Internet Explorer Edge? Possible names for Spartan browser reportedly being considered

The Spartan browser, or more accurately understood as 'Project Spartan' is a next-generation web browser for Windows 10. Its main features include being a Store app for dynamic updates, using the older IE11 rendering engine for legacy websites, Cortana integration, and the ability to annotate right on the web page for document sharing.

However, Spartan is not the final name, just the internal codename that Microsoft is currently using for the project. The question is, what will Microsoft call the browser upon its final release? A new report suggests a few names are being kicked around and we have the list.

The information comes from a person who participated in an online survey from a company acting on behalf of Microsoft. Although 'Spartan' was not named specifically, it was referred to in the description including "Writing on webpages", "A built-in digital assistant" and the fact that it is a browser from Microsoft launching later this year. No doubt that the survey is referring to Project Spartan.

Potential names for Spartan browser being surveyed

  • Entourage
  • Elixa
  • Evo
  • Evex
  • Endeavor
  • Edge

Some of the names surveyed all have a common feature as they begin with the letter 'e'.

Edge makes sense since it is the name of the new rendering engine found in Spartan. Even more interestingly, Microsoft is considering pairing each of the suggested names with:

  • Microsoft
  • IE
  • Internet Explorer

This list would create possible combinations such as 'IE Evex' or 'Microsoft Elixa' or 'Internet Explorer Edge'. Those possible combinations are interesting because, if accurate, it demonstrates that Microsoft is considering dropping IE or Internet Explorer from the new name. That is something that has been brought up before (opens in new tab) due the heavy baggage associated with the browser.

Of course, we do not know if these are the only names that Microsoft is considering, but it is worth pondering.

From the above selection, does any combination jump out as a suitable name for Spartan?

Thanks to our source who wishes to remain anonymous

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Evo....i like that.
    But I want Spartan.
  • They NEED to keep it named Spartan!
    Just like how Cortana needed to remain.
    ...It should be extremely obvious to the MS devs what name we want for it Edit: MS, let's not forget that naming it Spartan makes it very obvious that Cortana is connected, which would be great for marketing.
  • I agree keep it simple... Spartan sounds very good and powerful. Also keep IE and Microsoft out of the name completely. Less ammo for the haters.
  • Please keep Spartan Microsoft! There you can vote :)
  • Nooooo lets call it Threshold
  • Also cause Master Chief is a Spartan
  • And Cortana bosses a Spartan around as well as rides along to help out. Seriously, keep the name!
  • I agree. The Spartan name is starting to pick up steam and people are starting to recognize it as Microsoft's new browser. I'd say keep it to avoid condusion. Though, I also thought Nintendo should have kept the codename "Revolution" over the final name "Wii" but they did just fine.
  • I dunno, I still think Revolution was a far better name. I was working at Gamestop at the time and there were so many dirty jokes floating around about the "Wii" name. :-/
  • Remember the unintentionally used full tag line for ds "touching is good, feeling is better"
  • Blech! >_< That was so awkward.
  • Every gamer that wanted revolution is still butt hurt over it being called the Wii. At least I am. I say call it Spartan. Why the hell not? Chrome doesn't have anything to do with the web and that name works for google. Spartan is sweet. Now we just need an icon for it! To the forums!
  • In my view, codenames should never go mainstream. Windows Chicago? Windows Longhorn? Actually, the latter sounds better than Vista.
  • Definitely, Spartan is the perfect name! They need look no further than that.
  • Spartan Edge is a cool name. Or just Spartan.
  • No edge, that is Samsung note. Come on, damn it. Is it really that hard to name something? Grab a thesaurus or baby book of names.
  • I also thought of this combination, but I would suggest to keep it simple. Spartan.
  • Cortana and Spartan go together well.  They belong to same species.  I don't like all the names on the servey list.  They sound dull.
  • But doesn't 'spartan' refer to something that is very old?
  • No, bare as in this cave is Spartan.
  • I agree also here. I've no idea who in the heaven's at MS keeps thinking naming things lengthily is a good idea, muchless keeping IE around at a point when you can easily shed it (and others think you are).  Let IE die, yes, it had gotten better, but the name preceeded it. Keep to a new, simple name, Spartan, sure, just make it 1-3 syllables and a single word.  Oh, and ensure the software is good so that name too does not need to be shed later on in the years to come....
  • I like a new name entirely. "IE Uninstalled" :-)
  • That's funny right there.
  • Microsoft Endeavor, sounds nice.  Drop the IE-Name. People will always link it with slowlyness.
  • Do, or Do-not. There is no try (Endeavor).
  • IEE??
  • exactly what i thought  
  • Hey guys there is a user voice to keep it Spartan. Vote for it!
  • Can someone post the link for Spartan on Uservoice please?
  •   Currently 666 votes.
  • Over 1,500 now!
  • How often can we vote? Once we're out of votes then what? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • 3000 now!
  • That escalated quickly.
  • Not Spartan. Cortana fit because the Halo Cortana WAS an AI like the WP Cortana is. There really isn't any similarities between a genetically engineered super soldier and a web browser, IMO anyway.
  • Spartan as in less chrome, simple and elegant.
  • This comment made my morning
  • It could've been an aoe reference(was the codename for aoe online) not everything has to be about halo
  • Hey jeff, I hear you but I DO see a similarity between a genetically engineered soldier and web Browser. A Spartan was created from the core outward to be a powerful and efficient soldier. Get the job done. Sleek and effective. And each Spartan had an AI integrated inhis armor. The Project Spatan Browser was created from the core outward  to be a powerful and efficient browser. Get the job don. Sleek and effective. And the Spartan browser has an integrated digital Assistant. Man Spartan just works!  
  • Threshold will make sense
  • I honestly believe the reason people are so accepting of the browser is that it isn't called IE. They should completely separate it, since the name is poisonous and the slowly integrate it back in, in order to better the ie name.
  • I like Spartan or OneBrowser
  • Edge sucks.  I could go with Evo and Spartan as well.  Don't call it Internet Explorer Spartan/Evo though.  Call it Spartan Browser, or Evo Browser.  Explorer likely will be killed off going forward for naming, as to avoid confusion with the products.
