Verizon Trophy photos, running 'NoDo' Update

Interested in using a Windows Phone 7 device on Verizon? Of course you are. We're hoping the Trophy will arrive sometime in March. Those hopes are a little brighter now that a tipster has sent in a few photos of the device live with Verizon's branding. Our tipster tells us that the "NoDo" update with Copy & Paste is definitely on board and also that launching apps feels significantly faster. 

As you can see above HTC's hub is also in full effect and it looks like Verizon has gone ahead and made an account management app as well - no surprise there (flashback: Verizon apps published in Marketplace). So who is planning on laying down the expected $199 on-contract price for this baby?

Thanks Anonymous!

Dieter Bohn
  • I have been waiting! The Trophy wouldn't be my first pick, but it is def better than what I have now... I have an HD7 Data Plan w/ T-Mobile and the service around me is terrible. I have a 5 line dataplan with Verizon and they are top notch. Plan on getting a Trophy now and Probable a 2 new phones when the next round come out around "Mango".
  • Same here. I picked up the HD7 just so I could get a WP7 to test my apps on, but the service sucks. I'll just add another line to mu VZW account. I'll actually be able to use the phone as a phone then.
  • Same here, In for one, but the Trophy isn't my first pick either. It should be a decent replacement for my Omnia (running 6.5.3) until Mango comes out at the end of the year. Hopefully Verizon will be a bit more on board and release a dual core Focus or HD7 with an AMOLED screen, more memory and an 8 mega pixel camera.
  • If these have NoDo already what's the build? There seems to be some confusion since some people said they got a fixed phone sent back with something like 7355 but the build MS has demoed in public is higher, like 7389 or so. Wonder what we'll actually get. I think MS likes nice round build numbers so my bet was always on it being 7400.
  • 7389 - vanilla NoDo (shipped with HTC Arrive)7390 - updates from OEMs (Samsung, HTC, LG, Dell)This is why all the new devices are shipping with 7389 not 7390.
  • Wouldn't be my first choice, but me and my wife will be moving onto a pair of these badboys at launch..
  • As I mentioned elsewhere, I too was "meh" on the Trophy. Then I played with one. It's a lot nicer than I thought and I think once people see/handle it, they'll change their tune.
  • I have been waiting for this day to come. I could have went with the iphone but, wanted the WP7 more. I just can't wait. Hurry Verizon!!!!!
  • Just hope I don't have to switch carriers just to get the NoDo update. AT&T has a way of slowing everything down. Glad that all carriers will finally be onboard. It's about time.
  • I want this....but it's not quite the phone I'd feel completely comfortable dropping my upgrade on. Seeing as to how most of the WP7 phones are on AT&T for $100 on a 2 year deal, hopefully this will drop quickly. Either that or I might dive on it retail priced.
  • It is a nice looking phone....I like the front and the unibody is nice.
  • Gotta say that buying a Trophy right now feels like buying the iPhone 4 when it launched on Verizon-- next gen phones will probably start rolling out in a couple months. Nokia devices probably aren't that much further off than that-- and I'm deeply interested in what Microsoft and Nokia can do with both companies' full weight behind a phone.I've waited this long. I think I'm going to hold out for something with a little more oomph!
  • yea kinda how I feel about Sprint and the Arrive, but I've waited this long and I don't think I want to wait any more. There is nothing left I want to do with Android or my Hero. Its way past time to move on.
  • +1. This is, in my opinion, a bland device not to mention that HTC simply will not get my money. But I'm hoping that Verizon will jump on the Nokia devices even though it was reported that they weren't really interested in them. Fortunately, all carriers in my area provide good reception, so whichever carrier gets the best looking Nokia device gets my money! Congratulations to those who will finally be able to get a WP7 device on Verizon!
  • Ok, so when can I buy one ? Where is the press release about it that was claimed to happen on 2/28 ????I need a Windows Phone 7 phone now !!!!
  • That was just a rumor, which I never put much weight behind. It's testing right now for various corporate customers. May have more info tomorrow.
  • May have info tomorrow ? Do tell ! !!! Need a WP7 on Verizon now...not next month...
  • There's never been an official by Verizon anything.
  • I kinda feel like it's last years goods (it is after all basically an Incredible (which I own) with a worse screen.)However, access to the OS is my main goal here. Verizon offers me 1 year contracts....which I find if I dive in on it, I won't be too screwed a year from now.
  • I'm very excited about getting this phone. I've been looking for a wp7 phone since last year so I'm jumping on this! I too think the Nokia mock up phone are sweet looking but believe Nokia when they said early 2012 for their first roll outs. Also, being stuck with Verizon means that we probably won't see a Nokia device until mid to late 2012 (testing testing and more testing) so I'll take my chances and get this SWEET HTC phone. The other factor for me is that my area won't get LTE until 2013 so I can wait. Do you think it will come in White (enter the unicorn)? LOL!!!
  • Anybody know if this will be a global GSM/CDMA phone? Am dying for wp7 but need a global device.
  • Yes, from what has been said so far, the HTC Trophy will be a world (GSM/CDMA) phone. It is currently available overseas as a GSM phone.
  • *huge sigh of relief*Thanks! Just saw the new post too...really looking forward to dumping my droid 2 global for this.
  • That is a shame they didn't get a good WP7 phone, I'm considering moving to Verizon but this phone is mediocre at best - shouldn't charge more than $40 for it. I'd jump at it if it had as least 2 of the following:a 4" or bigger screen, 1500mah battery or larger - kind of a must,Superamoled screen,BT 3.0,1.2GHz or dual core porcessor.
  • It's not as bad as you think.It's a 3.8" SLCD display (bigger than the 3.6" other WP7 models have)1300mah but, for $44.99 you can get a 1800mah battery, Why HTC did that, no idea but the 1300mah will run a full day with being very active, the 1800mah fits in the factory spot (no extended case needed)Super LCD display, almost as good as a Super AMOLED display, as claimed by a few places.1.2ghz ? Why ? when a 1.0ghz will run WP7 fine and will out perform Android with a dual core CPU. All the WP7 devices run 1ghz, and every one of them will put Android to shame in the speed and performance end, read the reviews...I agree it's not the top of the line WP7 device but, it's a nice, solid phone from what has been said about it...If it's all Verizon is going to get and I can get a fair price on a 1 year contract, I'll be grabbing it.
  • I have to laugh.... It doesn't seem to matter what make, model or carrier, every one gets a "not my first choice" or "too bad carrier X didn't get a good phone." Tough crowd! ;)