'Project Scorpio' Xbox will pack internal PSU and 4K Game DVR capture (Update: Confirmed)

You can file this one under "O" for "obvious," but we can confirm via our trusted sources that Project Scorpio will have an internal PSU. It seems that the age of the hulking Xbox power brick is truly over.

We also received some more snippets of Scorpio information from our sources, helping us begin to paint a picture of what this six teraflop "monster" will look like.

Update April 6th, 2017: Thanks to Eurogamer's official reveal of Project Scorpio's internals, we can now confirm the below leaks as 100% true.

In Microsoft's efforts to make Project Scorpio a true 4K system, it will also feature HEVC and VP9 codecs for decoding 4K streams for things such Netflix, just like the Xbox One S. It will also leverage HEVC for encoding 2160p, 60 frame-per-second (FPS) video for Game DVR and streaming.

Microsoft's Beam streaming service has been running public 4K stream tests for some time, and it's now fair to assume it will not only be PC streamers who will benefit. Project Scorpio's Game DVR will allow you to stream and record clips in 4K resolution with 60FPS, according to our sources, which is a massive, massive step up from the 720p, 30FPS you get on the current Xbox One.

For serious content creators, Project Scorpio could become a critical 4K video game capture solution.

For serious content creators, Project Scorpio could become a critical 4K video game capture solution for making clips for YouTube videos, shunning the need to pick up oft-expensive external capture cards. Today's 4K video game capture cards are not only quite rare but tend to be even more expensive than 1080p solutions.

With every bit of information we receive about Project Scorpio, the theme of native 4K keeps appearing — not only for games, but also console features. We now believe Scorpio will sport 4K Game DVR, 4K Blu-ray playback, and 4K streaming apps, but the real showstopper will be the 4K games Microsoft will likely flaunt at E3 2017.

Keep it locked to Windows Central for all the latest information on Project Scorpio. We just might have a few more surprises in store ...