  • Devo.
  • Spartan is the best name. "Spartan" connotes light and powerful...can't get much better than that for a browser.
  • Keep Spartan browser! Anyone know if there's a link with votes for names?
  • No Spartan, enough with the Halo references and no IE at all, need to disassociate with that name at all costs. People are going to assume it is the same browser if any IE name is used.
  • yes yes yes yes, I was going to make this comment myself if no one else would, there needs to be ZERO association with the name "internet explorer" because no one will trust it exactly like you said
  • Threshold plssss lets all call it that
  • Hey Microsoft, if you need a good name for your browser ask the Windows central users. We are your loyal fans here. Plus we forced you to name Cortana"Cortana". And it worked. So again we demand "Spartan"
  • Yes your right! Like Spartan name, or Spartan evo, or maybe ODST?
  • Wow I was hoping that the Spartan name would be under VERY serious consideration by Microsoft. i thank that it is a very appropriate moniker. One the name itself conveys the sleek, "Spartan", efficient nature of the browser. This is an appropriate association when considering Spatan in relation to the greek soldiers who were efficient warriors in battle, sparsely armed and lightly garbed for efficient movement, but extraordinarily effective rival against any foe. This browser is that. Streamlined and under the hood, very powerful - and apparently quite an effective competitor against rivals Chrome and Safari. Naturally the more appropriate association is Spartan in relation to Halo. Spatans were deliberately engineered from their core, their very DNA, to be natural warriors, more. This browser was engineered from the core outward to be a powerful mobile browser that that does more than the competition. Naturally what was on the inside of the Spartan was not all that comprised who/what he was but his armor, with the integrated AI was a key symbiosis to the identity of every Spartan. With Cortana integration in the Project Spartan browser the parrellels are to blatant to miss. What better name for the ONLY browser with an integrated personal digital assistant that gets to know you and recognizes the webpages you surf and offers relevant support than "Spartan" which shadows Halo's Spartans with integrated AI's that recognizes the environment the Spartan is in and offers relevant support. Microsoft is converging it's ecosystem, Cortana is already one of the most recognized names that has transitioned from what was it's only "cool" product XBox, a product that people choose to use not have to use. Cortana is not only accepted but clamored for. Spartan is, in my opinion, a natural name for a browser that is seeking to claim territory in the mobile space with it's integrated digital assistant. Whatever avenues were utilized to rally individuals to make the voices of the masses heard to get Cortana's name to stick for Microsoft's personal assistant, I think Microsoft needs to hear the voice of the masses again. If their looking for a name for their browser, I think I speak for most of us here - Spartan it is! What are your thoughts is Spartan your choice? Take the Poll: Should Microsoft Keep SPARTAN as the Name for Their New Cortana Integrated Browser  
  • Why? I kind of like Edge.
  • Edge is Samsung. I think we can do a little better. Wtf, let me consult my three year old, surely better names will be gurgled from him.
  • Keep it named Spartan
  • As emotional a topic as this NAMING issue is. Imagine the response if the long term strategy for the "Project" Spartan browser was to launch it on the more popular mobile platforms to increase Microsoft's mobile presence and to further proliferate Bing and Cortana. "Will Microsoft's Spartan Browser Bring Cortana to Rival Platforms?"
  • Yeah, but I still don't see anything wrong with IE.
  • I like a different name entirely............ "IE Uninstalled"
  • I believe Spartan Browser is a thing, people is starting to know it
  • Agreed. I was really hoping that they will keep this name. IE has a bad reputation, doesnt matter what they put into it and how they redesign it. Its still slow crappy IE. It needs a whole new name. Spartan is great.
  • It happened the same with Cortana
  • I have noticed the same thing. Since the Windows 10 event I've heard classmates talk about the browser on campus. First time I heard any of them say anything positive about a Microsoft browser lol most use Chrome and the rest use IE11 now after noticing its gotten much better. Spartan is fresh and the association with IE needs to end. Windows 10 is a great opportunity to give PC users a fresh new browser.
  • Better it be Spartan!
  • Microsoft have a nice name in Spartan. It has brand recognition and everything
  • Why Microsoft has to mess things up just before it's final touch? SMH... Spartan fits the best with Cortana integration. Besides, it's a bold name!
  • Spartan is the best name
  • Agreed.
  • Just call it "Spartan" (and rename Windows to Halo ;D)
  • THIS!
  • Lmao !!
  • +9xx
  • We should call it "Threshold"
  • Stick with Spartan I say
  • Spartan edge
  • No edge, that is Samsung.
  • What is it with you wp fanbois and anything to do with android? Who cares if Samsung used edge as part of a phone name, it makes zero difference. Edge is a better name for a browser.
  • Fanbois
  • Dude, wtf, really? Fanboys, the comment below is a fuckin afterbirth, the point is can't we be a bit all. Were already stealing from halo, wtf, why not Samsung too?
  • Who cares if samsung has used edge as part of a product? Seriously why does that even enter the discussion, beyond fanboyism? Spartan has also been used in everything from excercise to sports teams, yet you're perfectly fine with that.
  • Never said I was fine with anything like sports equipment. Don't put words in my mouth, just your mom's, honestly, idrk, as long s the shit works.
  • Spartan!!!!
  • Hahahaha seriously Microsoft??
    Do we have to do AGAIN a user's voice request to name something for you, just like Cortana??
    Spartan is the better option. Maybe if you desperately needs the "E" call it Espartan.
  • I really don't see nothing bad with that "user's voice request". But whatever, Spartan sounds like a terrific name (just Spartan, keep it simple).
  • I like Spartan but I don't think it'll work the way Cortana did. I like edge but for the love of god remove all traces of IE branding.
  • If it was called Spartan it would be to much Halo in Windows. Microsoft Elixa is a pretty neat one.
  • Microsoft Edge sounds good or Microsoft Spartan? Anybody?
  • Yep, this is exactly what I was thinking! No IE, brand it with Microsoft and keep it to one syllable. I actually really like Microsoft Edge...
  • "Surfing the Edge of the World Wide Web" ;)
  • Lol
  • I kind of like the way Spartan Edge sounds.
