Press shots of Verizon HTC Trophy get leaked

Although we've seen actual pics of the Verizon Trophy in use, including screen shots of the OS, these leaked but "official" press shots of the upcoming Verizon HTC Trophy just back up the idea that this baby is close to launch. What with the Best Buy mention, reorganizing of their forums, employee training and then it finally popping up online, you know it's just around the corner.

In fact we're still hearing May 12th as the date for either the launch or shipping, something PocketNow has evidently corroborated. Of course, like all things, it can slip a bit, but we've never seen this phone come so close before.  Few more days. folks, just a few more days.

Source: Pocketnow. Thanks, Maxwell, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • few more days :)
  • I feel like we have been here before... No ?
  • I like the rubber look of the whole phone. If it was coming to ATT I would definitely pick one up. As it stands I am waiting for the HD7S to make an appearance. Oh the agony.
  • American carriers are sure moving slow. Stop branding your phones and just start selling ffs. Europe is laughing.
  • As a Verizon customer, I couldn't agree more.
  • A - @#$@%!! - MEN.
  • Anyone care to guess how long the verizon branded apps are going to last on this device if I ever get one? If you're guess was only as long as it takes to remove them before I leave the store, you were right.Now ship the damn thing already.
  • I walked into a Verizon wireles store today and asked them about the HTC Trophy the said they never heard of it.F'n Verizon
  • So we pretty much know this phone will be price tagged at $200 with a 2-year contract right? Question is, how long will they be able to keep it at that price? I want a WP7 on Verizon badly, but I don't think I want it bad enough to pony up 200 big ones considering that the hardware is nothing spectacular and that other providers are giving away WP7 devices for free with contract.
  • I cant wait but now that we cant upgrade every year we're stuck with the phone for 2 years im going to be mad if they come out with wp7 devices with front facing cameras later this year and im stuck with the trophy.isnt there a attachment or something that connects to the back of the phones to let u do video calls on phones with only the rear camera?either way i cant wait for the trophy
  • Yeah I hear you. I start a new job middle of the month that just happens to have a 25% discount at vzw. Might actually be worth it to use the discount and by the phone with no contract as ETF is going to be stilly high.
  • That 25% discount is on your monthly bill, not buying a new phone (I have 23% off with the company I am with). Your still gonig to have to pay full retail for a phone, sad to say. That is how I understood it from a rep, unless you know different ?
  • Announcement today? Please.
  • Well, if they announce it today, then we will see it this week. If not, it's time to change carriers.It's getting like week to week to be a release date but, nothing from Verizon. I hope to see something today but, I would not count on it.