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Capture gameplay footage at 2160p, 60 fps is a real deal for me. I just hope that I could trade my Xbox One S for this (if I have enough money).    
  • Oh im sure you will be able to...but the amount you'll get in credit towards Scorpio is probably going to be almost insignificant giving that its a used Xbox One and you can buy a new Xbox One right now for $250.   
  • $150+ is not insignificant (he might even be able to ask for more if throws in a few games). 
  • Actually, I purchase all of my game from Xbox Store. (No physical disk here)
  • My condolences to your wallet.
  • Man good idea the problem with rapestop is they will barely give you any money for your system and a joke of a credit towards a new Scorpio. I the S too I'm thinking about that route depending how awesome the Scorpio will be.  
  • I won't trade-in at Gamestop for sure because I don't live in the US. But I'm just thinking that is it worth to trade it because mine is 2TB version and I'm afraid it won't have 2TB variant (I downloaded all of my game for more than 1TB right now and I don't want to use external hard drive to store those).
  • GS generally fails at deals, but they have been respectable at hardware exchange deals of late. You could get about $175 for a Wii U when the Switch was first unveiled. They gave $200 for a 500 GB XB1, which was darned good when it was selling at $300 with a game included. You just have to keep it limited to specific deals with GS to get out alive.
  • Got $150 for my ONE(day one) when the XBOs came out. Will do the same again, unless I can get a few more from....
  • Hopefully it allows HDR capture
  • If they want Scorpio to capture exactly what it's rendering ( 4K ) HDR is a must have too..  
  • Is HDR part of the video or its some gimmick that pops up with a message "HDR video playing" when the TV picks up a 4k disc.
    When you enable UHD colour, you get it regardless of what you playing.
  • HDR is part of video and way it was created. Your TV can't simply turn non HDR source into HDR!  If video was not recorded with HDR then those extra colors and specific brightness/shadow spots are not available no matter what your TV is telling you
  • I don't go by theory. I go by what I see.
    At this stage, I can't see the difference.
    If anything, non-hdr 1080 looks more colourful.
    If you play with your contrast and brightness long enough, you can get a match that will show you a pin under a table in shadow 5 metres away between the skirting and floor finish.
  • If you can't see HDR, you are looking at the wrong display. When seen side-by-side, the effects of HDR, clearing up light bleed especially, becomes very apparent. You also have to know to compare like devices to get an accurate representation of the tech. Looking at Samsung displays vs. LG OLED won't end up working out because the display tech is different and Samsung displays (to me) default to some puke-inducing levels of color saturation. Colors pop more on Samsung, but look unnatural as well (fine sometimes, but I hate it when looking at natural scenery like a baseball field). I'm far from a picture snob, but even I notice the difference of HDR when looking at them together. I don't trust myself to remember the exact appearance of an image or scene when walking around and comparing displays over time. I'm not likely to notice the improvements, if you ask me to look at the two pictures 10 minutes apart.
  • If you're playing the odds, an internal PSU was not obvious, as only the One S and original Xbox have used internal PSUs. Still, it's good to see MS continuing the trend. 
  • "only the One S and original Xbox have used internal PSUs"...and every single PlayStation. But let us ignore that...
  • He is only talking about Xbox consoles so yes let's ignore your comment.
  • Don't be a moron. If the Xbox One and 360 had external PSU that was always a Microsoft problem and decision. Having an internal PSU is NOT special. Not by a long shot.
  • it is special and he's not being a moron. Sony was the only ones with an internal PSU. Every nintendo console also had one too even the switch still has one.
  • They have an external power source on the Switch because it is battery-powered and needs a charging source. That's like saying your phone has an external PSU, even though you rarely have it connected to it.
  • Exactly...was never obvious in any sense but good to hear
  • If you're playing the odds, you're playing them wrong. It is abundantly clear that form factor is important, and that the trend was to internal PSUs with the XB1S.
  • When?
  • Well, seeing the big deal they made out of putting the PSU inside the One S it'd be really odd for them to put it out. besides, PC's all have internal PSU's. And the Scorpio is nothing more than a PC in disguise. Therefore...
  • "PC's all have internal PSU's" Except for like every laptop. But lets ignore that...
  • Last time I checked one used PC to refer to desktop machines and laptop to refer to laptops. Nice try, smartar*e. Try again. This time use your brain.
  • No, PC has pretty much always referred to a Windows machine. Wish not to be dumb all you want, you're wrong.
  • PC = personal computer, and the term was first coined for the first Apple computers... A laptop is a PC, a desktop is a PC, and even a iMac should be called a PC. The computer is agnostic of the OS you run on it. (And we should refer to Windows PC, OSX PC, Linux PC). But never a laptop was ever not considered a PC. The differentiator is Desktop vs Laptop.
