Nokia's Battery Pro+

In case you needed another battery app for your Windows Phone 8 device, Battery Pro+, a new and free app will get the job done. What’s real interesting about this sharply designed utility is that it is evidently sponsored by Nokia (though not exclusive to their Lumias).

Battery Pro+ is actually listed under Wunderman Polska, a third party developer agency that evidently Nokia Poland has hired to make this app and a few other utilities, including a leveler, flashlight and stopwatch. The main screen though proudly boasts “Powered by Nokia” and under the About screen, you can find an email with an address and a “prepared by Nokia” entry.

So how is Battery Pro+? For free, it’s not too bad. It boasts the deep blue color associated with Nokia and their traditional design for utility apps. While it doesn’t vaunt a ton of features, it does the basics right.

Nokia's Battery Pro+

Features include

  • Check the battery status in percentage
  • Check the hourly power usage
  • Check the time left for the battery to discharge
  • Range of battery usage (in the last 48h)

The Live Tile, updated every 30 minutes (OS limitation) looks clean and sharp like the main app itself and the info presented appears to be accurate. You also have shortcuts to settings for cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy toggling. Other than that, there’s not too much else to say about it.

You can pick up Battery Pro+ by Nokia here in the Store. All Windows Phone 8 devices (incl. 512MB). Free.

If you're looking for something more comprehensive, you can check out the excellent Battery Performance app.

via: The Handheld Blog; Thanks also to halamadrid, Alberto M. and Josh H., for the tips

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