ProShot for Windows 10 adds light painting and more in latest update

Rise Up Games has updated its Windows 10 PC and Mobile version of its ProShot camera app to version It adds the new light painting feature along with more additions.

Here's a look at the new features in the update:

  • Added Light Painting (beta) *** requires build 14393.103 or higher ***
  • Added AF assist lamp setting in the Flash menu
  • Fixed bug where ISO 100 wasn't appearing
  • Fixed bug where sharpness setting was ignored
  • Fixed 1:1 aspect ratio bugs
  • UI and UX improvements to make ProShot easier to use

There are some known issues with this version of ProShot:

  • Image Control Panel and Noise Reduction settings may not work properly on some devices. Please try lowering your image resolution. This is a limitation of the Lumia Imaging SDK.
  • Sometimes the Photos app won't show recent pics taken with ProShot. This is a bug with the Photos app. Force close and re-open the Photos app to fix.
  • No 4K video support on the Lumia 930. We're looking into it.
  • If you have installed the Anniversary Update on an unsupported Windows 10 device, ProShot may not run properly. This is due to bugs in the OS that we cannot fix. Please use caution.

Rise Up Games also notes that there is a new donation button in the app's Settings menu, and adds that they "have a few surprises in the works" for ProShot users.

Download ProShot from the Windows Store

QR: ProShot

John Callaham