  • No PC out there features 6TF or more SOC! It is just a very powerfull console just as xbox 360 was when it released. But nice downplaying though!
  • It will be a PC in disguise. Mark my words. And last time I checked, PC gaming was superior to console gaming. Which means calling the Scorpio a PC is disguise is NOT a bad thing.
  • I don't know where you've been checking, since PC vs console is subjective.
  • compare the same exact game and you'll see a huge difference. 
  • Yeah, depending on peripheral use, price put into the PC, and optimization by the devs. Did Arkham Knight ever become functional on PC, by the way?
  • "No PC out there features 6TF"
    What? LOL
  • That's a blatant lie. Scroll down a few articles to that Titan Xp release, the GPU with 12 TFLOPS inside. The RX 480 released several months ago is rated at 5.8 TFLOPS, and that was a mid-range GPU on its own. PCs generally don't use much of a SoC design, they keep the CPU and GPU separate. More room to pack power into, thereby often resulting in PCs that laugh at 6 TFLOPs on the high-end.
  • The house will be Scorpio ready once I get the new LG 2017 OLED TV.
  • I wouldn't get LG if I was you I'd go with Samsung! LG has always had terrible input lag!
  • But their OLED TVs are the best out there picture quality wise.
  • LG has the best OLED TVs in the market. (well, they have the best TVs, period). Samsung's OLED TV have a colour calibration problem, that distorts the colours a bit. Not to mention webOS is vastly superior to the proprietary software Samsung uses.
  • Wrong on all accounts, but nice try. For one, OLED is a proprietary technology for which LG currently have semi-exclusive rights (which results in other companies, including Samsung, not having released OLED TVs last or this year). Since they don't exist, I'm pretty sure you don't know what you're talking about in reference to Samsung TVs. Compared to Samsung's QLED TVs, LG's have horrible input lag when dealing with a 4K HDR signal. webOS vs Tizen is a stupid argument, they are both garbage in the end anyways. Tizen does have better support though.
  • True that LG has suffered from input lag issues on OLED sets yet you fail to mention they also have updated their sets to include a game mode that reduces the lag. Another point is their 2017 model sets feature drastically reduced input lag over last year's models. LG is now selling panels to other manufacturers who will be releasing their own sets this year, so there will be other OLED sets on the market other than LG's.
  • Wait, does Samsung even have OLED yet in its TVs?
  • That's been improved, though not to the levels Samsung has reached. In fact, what I recall reading was HDR handling was a big source of the non-Samsung latency in TVs. However it is done, Samsung avoided major performance hits in latency with HDR enabled. That shouldn't be the case long-term.
  • Will Scorpio have a dedicated Kinect port like the Day One Xbox One?
  • Doubt it. The XB1 S doesn't have one. I would asume MS would keep shipping the adapter though. 
  • I think Microsoft needs to move to a Kinect 3.0 The speaker array should be part of the console. (Cortana and Voice Command have moved to standards in modern electronic devices) Kinect Cameras should be able to detect indivdual finger, hand, and body gestures). This would help move VR/ MR when used with inside out tracking from the upcomming OEM headsets. Kinect shoud attach to consoles / PC's with a standard USB-C / Thunderbolt cable. Just my two cents. D-  
  • No, they need to just stop with Kinect. It failed. They aren't giving it software support. No reason got them to iterate another piece of hardware they are going to peddle and ignore at the same time.
  • Obviously. "Kinect is part of the Xbox One. It is part of the experience that we're building. It's as fundamental to the platform as the controller is in many ways. It sounds like I'm making up an excuse, but I think someone [could say], 'What if I shipped Xbox One without a controller, because you would prefer a different controller than the one I'm shipping?'" Sounds like a yes to me
  • Are you referring to that quote from when they said they weren't going to sell XB1 without Kinect, only to stop all game development, kill Xbox Fitness, remove feature navigation, sell the XB1 without Kinect, and remove the Kinect port on the XB1S?
  • No, you will need to connect the Kinect through a usb port with an adapter like the XBox One S.
  • Nope, its Kinect hardware support is just as good as MS's Kinect software support.
  • Man i hope that they somehow keep this sub £500(though given what we know so far seems a faint hope....)
  • I'm guessing £400 for the base model. An extra TB + £50. Plus don't forget the new Elite controller. Wonder if they ever consider having dvr buttons on them?
  • Hmmm £400 would be ok. Though i expect the base unit to shift with nothing less than a hybrid ssd drive(or better). Didn't think about new elite controller....considering how customisable it is, i would be surprised if dedicated DVR btn isn't present.
  • Not British, but this really has no business topping $500, IMO. It's about a $200 graphics card and a CPU that shouldn't register on a price scale. The RAM isn't cheap, but they're skimping on the storage and have a PSU that's not pricey. Unless they include an updated Elite Controller with every Scorpio, I don't see how they justify $600 or more.
