Prey's eyeball-violating Neuromods have been detailed in a new video

In a new video released today, Bethesda and Arkane detailed how the game's Neuromod system will allow players to enhance their abilities.

Neuromods are installed by, ahem, stabbing yourself in the eyeball with a gigantic needle. The mods rewire the player's brain, giving them various new powers.

Detailed in the video below, we get a glimpse at some of Prey's telekinetic powers, as well as its intriguing mimic ability, allowing you to assume the form of complex objects in the game's environment.

The first power Arkane details is known as the Superthermal mod. This allows players to set off a targeted column of searing plasma, trapping roaming enemies in the blast.

The second is known as Remote Manipulation. As its name suggests, this allows players to grab nearby objects telekinetically. Remote Manipulation could help you solve puzzles that would otherwise be out of physical reach, and also allow you to throw large, heavy objects at the game's shadowy Typhon enemies. It also allows you to access keypads and other interactive objects at a distance.

The third is dubbed Kinetic Blast, which pretty much does what it says on the tin. Kinetic Blast unleashes a forceful explosion in a targeted area, sending both enemies and objects cascading across the room.

The fourth is probably the most famous at this point. Mimic allows you to assume the form of any targeted object in the game's world. Transform into a coffee cup and roll through a vent. Transform into a ball and hitch a ride on an explosion to access an out-of-reach location. And with upgrades, transform yourself into a gun turret and deliver the pain.

Speaking of which, the trailer also offers a glimpse at Prey's upgrade system, which appears as though it will let you customize your Neuromods beyond simply unlocking them.

Prey launches on May 5th, 2017 for Xbox One, Windows PC, and PS4.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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