  • But it sounds so Samsung... I mean for the edge
  • Only to wp fans. General public doesn't know or care.
  • Nooo "Threshold" please
  • Spartan sounds good to me
  • It's not a good move naming it with "internet Explorer" name before it.. As nobody likes it! I like Edge anyway
  • Well, i hope the name will be Spartan. Edge sounds a little bit wired to me.
  • IE or Internet Explorer should not even be in the equation. Edge or Evo sound decent. Edge is actually better, but Spartan is best!
  • I like IE Endeavour. As long as it's properly spelled of course =P   If they want to go with "Spartan" then they should just use "Spartan", period. No "Microsoft", "IE" or "Internet Explorer".
  • I think they should still use Microsoft...eventually people will just call it Edge if it's Microsoft Edge or Spartan if it's Microsoft Spartan...but definitely no "IE" or "Internet Explorer" :-o
  • Naw no no naw naw lol just Spartan. So when people talk about it they say Spartan browser. "yeah just open up the Spartan browser for a sec" "oh yeah that's right the new Spartan browser is here" :D Microsoft will be associated regardless as they are the Windows OS creators and Spartan will be shipping with every Windows 10 PC and thru many future OS updates
  • I highly doubt they'll say "open the Spartan browser". It's more likely that they'll say "open up Spartan" or "open Spartan".   And now that I think of it...that just sounds wrong... lol
  • Lmao yeah i thought of that i was like hmm
  • You win the prize for guessing Microsoft Edge. :)
  • Spartan!
  • if microsoft wants to be successful in browser war ... they shouldn't be associating anything with IE. IE is a worlds horrible browser ... it took microsoft 15-20 yrs to realize it.
  • Right. keep it simple and short. PLEASE!
  • i like Edge, but Spartan is best. i hope they keep the name, just like Cortana.
  • Spartan motherfuckers Spartan bitches SPARTAAAAANNN MICROSOFT NUT LICKERS
    Keep the name Microsoft the names like edge just sound real stupid open edge like wtf gtfo.....seriously
  • Really??? Are you 12?????
  • I found his comment to be an original contribution to wc, followed strict APA format, provided adequate Bloomsburg's Taxonomy, and deserves high praise.....mother fuckers ...
  • Lol
  • Keep the name Spartan: Already accumulating votes!
  • Just gave it 3 of my votes!! Keep Spartan!!
  • +3
  • Pls lets name it Threshold think about it
  • I vote to keep it named Spartan.
  • Spartan evo
  • Spartan would be the best choice. Endeavor is pretty good too. Entourage sounds like it's carrying alot of heavy baggage.
  • Surf-ace
  • Spartan please
  • See how there is surf in surface? But I want them to call it Threshold
  • Given that they jumped from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 to mark a new era on Windows, why not jump from Internet Explorer 11 to Internet Explorer 20? Better than that, they should get from IE 11 to IE 10. Why not? Jokes aside, I think they should make use of the alphabet to the name, just like Lumia firmwares do. Or just ask about it on the Feedback Hub =P
  • Spartan ...Just Spartan Entourage Elixa Evo Evex Endeavor Edge who the hell thought of these ?????  they are ridiculous   Spartan
  • Agreed. They're all basically terrible, but even they seem decent compared to "Internet Explorer Edge". MS needs to kill the Internet Explorer name. It needs to happen. The name will never be taken seriously ever again.
  • Those names sounds like car names, just have to add Mitsubishi in front and it sounds like it lol. Spartan is good.
  • Like nova, means dont work I Spanish, lol.
  • All of them sound like they want to be Ford's next family hatchback. Spartan sounds badass AND it lets Microsoft coast with the sizeable hype that currently accompanies "Spartan."
  • Edge is actually very good. It's short, it sounds good.
  • Microsoft Spartan, Microsoft Edge & Microsoft Evo are the ones I could accept (from these). Please, for the love of god drop IE/Internet Explorer from the name, that would be the shit.. I mean, people would be like 'have you seen the new Spartan browser?' and everyone would be interested. If it's IE Edge it would be 'have you seen that new Internet Explorer Edge?' 'Internet Explorer? Yuck'
  • Spartan sound good
  • One halo reference is enough, especially considering how "major" Cortana is. I like Microsoft Entourage. One should remember that this should work in all languages. In french for example, Evex sounds a ton like "Évêques" which is basically the plural of "Bishop". How about Microsoft Pie (p, for plutonium, so plutonium ie ^^, supercharged internet explorer)
  • Don't like Entourage, that was the name of the old Microsoft email client for Mac
  • Blast from the mother fuckin past, my friend.
  • Elixa must be some's just terrible
  • That one came from moonshiners.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Edge makes me remember Windows Mobile Pro Pocket Edition or something like that.
  • Endeavor or Spartan
  • Internet Explorer Edge sounds the nicest. Not too SciFi and still recognizable. Spartan isn't a very fitting name for an application. It's not the same thing as the story with the naming of Cortana.
  • Spartan is brilliant!
  • If its brilliant, it ain't MS.
  • Spartan sounds cool, but i'd rather keep it as the internal name. Microsoft Elixa though... that sounds quite good. Experience the web a new, with Microsoft Elixa!
  • Open Elixa..
  • Spartan should remain!
  • Open Spartan....
  • Edge. Spartan has something 'new' about, if not edgy...
  • Brand recognition with internet explorer isn't great. They should keep it at Spartan or something without ie to show that it's different.
  • I vote for Spartan :-)
  • Spartan or Spartan Evo :D
  • Spartan should be the name. If they used Cortona, why not?
  • Spartan it is since Cortana lives within... :)
  • FFS, keep it Spartan! I hope it happens the same thing as with Cortana, where the internal name became the official one.
  • Hey guys there is a user voice already to keep it Spartan everyone vote!
  • Is there a link?
  • I like Spartan. No need to change it at all. Cortana worked out well, why not follow up with Spartan?
  • It should stay Spartan to keep with the whole Halo theme. Edge and the others just sound too cheesy or boring.
  • Open Edge.....Start Edge....mmmm
  • Microsoft internet entourage
  • Holy shit that's terrible. Funny, but terrible.