  • External PSU is great for people outside of launch countries. I've bought XO Day One and used it with an external power converter (for cars, lol). After the launch in EU I just changed the PSU and now do not use this big and noisy converter.
  • I'd like to know just how viable they think Scorpio can be at 4k with only 6tflops of power. Currently even 9tflop 1080's dont play 4k very well. I know I know optimizations but still that is not very much compute performance for 4k.
  • They'll use a couple of rendering tricks that will give a pseudo 4k experience, which will be good enough for most people.
  • If you're expecting a GTX1080 performance with roughly a 400$-600$ console, then you must be dreaming! A week ago the 1080 was around 650$, and now after a massive sale because the 1080Ti hit the market, it is worth around 500$. That will cost as much as the whole console when it launches! Not mentioning the CPU, RAM, storage, power supply, ventilation and the whole package with software available and a controller! 4k here is -if done right- a good upscaling method of probably 1440p at max. Also, don't expect it to run textures and graphic quality at the scale of a PC with a GTX 1080. It would be around the medium preset of any AAA game.
  • If the prices are too high then no one will buy it. So they wouldn't be making any money so they have to keep it at a reasonable price. This way lot's of people will buy it and they'll make millions, if you think about how many people will but it.
  • The point isn't that the Xbox Scorpio should use a 1080/Ti or comprable card and then Microsoft sells it at a loss. The point is that even state of the art cards struggle with 4K/60 fps with full detail. Microsoft's claims that the Scorpio will be able to do that are dubious until the console is actually released. 
  • 4K does not mean maximum settings across the board, which by itself is a moving target and completely different from game to game. For you to say that those GPUs are struggling is also very false!
  • I have a GTX 1080 in my current build, and trying to play Far Cry 4 on 4K/60 FPS causes the video to be very choppy, even when I minimize individual details. Same with Battefield 1, GTA V and Far Cry Primal. Only when you set it down to 4K/30 FPS does it work correctly.  Not sure about the GTX 1080 TI since I haven't picked that up yet. 
  • Comparing retail consumer prices with the wholesale deal Microsoft would have gotten with nvidia is just moronic.
  • Performance wise it will be between GTX 1070 and 1080, lets not forget it having faster vram than gtx1070, and 4GBmore than either 1070 or 1080. Also if you look at it you can get 4K on   Rx480 which is an older generation of the architecture. All it requires is targeting specific GPU with specific CPU and ram.
  • Xbox doesn't have Windows' bloat. 6TF is enough.
  • You mean like how the X1 reserves 3GB of system memory for the OS? How there are tons of background processes taking up system resources, just like on Windows? But more importantly, those resource drains are purely on a CPU and system memory level. When you're playing a game fullscreen, your GPU (which is what the source of that 6TFLOP comes from) only renders the game and nothing else. Windows does not affect what your GPU can do at all. 6TFLOP on a console is identical to that on PC.
  • Actually Scorpio comes with 12GB of GDDR5, even if sytem sreserved 3GB that still gives it 1GB more than GPUs available for PC. It is a false claim to say that things are running in the background of xbox when CPU/GPU are 100% utilised by games. This is exact reason why when you press guide you have to wait a second for CPU to become available to UI! 6TF on console is nothing like on PC because on PC software can not be fully optimissd to take advantage of specific GPU/CPU/Ram/Mobo etc because there's thousands of combinations that each game must work on!
  • it really depends on the game.  World of Warcraft on the PC is very CPU-intensive.
  • With HBM memory, DX12 low level api, which works much better on AMD hardware. You can't compare desktop GPU with console. On console system is designed only for gaming (and some other stuff, but much less than PC OS).
  • Resolution and framerate are honestly only two sides of what is at least a triangle.   The Xbox 360 could easily compute 4K gaming if you kept the geometry and shaders basic enough. It's really the old 'fast, cheap, quality' conundrum.  Within a contrained resource budget, you have to pick between rez, framerate, and scene complexity.  If you lock any two down, you sacrifice the third.  I hope their answer is to lock in framerate, and then play around with resolution and scene complexity, in that order. 
  • You have to also understand that there is a huge difference in efficiency between basic PC hardware and custom hardware like in an XBox.  The graphics card on a PC is a seperate card with a much longer and slower path to travel than a board that is integrated on the main board.
  • I'm fine with it not having a kinect. But I hope it at least has a mic integrated so I can continue voice commands
  • My thoughts exactly. I really hope Scorpio can do voice commands without the full blown Kinect, even if I have to buy a mic array
  • This is a good idea.  If they're at all serious about Cortana.
  • That's actually really nice for streamers. Shaping up to have a massive feature set over PS4 Pro. No doubt there will be more surprises to come at E3.
