Private Hub will keep your dirty Windows Phone pics a secret

Private Hub is a Windows Phone app designed to keep prying eyes away from your pictures, passwords account numbers, and private contacts.

Private Hub also lets you import videos from your computer or Skydrive account, import photos from your Pictures Hub or capture new images to secure, and back up your data (contacts, notes, account information) to your Skydrive.  Private Hub is a nice option to consider if you need to keep your pictures, videos and sensitive information secure.  

The main page for Private Hub has tiles to access secure picture albums, videos, contacts, account information, notes and your Skydrive account.

Private Hub's password at first launch is temporary and if you swipe to the right, you will find Private Hub's settings where you can set your password. From there it's just an issue of importing photos, videos and adding contact and account information you need secured.

If you are going to import videos from you're computer you'll need to download the Private Hub PCTool, which can be found here, and run it as an administrator. Setting up your Skydrive account is fairly straight forward with options to backup or restore contacts/passwords/notes and upload/download videos once you sign into your account.

The only glitch I could find in testing Private Hub out is that if you launch the camera app and take a photo while in Private Hub, the photo should only be saved to the Private Hub album.  If you want to export a photo captured while in Private Hub, you can manually export the image while in the album view.  

Or at least that's how it is suppose to work.  Instead a copy is also saved to your Pictures Hub.  You can still export a copy of the photo to your Pictures Hub but if you  want that snapshot to remain private, you'll have to go delete it.

All in all, Private Hub isn't a bad option for securing your photos, videos and sensitive data.  I kinda like having a way to keep everything all under one roof as opposed to having one app for your account information and one for your pictures or videos.  Hopefully the glitch that sends a copy of your photos captured while in Private Hub will be easily fixed with the next update.  Until then, you just need to remember to be sure you delete any new photos from your Pictures Hub that you want kept private.

There is a trial version available for Private Hub and the full version is running $2.99. You can find Private Hub here at the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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