  • Make it Halo themed. Spartan is good. Microsoft Spartan or Internet Spartan. And have it show Error 117
  • Spartan would be Microsoft Spartan just like Google Chrome
  • I sure hope they dont change the AppBar UI either... I'd be so mad...
  • Spartan or NOTHING! I don't like anything but Spartan. It also works perfectly with Cortana. 
  • Edge reminds me of at&t's 2G Edge Network - slow & outdated. Spartan, people - this is a no brainer!
  • Spartan Browser with Cortana built in, Kinda like Master Chief..... THEY NEED TO KEEP THE NAME!!!! I really hope they don't reuse the IE name. It's not good. Windows 10 is supposed to be the operating system that changes everything. Why not start fresh? The name is awesome, it ties in with Halo and Cortana. Cortana is going to be built in. In the Halo universe, she is linked with Master Chief who is a Spartan. I mean come on, they are already throwing Xbox on everything and Cortana. Might as well continue to tie in some parts of Windows into the biggest game franchise for Microsoft. It's well known and will be much better for marketing. Hey, check out the new browser for Windows 10, it's called Spartan and it comes with Cortana BUILT-IN to assist you with your daily browsing and other productivity features!
  • drop the internet explorer name all together. call it spartan and make the logo a metro blue masterchief helmet and ship 
  • I'm not a good English speaker so, what does rendering image mean?
  • It is what translates the web page code into the viewable pages
  • If it's called Internet Explorer, no one will want it. If Microsoft, no one will be interested. Spartan is the way to go. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I will want it. Because I enjoy using IE.
  • But most people don't. I enjoy using IE but it really has a bad rep. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • The bad rep I don't get. But yea. People are sucked into apple and google to much.
  • Well, in the past IE really used to suck and it would always crash and screw up. People ditched it for Chrome and Firefox and never got to see how good IE 11 became.
  • Honestly I've never had those issues. Firefox for me on my PC was way worse. And I just don't like chrome lol
  • I like "Elixa."
  • I think just "Sparta" would be easier for people with different languages to pronounce.
  • If part of the plan is to escape the stigma then they need to keep Internet Explorer out of the name. Also, keeping Microsoft in the name is redundant because everyone is going to prepend that to it anyway. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the official name for Google Chrome is just Chrome isn't it?
  • I like Microsoft Edge. I like Spartan, too.
  • Keep it "SPARTAN" whoever thought of them other names needs to be SACKED!!
  • I like Elixa one
  • Microsoft Edge sounds beautiful to me
  • I don't like any of those possibilities.
  • I am happy with Edge or Spartan
  • Spartan
  • Spartan is best. 
  • Just my 2 cents: Keep it "Spartan". But if you really want something with e then go for Edge(but still spartan will be better). Also, by any means DO NOT pair it with ie or internet explorer!
  • Spartan please!!!!!
  • I like Microsoft Spartan, what about Microsoft Halo?
  • Keep the name Spartan Microsoft! I think we need a poll and send the results to MS.
  • Technically 'Edge' is not the name of the new engine. Edge is the term used to refer to the latest version of the IE rendering engine at any given time. Take a look at the source code of most websites and you'll find an 'IE=edge' directive to indicate tell IE to disable compatibility mode detection.
  • Also, if you go into the F12 developer pane in any recent version of IE, it identifies that current version as Edge. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought of this the second I read the title of the article. As for my preference for name, as long as they don't call it iDora the iExplorer, I'm good.
  • Haha, never thought of the Dora reference :D I'm not adverse to Edge, it would probably ring true to developers (who are one of the most important groups to get back on board). Spartan is also great though.
  • Spartan browser sounds good to me
  • Endeavor is horrible, so I'm sure that's what they'll choose. Spartan is a great name and for those of us who make it to the real world once in a while know, Sparta was a Greek city state. So it does in fact exist outside of Halo and most will connect it to that.
  • Endeavour is the name of a seaship, and therefore reminds me of Netscape Navigator ...
  • Stay away from internet explorer Microsoft. And Spartan sounds like there is too much halo. I personally like Microsoft Evex Browser.
  • Keep it Spartan.... And if it has to be one of those suggested names then Microsoft edge.... Because it's all about m.e....
  • Spartan is just fine, distance from ie is the best card to play here!!!
  • Remember the Edge network... That slow a$$ 2G network you almost never want your cell phone to be on? Remember the HTC Evo 4G LTE, one of the worst cell phone names? Come on Microsoft... Be creative!
  • Keep it as Spartan
  • Even if there was no Halo allusion, "Spartan" is a very powerful name that is satisfying to say and sounds good to ears. All of the suggestions listed are either odd to pronounce, like Elixa, or they are unpleasant to hear, like "entourage". Gross! Keep the name as "Spartan", MS!
  • I hope they just name it Spartan! Microsoft Spartan maybe? The other names just don't compare :)
  • I like Spartan but if not that, Edge is better. Don't want a name that is too esoteric like some of the other choices. I love IE but it has such a bad reputation from the past that a lot of people won't even give it a fair shake due to the name.
  • Spartan means "simple"  or "barebone" in terms of software interfaces and this new browser is anything but that. It is packed with features (or bloatware, depending on whether you actually care about them), like Cortana, a legacy rendering engine and pen support. Yes, I know that the name is trying to be a clever reference to Halo once again, but that's also not a very wise move since Microsoft botched the franchise on PC completely. Better not remind the PC market too much about the "Halo 2 For Windows Vista" debacle and how the fanchise just stopped on PC afterwards.
  • Wow, go take your tears somewhere else.
  • You're reading way too much into that. To most people, Spartan just means powerful and/or strong. No one is sitting there thinking hard enough about a browser's name to make the number of inferences required to conjure up negative imagery associated with an old video game.
  • Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer Edge with Bing 2015   after, rebranding to MSN Edge
  • Lol
  • Just call it Spartan.
    Definitely drop Internet Explorer from the name. Time to hit the reset button on Microsoft's browser brand.
  • I've got two suggestions for the name.
    1. Ace
    2. Spade
    Ace - can replace EDGE without the slow 2G meaning attached.