  • I need to know if it will have HDMI In.  I love watching TV through the Xbox.  
  • It will according to an earlier article: http://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-project-scorpio-full-specs-details Scorpio will have both HDMI-in and out, 3x USB 3.0, a SPDIF digital audio port, an IR receiver/blaster, and will support Kinect with a USB adapter.
  • If im not mistaken, Xbox One (S) DVR records at 720p 60fps...Or not? And how they gonna use 4K disc for games? if the Xbox One (Not the S) cant read it?...
  • 4k disc would only apply to Video, for game it's just called BluRay and same as others!  
  • They could probably include both discs in a retail box, like they did for some time with movie on BR that also came with a DVD.
  • If I'm not mistaken The 4k Blu Ray is just a quad layer disk.  Normal Bluray is a dual layer disk.  The Normal Bluray should be able to read the First two layers just like a normal blu ray.
  • Wow can't wait. Xbox one is already the best multimedia device out there. At least for UK users. There's more apps and content available already. Now every 3rd party game will be best played on Scorpio to. New age of Xbox has arrived. New iteration every 3 years. Where you upgrade when you want.
  • I couldn't hit a stable 60fps at 4k with my STRIX 1080, and TBH I can't hit a stable 60fps maxed out out my new 1080ti. The honest truth is Scorpio will be powerful enough to render at 4k with medium high graphics. It becomes exponentially more difficult to hit higher level of graphical fidelity at 2160. I'll buy a Scorpio for the console exclusives, and I'm sure it'll be a great system.
  • I don't think they are aiming for 60fps @4K. I think they are aiming for 30fps @4K.  
  • This article and Microsoft's advertising specifically mention 4K at 60 fps. 
  • They sure do, but not in the same sentence. 
  • What sources are those exactly? 4k 60fps capture seems very unlikely.
  • For the love of God please keep HDMI input! I know they're worried about talking TV, but I actually use the feature and LOVE it for watching my cable TV. And you can view twitter feeds of your shows while watching #TheWalkingDead
  • (PSU) in or out, this is not an issue for me; if anything, I'd prefer it out just to keep heat temperature down 👇🏻.
  • What price point are the shooting for? Price has a big impact on the success of the console.
  • This has already been answered, typical console launch price aka no more than $499!
  • How is it possible that the original XB1 had such a massive power brick with fans, yet now they can fit inside a smaller case of a system?
  • It's called "sorcery", duh.
  • Hardware has been using less power and therefore creating less heat every generation for a while now.
  • Thanks for being a shining light in Xbox Scorpio leaks Jez. 
  • I don't want to stream and record clips in 4K resolution with 60FPS I want to PLAY GAMES in 4K resolution with 60FPS like on PC.
  • How in the world is this supposed to be true 4k with 6 tflops? You need a 1080 Ti to keep 4k stable and that's about 12 tflops, MS is quite shy of this with Scorpio. They're already talking about doing frame interpolation to reach stable frame rates, checkerboard rendering to even reach 4k resolutions, and on top of that rendering effects in a 1080p buffer and upscaling it to 4k, overlaying it on top of the checkerboard scene. This sounds like a struggle to me, and they are considering this a premium system! I just don't get it... If Xbox Play Anywhere is a thing and you are looking for a premium system, you might as well just go all in on PC and also have access to Origin, Steam, UPlay, etc not just the small Xbox library of games.
  • and how much a PC that can play those new games at max settings in 4K iwll cost over a console? And where people get the info that 4K resolution at 60 FPS is linked to teraflops? There is many other factors involved on a PC that most of the time a console does not have to deal with. Games on PC will still be very far ahead any console versions by that time. 
  • There is a full explanation of "how in the world" in another article. Go read it, or you can watch a video if it's easier: here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE2hNrq1Zxs&feature=youtu.be   Just because YOU can't figure it out, doesn't mean a team of engeneers at Microsoft can't, and they have, so.. don't bother appying to any jobs at Microsoft.
  • Roasted!
  • H/W looks Amazing!!!!
  • they should have invest all the energy into mobile. who the f.... cares about an xbox with 4k? do you take your xbox with you in your pocket?
  • Since they have been wining with Xbox, they needed to continue with it. as for mobile, that's hindsight...that kind of investment into mobile should have came no more than a year after goggle announced Android.
  • So they shouldn't invest any time in the areas where they have some semblance of a marketshare?  Way to keep the status quo dude!  You'll get passed by very quickly.
  • Why not both?  I think it would be wise of them to release some kind of xbox oriented smart phone that takes on the switch, along side a Surface phone that is less gaming centric.  I think this could HELP get them some market share.
  • That wouldn't make sense to put the XBox team/s into the mobile hardware category, surely? I doubt Sony's camera engineers have much to do with the PS4
  • Great console!
  • Jez, are they still forcing devs to do 1080/60 like the crap you pushed on Twitter...and being a complete jerk who cant backup their facts ?