. This time it's completely different. EE ads are plastered all over bus stops around here with the Lumia 920 on them too. In such a competitive market I'd say they're doing pretty well when you look at it realistically.
  • No new games to release is not an excuse for no Deal of the Week though.
  • They should come. It's not just Windows Phone its Windows as well. I assume MS is working on more cross platform titles. It might take some time but if they execute perfectly its time worth spent.
    Skulls of the Shogun is a prime example.
    Also MS needs to work on Cloud saving so I assume this Xbox transition is bigger than it is right now. It needs to get sorted out ASAP. Games should come flying soon after February.
    All the EMO talk for WP is pointless the platform is only going up.
  • I would actually think that the staff responsible for this have been repisitioned to help iron out the flaws of xbox on wp8 in general.. Perhaps once the niggles are gone, we can get back to progressing
  • I am gonna go with option one as Microsoft wouldn't have announced gameloft brinign over 12 xbl games  and temple run to xbl and put the time into coding it for windows phone 8 if they were going to drop it like that I mean they added xbox to windows 8 plus someone contacted gameloft and said they are just finishing up 4-5 of the titles and they will be available soon
  • I think it's lack of interest from a developers POV. They'd made so much money from the quick success of Apple & Google that they see no need to help Microsoft. Also, if the Xbox surface is true, they may be waiting for that to touchdown.
  • That is where you expect a level of investment from Microsoft. Of course there isn't a sufficient base to attract developers on windows phone yet. So they should incentivise them with far superior commercials to Android and IOS and self fund several top notch titles. Developers will always develop if MS paid them what they would earn on the other platforms.
  • The silence on the matter from MS is disturbing.
  • This bothers me more than anything.
  • Maybe we should all ping @joebelfiore or @windowsphone on twitter and see what the deal is. Surely they wouldn't ignore us if we all starting asking questions.
  • Lol!  I would love too.. I created a Twitter account months ago,  but even though I visit tech sites almost daily, I am no techie at all - I just don't know how to send a tweet :)  I'm sure it's so simple even a 5yr could do it, but I haven't figured it out.  Sad, I know:(
  • Put a little time into it and I'm sure you'd figure it out, dude. Nobody figures things out by not trying. You could easily do a web search for a guide. But I'll have you the time. Find the box on the left of the Twitter website in which users enter their tweets. Type the twitter handle of the person you're communicating with (@segacon is mine), a space, and then the content of your tweet. Send when it's done. Tweets can only be 140 characters so you need to be concise or send multiple tweets to communicate larger ideas.
  • This exactly.
  • I dont want to believe a word you said but the lack of games is starting to make me wonder. I just dont get it. Then again I just dont get a lot of things MS does at this point. It isnt much better on Windows 8/RT. I think at last count there are only 21 Xbox games with most coming out at launch. With all the game resources this company has you would think they would have launched both WP8 and Windows 8/RT with a bunch of amazing blockbuster games.
  • I've always tried to ealier adopted and got burned. This is no different but I'll accept it and move forward. Now if they happened to bring something to marketplace then awesome I'll consider the purchase otherwise my money is spent else where. Plus one thing that annoys me is that people look for the XBOX live branding way too much. There are some decent titles in the marketplace that aren't XBOX enabled. I digress because that has yet to be updated too.
  • The problem is that several 'Indie' titles have gone Xbox Live and people who bought the indie version got screwed over (the XBL version is considered a different game so they have to repurchase if they want achievements or future updates). Doodle God is one example, Alpha Jax is another (I paid $4.99 for alpha jax only to have it replaced with an inferior add-supported free version).
  • Sure, I just under the assumption that most WP users like buying achievements.
  • True, lots of them do :)  I used to buy lots of indie games but now I'm contanstly worried I'm throwing my money down a hole every time I consider one.  Then there's games like tentacles that I bought the day before I upgraded to WP8 and have yet to be able to play.  WP gaming is such a huge mess right now.
  • xbox certification adds a large complication layer to release (see angry birds) and MS is historically poor at developer support at this level where they NEED help to jump hurdles let alone maintain code. Free tools is great but support is meh. Marketshare (no verizon/sprint for 2 years) really restricted WP7. Now there are a glut of xbox games for NEW wp8 customers who will be the largest majority of winphone users by mid year.
    Most "ports" of  popular games shoudl be expedited not put on xbox live either.
    I wonder if xbox720 is also in play. Since that will likely share much code with Win8/WP8/WinRT and run on the Win8/RT kernel game development would lag months prior to it's release (games take months and months).
    It's not a stretch to say the MS will quickly jettison xbox360 for gamers and transition 360 to casuals/media upon 720 release. MS pinches pennies in all the wrong places and dev studios are a notable place of high risk spending that is cut.
    So all in all no surprise.
  • Confused why we can't/haven't/are unable to get an answer from MS on this.
  • I'm actually working on getting a detailed answer right now. We'll keep you guys posted if it comes through.
  • Thanks for your work Paul, you are doing the best job you can.
  • Appreciate the kind words, man!
  • Better to have no answer than have a disappointing soundbyte traveling throught the internet, enraging fanboys and worrying stockholders. The silence speaks volumes though.
  • The commitment seems to be waning. The Halo Waypoint app can be used as an example of that. Use the Waypoint app to access all of your Halo data, except Halo 4, that is. The web app is laggy as hell and routinely crashes. ( on IE9, WP7 Mango ). Things like this is making WP platform less endearing to me, but better than the alternatives.
  • Technically, more Xbox games were released in the past few weeks on iOS than on Windows Phone :D
  • Would be nice with some words from MSFT. I still haven't received Lumia 920, and if the WP catalogue have a lot of games missing from WP7 such I bought, a switch to competing platforms is easier. Microsoft need to comment on existing games or they might scare customers away.
  • See here:
  • But is that all, or are there more?
  • That's just the Xbox branded games not sure if you are looking for indie titles or not.  I think that Paul is keeping that list updated though so it should be all of the Xbox branded games that are missing.
  • Thank you, Evilrobot. Yes, that list is up to date.