    Spade - can replace SPARTAN. It's simple, familiar, 1-syllable and is hip.
    So, Microsoft Ace or Microsoft Spade.
  • Sounds like a new solitaire from Microsoft :P
  • IE 12 ;)
  • Keep IE out of the name. C'mon, MS, don't mess this up.
  • I'd go with Microsoft Spartan. They should launch the Spartan Browser with a press event where. Satya Nadella shouts "This is Spartaaaaaaan" and the whole crowd cheers. It'd be so freaking awesome.
  • Lol I agree :D
  • Aye the marketing will be awesome!
  • +9xx
  • Make it Entourage and no one will understand what the f are we talking about.
  • It has to be Spartan. And I definitely can't have "Internet Explorer" in front of it. Having IE in front of it is going to put most people off of it immediately.
  • I suppose i like Spartan as well. At least the name is associated with warriors of great determination and valor. Most of those e names are either lame or overdone. Like edge being associated with Ford trucks and Evo with the old htc phone. Spartan is cool although i like ie12 well enough.
  • The double meaning makes it perfect. It's a warrior, but it also means minimal. Only having what's needed.. So its pretty perfect.
  • Keep the Spartan name!
  • Microsoft Cortana Explorer
    Microsoft still better then Apple Explorer
    Microsoft who cares about the name Explorer
  • Spartan FTW!
  • Name it Spartan! Why always drop the cool code names!?
  • They really need to keep the Spartan name!
  • Spartan is miles better than all of these names. Its quick to say and sounds powerful. Chrome has a real competitor!
  • I vote for Spartan Browser.
  • Spartan sounds better than those options in my opinion, stick with it please..
  • What about exo? Hehee
  • I vote for Microsoft Evo. Sounds simple and classy.
  • Spartan Edge?
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Edge Mobile 10 Edition with Touch
  • Spartan. That or "Brushed Nickel". ;)
  • Got a great image in my head of the Spartan browser kicking chrome and safari into a deep pit saying "This is Sparta!" I love it!
  • Awesome
  • "Microsoft Endeavor" sounds pretty cool Imo
  • Endeavour was a a seaship, so it makes me think of Netscape Navigator.
  • Well, if someone from MS is watching this, I believe it is pretty clear what basicly everyone wants: Spartan. Seriously, MS, just keep it. It won't get more obvious what we want than it is now..
  • They kept Cortana on our suggestions here. :)
  • Try
  • Spartan,easy to pronounce in all languages.
  • I like "Spartan"
  • SPARTAN!!!!! It's so obvious! And I say they should call the next Surface, Surface Halo!!!
  • I prefer "Microsoft Edge"browser would make more sense....
    It is also sweet to hear in future about the comparison as "Microsoft's Edge vs Google's Chrome" in YouTube.....:-)
    It is also better for Microsoft to expunge the name "Internet Explorer "..from this world...
  • The names starting with e are probably to keep the well known logo/icon. I say make an icon featuring an s and keep the name Spartan.
  • Spartan would indeed be the best name!!
    If not they should name it anything the want but drop the "internet explorer/IE" part. The name is burned forever. Spartan deserves a better name. Or just keep Spartan.
  • I Like spartan, actually! Why change it! It is really cool and sound great as a browser name!
  • Microsoft need to fire their brand people and replace them with whomever comes up with code names. Cortana was excellent and so is Spartan. I'm fine with Microsoft Spartan but please no IE or Internet Explorer. I personally like IE but its reputation isn't positive.
  • Sometimes I do understand Microsoft. They invited Mac loving journalists when showing off Windows 8. Entire coverage showed Macs. It was like paid advertisement for apple paid by Microsoft. Now this. Press and people are already taking about Spartan and the coverage has been very positive. Yet, they want to discard all the good press they got for this name and start afresh. ​ ​ ​
  • My heart sank when i read the part about them 'pairing' name options. Oh God, here comes the typically complicated naming. Spartan is more than fine thanks Microsoft.  
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Jeez, just call it Spartan.. They haven't even found a creative name for Windows 10 for phone yet. Call it Covenant OS perhaps?
  • Just call it "edge"
  • Agreed If they call it internet explorer then the first thing people will do is go to and not even test the new ie out
  • +M8
  • lol so true
  • Spartan IE
  • Spartan IE!
  • Spartan is a great name
  • i like Edge, even internet explorer edge works. Makes people curious that something is different and Internet Explorer is the most widely known web browser.
  • Edge
  • Oh please for the love of god no!
  • Would be better if "EVE" . Reminds us of EVE from Wall-E. :D
  • Internet explorer? I think SRR38 explorer is a better name.
  • I would say name it, IE Spartan.
  • EVO
  • Spartan
  • I say keep it as Spartan.... Unless there's some trademark issue.
  • Wow I was hoping that the Spartan name would be under VERY serious consideration by Microsoft. i thank that it is a very appropriate moniker. One the name itself conveys the sleek, "spartan", efficient nature of the browser. This is an appropriate asssociation when considering Spatan in relation to the greek soldiers who were effienct warriors in battle, sparsley armed and lightly garbed for efficient movement, but extraordinarly effective rival against any foe. This browser is that. Streamlined and under the hood, very powerful - and apparantly quite an effective competitor against rivals Chrome and Safari. Naturally the more approriate association is Spartan in realtion to Halo. Spatans were deliberatly engineered from thier core, thier very DNA, to be natural warriors, more. This browser was engineered from the core outward to be a powerful mobile browser that that does more than the competition. Naturally what was on the inside of the Spartan was not all that comprised who/what he was but his armor, with the integrated AI was a key symbiosis to the idenety of every Spartan. With Cortana integration in the Project Spartan browser the parrellels are to blatant to miss. What better name for the ONLY browser with an integrated personal digital assistant that gets to know you and recognizes the webpages you surf and offers relavant support than "Spartan" which shadows Halo's Spartans with integrated AI's that recognizes the environment the Spartan is in and offers relavant support. Microsoft is converging it's ecosystem, Cortana is already one of the most recognized names that has transitioned from what was it's only "cool" product XBox, a product that people choose to use not have to use. Cortana is not only accepted but clamored for. Spartan is, in my opinion, a natural name for a browser that is seeking to claim territory in the mobile space with it's integrated digital assistant. Whatever avenues were utlized to raaly individuals to make the voices of the masses heard to get Cortana's name to stick for Microsofts personal assistant, I think Microsoft needs to hear the voice of the masses again. I thier looking for a name for thier broweser, I think I speak for most of us here - Spartan it is!
