Protecting the Lumia 640 XL with Incipio's DualPro Hard Case

This case consists of a stretch and tear resistant TPE inner core that's the real hero when it comes to absorbing impacts, along with a slightly thick polycarbonate shell that sits on top — adding a fair amount of grip. The "dLAST" TPE features cutouts at the top and bottom for the auxiliary and charging ports, while the side buttons have been raised with the same material for an easier press when it's all sandwiched together.

Installing the Incipio DualPro Case{.nofollow} around the Lumia 640 XL is pretty straightforward: skin first, shell second. Both layers also leave openings for the speaker, camera, and flash for unhindered picture taking and conversations over speakerphone. There's an extra cutout at the bottom of the case where a rectangular Incipio TPU brand pokes through.

When completely installed, the case feels nice in your hand, adding just enough grip to prevent slips. That exterior shell, which Incipio likes to call a "plextonium frame," seems to pick up fingerprints and smudges pretty easily, but isn't very noticeable on black unless it hits the light just right. I proceeded with a few drop tests while the DualPro covered my Lumia, the maximum height being around 6ft. The case stayed on, and there was no damage to the display — rock! The case suffered some minor imperfections, but hey — that's what it's there for, right?

The verdict

For more than casual protection, the Incipio DualPro Hard Case is a great solution for any Lumia 640 XL owner. Despite having 2 layers to control damage, it's still slim enough to manage, and doesn't get hung up in your pockets. You can nab it from our Windows Central Shop right now for $26.95 if you want to give it a try. And, save an extra 20% right now while our Back 2 School sale{.nofollow} is still running (ends midnight, August 18).

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Brent Zaniewski