Prey 'Blood Moon' update adds Fallout and Quake content

Recently, Bethesda released a "Mooncrash" expansion for Prey on Xbox One and other platforms. The download takes players to the Moon where they have to survive for as long as they can. It involves roguelike mechanics and forces you to directly confront enemies rather than trying to evade them all the time. Today, the company released a "Blood Moon" update which adds a variety of new content to the game.

Blood Moon mostly contains skins for "Operators" and "Mimics". The much-anticipated "Typhon Hunter" multiplayer mode launches later this summer. The Blood Moon update is free for all Mooncrash or Prey: Digital Deluxe owners. The download includes the following items:

  • Fallout Theme Operator
  • Quake Champions Theme Operator
  • Witch Hat Mimic
  • Medieval Mimic
  • TranStar Silenced Pistol
  • TranStar Q-Beam
  • TranStar Shotgun
  • TranStar Wrench

Prey is a first-person shooter which takes place on a space station overrun by a hostile alien presence. It's up to you to fight through various open environments and prevent the creatures from reaching Earth. It's a unique blend of horror and exploration we haven't seen before in the genre.

In our review, we called Prey "an unforgettable... horror game that's dark, deep and dizzying... it might not be the prettiest game, but it's among the most atmospheric." Hopefully Bethesda can find ways for it to appeal to even more gamers down the line.

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Asher Madan

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  • The Witch Hat Mimic and Medieval Mimic are hilarious!