  • Well said. We are Spartan! So say we all.
  • Microsoft PR is seriously neurotic if they go with anything other than Spartan.
  • Agreed to me the word Spartan echoes feelings of something powerful, something sexy all raw subconscious images they need associated with their need Gen browser. As opposed to Internet Explorer as wrong as it is the common person associates that name with slowness, viruses, general bad experience same thing with Bing its awesome at my retail job I convince people to switch all the time by demoing it. But when you say the word Bing it's like their brain turns off and will accept no new info, the former Bing adios in windows I can now get more people excited in because they simply don't say "Bing" anything with Cortana you talk about her people get excited show it they are amazed if you end there you make a sale if you reveal she is powered by Bing again they just switch off and think it's awful even though a second earlier they were amazed and giving indicators they were ready to buy. Microsoft please be smart and don't use as awesome as they are Bing and IE in your advertising (other than that Spartan is compatible with sites that work with IE) please call the next browser Spartan or Microsoft Spartan and focus on saying "Cortana and Spartan" as often as possible to control the conversation
  • Spartan, yes please But out of those choices, Evex gets my vote.  
  • Microsoft Spartan Explorer?
  • Hmm... This new browser seems to be lesser space
  • Microsoft Portal... You've been told.
  • Evo ftw!
  • Why are MS's code names always than better than the actual ones. The person in charge of branding should be fired. Also it's be great if someone starts a suggest we can vote on like they did with cortana.
  • Thanks, I probably should of checked before I opened my big mouth.
  • It's been there a while but to be fair only really started gaining traction today. 100-200 votes an hour at the moment!
  • They should stick with SPARTAN sounds different and good, plus IE concerned or heaters (and ignorant) won't even know its from Microsoft and would probably try it and love it, but many people if they relate it to IE would probably avoid it due it's "bad reputation"....
  • Keep Spartan ! We want Spartan !!
  • Microsoft Edge would be fine
  • Spartan, as another Halo reference, would be ideal. Microsoft Spartan.
  • If you treat this like a product (soft- or hardware) 'Microsoft Edge' makes the most sense.
  • Entourage is not an option Was the name of an email program on Mac.
  • Whoa, lots of names I would never see fit for a browser. The word Spartan has had a very nice image since 300 I guess and represents simplicity amongst readiness to battle others I guess. The only viable one amongst the lust would be that Edge, but it sounds rather dull...
  • Ditch entourage, evo, edge, IE and internet explorer
  • I'll go for the obvious troll here. Microsoft Advanced Web Browser for Windows 10 Systems, Edge Edition.
  • Internet Explorer 12, "You think you know me?"...
  • They should keep Spartan, I think it really fits the browser and it sounds cool.
  • IE Spartan should be the name. Spartans are considered strong and powerful
  • They all sound great with the abbreviated MS in front of it e.g.
    MS edgs
    MS Spartan
    MS Elixa etc
  • MSN.
  • Microsoft Edge FTW
  • MS, not calling this new browser Spartan is a marketing mistake. The name leaked, people liked it, you keep calling it unofficial and that's fine. If a Windows 10 product ships with a browser that's not IE and that browser is not named Spartan, lower your expectations of adoption a few fold. Yes, a name matters that much, especially for you (see kin, Zune, internet explorer, Lumia numbering). Spartan. I voted. Hope more do as well.
  • Spartan or Elixa. No Internet Explorer!!
  • Too late Microsoft. Even though it speaks nothing about internet travel, we like Spartan. Ready to do battle with chrome and Firefox.  Not at all interested in names used by Sprint ie Evo. Endevor is cool.  Sort of Star Trek-ish.  Elix? No. Who's girlfriend are they trying to impress with that name?  Edge: belongs to Ford Motor Company. No problem with Ford per se as I am a C-Max SEL fan but its a car, not a browser. Evex?  Too unusual.  And Entourage sounds like it might work but it's gonna need a back story and a good one.
  • I'd prefer to have no IE connections with the new browser, I hope it will remain Spartan.
  • Or a better idea, just DROP the Internet Explorer name all together. The name is dead, sorry. Like you said Daniel, Microsoft might pair it with "Microsoft", "IE", or "Internet Explorer". If they do pair it with one of those, I prefer "Microsoft".
  • Those names all sound like shit. I don't give two craps about Halo but Spartan sounds like a good browser name. It has a good vibe to it and people are getting used to it too so they should make use of that. And please use a one word name don't pair it!
  • I'd like it to be named Microsoft Spartan in ideal conditions. And Microsoft Evex/Elixa in current choices.
  • Spartan please! I even saw a cool cyan logo for it somewhere. They could keep that too, but just remove anything to do with IE.
  • IE Spartan
  • Titan, Spartan, Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Hermes
  • I like Hermes. We should call it Hermes.
  • Hermes should be a messaging platform. Or a Jamaican accountant.
  • LOL I see you watch Futurerama
  • Do you really want a name that is that close to "herpes"? The first time someone got a computer virus on Win 10, they'd be posting memes all over the place. "Internet Exploder" is still kicking around. Also, LOL @zikifer.
  • Spartan agreed would be best maybe if we say it enough they'll keep it like they did Cortana!!!
  • Or how about drop IE altogether since its lost its "street cred"
  • Spartan Explorer
  • Spartan Reconnaissance
  • Most of those names are too buzzwordy for my tastes. I want something I've heard before, like Spartan. Not to mention evo was an HTC phone.
  • Endeavor was a Federation starship, so I'm not sure that's a good name. Whenever I hear Spartan I think "THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!" and I probably wouldn't be the only one. Edge... You'll get the entire web browser but you'll only need the edge! Entourage - no. Just, no. But whatever they do I hope they drop IE from the name (and the user agent string).
  • I'd call it Xweb, or just X.... Keep Xbox and Halo branding going, keep it cool MS
  • Whatever they do, they need to get rid of IE and Internet Explorer. It's 2015. Edge sounds neat to me. I'm not sold on using Spartan.
  • Keep it to Spartan. If not Spartan, then simply 'Edge'.  
  • It will be named as Spartan eventually... Seeing all the comments here, I think Microsoft just want to stick to "e" a bit longer.
  • Spartan and Trojan Horse sounds great together...
  • Microsoft should not have even asked such company to do such survey, just ask Daniel to write a post or start a poll here.
  • Buy Opera, and name it "Microsoft Opera" ;)
  • I like Spartan.
  • I'm curious why all the "E" names. Are they trying to keep the logo the same? I guess that makes sense when you have a lot of Windows users coming to a new OS. You don't exactly want to confuse them with a completely different icon they have to find. Though a quick tour on initialization could fix that. On another note, I've kind of grown fond of "Spartan." To me the new browser equals Spartan now, and it appears that that's the case with a lot of people.
  • Get rid of IE. It has a bad rep and it needs to go.. I like Spartan tho
  • This is Spartan!!!!!!
  • Spartan is fine. No need to overdo it with some long, ridiculous name.
  • Forget about the Internet Explorer name. Scrap it. Get that out of the picture. I actually hope they keep Spartan. At first I thought that should just stay a codename, but it seems to really resonate with people, and it has with myself.
  • Evo sounds more Verizon wireless! MIES - Microsoft IE Solution my solution to naming problems @Microsoft.
  • Stick with Spartan. Microsoft should stay away from anything that reminds people of IE. Start fresh.
  • I like IE because its simple and conveys what it does, it explores the internet. However the negative stigma around it stinks, lol. Entourage sounds kinda exotic.
  • Yep. The decision is already made -- by their public. Spartan it is and always will be. They can screw around and try to name it something else, but it will still be called Spartan. Hey MSFT, if your fans love something, go with it!
  • Keep it as Spartan
  • I like endeavor the best.
  • Keep it Spartan!
  • Drop IE. IE in the name won't do any good for the brand name.
  • Spartan needs to stay...just like Cortana stayed.
  • Just keep Spartan for the name and remove the name containing IE words! Spartan is the perfect one.
  • internet explorer is a cursed name I think. I don't feel they should use it as a prefix
  • Spartan is perfect. Then the next version can be Spartan II and the version after that can be less effective and have some bugs and be called Spartan III then the version after that can be made by a different company and called Spartan IV.... I may have drug that on too long
  • For the love of god, Spartan. It rolls off the tongue. I dont use chrome, I use Spartan. See how bad ass that is?
  • Stop all the reinvention using names. IE and Internet Explorer are recognizable brands that represent Microsoft's Web-browser. Learn from past mistakes, you already brought back MSN and are looking at bringing back the Hotmail brand. Internet Explorer needs to stay.
  • 1. Microsoft Elixa
    2. Microsoft Edge
    3. Spartan i kind of like Elixa
    "Cortana, open Elixa!"
  • Call it Trident, just as an homage/f you.
  • Spartan sound 10x better than any of those choices.
  • Edge is already a developer term for the latest IE. Look in the F12 tools. It's been there since 10.
  • SPARTAN. Nothing else.
    Not Edge, not Evo, none of those. SPARTAN is the best!
  • Hum, what about Edge Explorer (E²) or MIcrosoft Edge (ME, but do not call it Windows ME)?
  • Spartan We just got a new puppy...before we got her we had an in house/code name of "V" (we were watching V for Vendetta when we talked about getting a puppy).  Anyway, the puppy arrived and and while we were kicking around names for her we used the code name of "V" temporarily.  In the end "V" stuck.  Maybe Spartan should too.
  • It needs to be a mononym! I do like the name 'Spartan'. I personally never really played Halo, the name is nice and simple, not several words. Look at the others; Firefox, safari, chrome, opera, iceweasel, etc. Not "Microsoft Internet Explorer Spartan" just Spartan! Evo reminds me of a Mitsubishi (although a nice car!) and edge reminds me of crappy mobile internet service. When 3g or 4g/lte is not available.
  • All the name proposal are ridiculous except edge. For foreigners Spartan is the easiest to say it just roll of the tongue straight away. Edge is short and simple. One of those two should be the name
  • nonononono Microsoft. You need to leave behind the "Internet Explorer" branding. You already have a great product, but has terrible reputation. What it needs is a new interface and a new name!
  • They need to kill internet explorer name at all costs Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I think MS need to disassociate Project Spartan from IE.  This is because IE had a bad rep eventhough it is not true, it's the stigma that stuck with it. So it should be something new, not as an "extension" of IE.  However, Spartan is good enough as a name.  Much more warrior-ish... No browser has a warrior name. :D
  • What's wrong with Spartan? I like it.
  • no idea
  • Just go with Internet Browser for Windows made by Microsoft
  • It will be what it is
  • I question the reports accuracy. For all we know Yahoo! Or BlackBerry Or Cisco is sending out these questionnaires. The company was not specified to be Microsoft. And those names are awful.
    Plus some of the names are taken already:
    HTC Evo
    Gillette Edge
    Entourage on Mac
    EEndeavor Nasa
    Elixir ERobitussin
    Not sure what an Evex is?
  • Keep the consistency with the Halo game. Keep the Spartan name.
  • Spartan is a good name. Evo is a good name. Everything else sucked.
  • The second picture looks like for phone
  • i like 'spartan edge'
  • We need to tweet every single Microsoft employee several times a day to let them know we want to keep Spartan. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Internet Endeavour is better but Spartan is the best.
  • Internet explorer edge? Please remove "internet explorer",because its terrible past time with that name #sorryenglish
  • Spartan FTW!
  • Actually I don't mind seeing "IE" name in the browser, this way I can separate the idiots that call themselves IT persons when they dismiss IE or this browser without even using it. Seriously some shit benchmarks on the web is not the real experience. If you want to see if a product is for you try it, don't be ignorant and call it names to blend with the crowd. We are not sheep's or cattle's.
  • "Spartan" is best. No need to add any other word.
  • Microsoft Evo (or Edge)
  • Elixia, Evo or Edge. But I'd put Evo as my front runner. If Windows is truley making the transistion to a service; then it's an OS that will grow and become better, Evo sums that up perfectly. While 'Spartan' is a fun name; it represents the disconnect of the 'old' Microsoft. The name Spartan, to a casual user would be a reference to a 'Spartan' lifestyle; bare bones, but efficient. And while the new browser is going to be very fast I wouldn't call its features bare bones. To Microsoft (specifically Halo) fans, Spartan is a reference to Master Chief or at least other Spartans. Big hulking soldiers in suits. Not really the picture of efficiency and speed. And if they are trying to distance themselves from Internet Explorer prejudice then, they should commit and drop and IE references. And as a bonus they could release Microsoft (Evo/Edge/Elixia) on other OSes like OS/X Android or iOS and let users have all there stuff synce which would be amazing!
  • Why not keep a good thing going and stick with the Halo thing. Doing so will keep the diehards entertained, plenty of folks who dont know or care, and the Apple/Android fanboys are going to be haters nomatter what, so who cares what they think. Spartan all the way!
  • Keep Spartan
  • Just call it IE12.  It doesn't matter what it's called.  People will equate an MS browser to Internet Explorer of the dark days, can assume it's bad no matter.  Just keep Internet Explorer around... if it makes you feel better add Spartan to the end.     Totally new names don't always work, and have often times backfired.  Stick to the proven... granted that's just me. 
  • Let it be called Spartan it's a nice name.
  • Spartan should definitely the name, why not just make it that?
  • I like Spartan. IEE is to similar to IEEE. And I think we're all sick of is as a name.
  • Try pairing it with other companies browser names. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Spartan. It's the best name, every other option makes it sound tacky and outdated.
  • Cool.
  • +1
  • Everytime they have a prototype with a cool name, they give it a lame name when the final product comes out. Please keep Spartan!! And please, please, please don't keep "Internet Explorer" in the name!! It has such a bad reputation, most people won't even want to try it if it's got Internet Explorer in the name!!!
  • As they did for wp OS, amber, black, cyan, denim..... They can do for the web browser. A,B,C....
  • Internet Spartan
  • Eclair
  • Chocolate
  • Google owns the Chrome; but Microsoft could own the Edge.
  • Edge is already being used - since IE10 the rendering mode is called edge. Open developer tools in IE and see rendering options yourself...
  • I like Spartan, but Edge is shorter and rolls off the tongue better. On the other hand Edge will remind people of slow cellular data networks, Ford crossover SUVs, and Samsung phones, so they should probably just go with Spartan and move on.
  • I was thinking the same thing.
  • I think all of them start with the letter E so they don't need to change the logo of the browser. Just saying. :/
  • That is a possibility.
  • Ok
  • I hope they come up with something cool to call it. By the way, shouldn't they keep the name Spartan.
  • If you want a mainstream browser, you shouldn't be called it Edge. Spartan is by far the best - simple, effective. I also like Inori. If you want a word to start with E to use with the whole IE nomenclature, use Express, Ensemble, Element.
  • Internet Endeavor
  • No one cares about the IE logo, which I assume is the only reason MS is looking at names that start with "E". Just call it Spartan and be done with it. Good name for a browser since it connotes that it's secure and no frills.
  • Internet Spartan to IS....mmmm
  • Just keep Spartan..!
  • In my Greek accent there is no way I can pronounce Endeavour (and the majority of Greeks) Spartan is a great name, it resembles Sparta, an ancient Greek city with major military power (or Halo for others?) But get rid of Internet explorer naming completely, it has one of the worst brand values.
  • I think Spartan by itself sounds pretty darn cool, coz THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAN !!! *Kicks Chrome into the pit*
  • Spartan is perfect
  • Most of those names are ridiculous. Hope they stay with Spartan or Edge. The absolutely best name would of course be Internet Explorer 13 but since "people" have taken to hate Internet Explorer I can see why that isn't viable...
    I'm sad that Toms Hardware doesn't make its Browser Grand Prix test anymore. When they did that it was clear that people complaining about IE were just looking for things to be wrong. Most or all test showed only marginal speed differences between Chrome, Firefox and IE. Sometime one was a bit ahead and the next time it was another.
  • or else they can name it IE300 
  • They should call it ME2 because the address bar is at the top, who's regarded fucking idea was that...
  • let's look at existing browser names: chrome, firefox, mozilla, opera, safari. i think spartan would be the best name from all the browsers. elixa, entourage, and evex don't sound good at all. endeavor and edge are ok. evolution would be better than evo. Spartan is the best. makes me think of simple and gets the job done plus the name is already out there,
  • Mozilla is name of a company not a browser! Firefox Is a product of Mozilla.
  • From that list I like Evo the best, but I wouldn't be against Spartan being the final name either.
  • Why don't they just name it Spartan? Everybody knows about it already, might as well stick with it. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I like Elixa
  • Sp...sp...sp...SPARTAN!! *ahem* I think the browser should be called Spartan...
  • Spartan sounds the best. I think mostly no one here wants Internet Explorer again.
  • pick one of these three EDGE or SPARTAN or EVO nothing else should be added before the name
  • It's simple, "Spartan" might be the best choice. I for one really like it.
  • IE Spartan or Spartan Browser sound nice!
  • spartan epic name...+++
  • Gosh keep Spartan, just think about all the things ou can do with that name :D A little Browserparody of 300 maybe ;)
  • Hmm, it'll be a little confusing to use the name 'Edge' for the new browser.
    It's already a name IE has been using to mean 'latest' Document Mode.
    Hit F12 in IE11 on Windows 8 and look in the top right, it say's 'Edge', but it's not related to Spartan.
    It's to differentiate from the old document modes that were introduced in IE8:
    The confusion seems to come from the flags setting in the Windows 10 IE which is just to say 'when in edge document mode' use the Spartan engine.
  • I think the best name is Spartan itself!!!
  • My friends were like wow!after knowing about Spartan,its very attractive and cool name,so that should do it
  • Spartan is pretty cool, maybe Spartan edge.