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Protecting the Lumia 640 XL with Incipio's DualPro Hard Case

This case consists of a stretch and tear resistant TPE inner core that's the real hero when it comes to absorbing impacts, along with a slightly thick polycarbonate shell that sits on top — adding a fair amount of grip. The "dLAST" TPE features cutouts at the top and bottom for the auxiliary and charging ports, while the side buttons have been raised with the same material for an easier press when it's all sandwiched together.

Installing the Incipio DualPro Case{.nofollow} around the Lumia 640 XL is pretty straightforward: skin first, shell second. Both layers also leave openings for the speaker, camera, and flash for unhindered picture taking and conversations over speakerphone. There's an extra cutout at the bottom of the case where a rectangular Incipio TPU brand pokes through.

When completely installed, the case feels nice in your hand, adding just enough grip to prevent slips. That exterior shell, which Incipio likes to call a "plextonium frame," seems to pick up fingerprints and smudges pretty easily, but isn't very noticeable on black unless it hits the light just right. I proceeded with a few drop tests while the DualPro covered my Lumia, the maximum height being around 6ft. The case stayed on, and there was no damage to the display — rock! The case suffered some minor imperfections, but hey — that's what it's there for, right?

The verdict

For more than casual protection, the Incipio DualPro Hard Case is a great solution for any Lumia 640 XL owner. Despite having 2 layers to control damage, it's still slim enough to manage, and doesn't get hung up in your pockets. You can nab it from our Windows Central Shop right now for $26.95 if you want to give it a try. And, save an extra 20% right now while our Back 2 School sale{.nofollow} is still running (ends midnight, August 18).

Buy from Windows Central ($26.95){.cta.large.nofollow}

  • To late already dropped. Cracked glass.
  • Lol... Sorry, honestly after owning a 920, I used to use a case to protect what it hit, not the phone. Dropped my 1520 on my big toe and and it bled
  • The 920 will also break your face if you aren't carful watching YouTube videos in bed
  • my lumia 920's screen was cracked when i was watching soccer match as i dropped it :(
  • Why you didn't added screen protector plus how did you even made it if has gorilla glass 3,you don't protect L640XL like me
  • I could but they didn't sell me one at the microsoft store the day I got my phone.
  • The good thing is that when I but a phone from the Microsoft store, they will replace it twice, no questions asked.
  • Gorilla glass still breaks..the only phone i couldnt break was the htc radar..smashed it on concrete but no scratch till today, cant say that about my 1520..cracked the screen so hard i couldnt operate the buttons anymore
  • Ye need nilkin tempered glass...even then...I keep extra glass around...I have two spares in a drawer...just in case they become hard to get... Fuckers ship from Shenzhen, take awhile to get...
  • My 1520's screen cracked twice. First I replaced it at Nokia Store. But the second time, I opted to buy a 640 XL rather than having it repaired. I still use my 1520 until Cityman or Talkman come out this fall/winter.
  • Screen protectors are garbage.
  • I don't even notice the Nillkin on my 640XL. I've had iPhones before this and am very careful with my "toys", but still managed to get scratches on the screens. At least now if I get a scratch all I have to do is rip the protector off and get another. The glass protectors are well worth it. If I went non glass I'd go for best skins ever.
  • Really good case. Had one for my 930 since February.
  • I hope for cases like this when new phones come out
  • Incipio has done pretty well in supporting lumia phones, I would be surprised if they don't have a plan to make this case for the upcoming flagships and other windows phones
  • I bought this case with the phone.  While it offers pretty good protection, I have to warn you all, get a screen protector as well, the tamper glass type with it.  This phone can easily slide out of the case when dropped.  So while it will save your phone from the bigger drop, the phone can still slide out of the case after it hits the ground and scratch the glass.
  • That's what I said above... In my case (no pun intended), for the 1520...
  • I definitely need one on mine. I didn't experience the phone sliding out after a drop, but for the extra protection it's wise I think. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • To be honest, I like the big hard china cases from eBay much better than the A brands like incipio and armourdillo, because they are also very hardy (rubber and polycarbonate plastic) and come in many awesome colors, and always cost 10 bucks or less.
  • The Microsoft flipcover works wonders. Really a Nice cover.
  • I wonder how this device is doing as far as sales........ In the US.
  • I don't know, but this is a really nice little device. I bought one for my son yesterday $86, along with this incipio case. It's running wm10 build 10512 very well. No complaints here!
  • Hey... Are you now having issues with Edge with 512? Do you notice it not wanting to accept entries into dialog boxes, and not being able to log into accounts???...
    I'm confused.. If these apps are universal apps then why would they work fine on PC, and not Mobile ❔❔❔❔❔
  • The Lumia 640 I purchased has 1GB of RAM and edge it's running fine on it.
  • Ok.. Well, I just checked it.. Working ok now.. Hummmm.. IDK.. This build is still annoying in many ways.. These reboots.
  • Sorry you're experiencing the reboots, however I experienced them with the previous build on my 1520. The current build seems to have fixed that on my 1520. Idk, but do you think you do what Daniel suggests; a hard reset before updating if you didn't already do that?
  • I know for the Lumia 640 if you have the T-Mobile variant to get the Evocel case which is much superior than this one
  • Gorilla glass 4 must be bullet proof..
  • Glass screen protectors are cheap less then $4 £3 on eBay
  • My 920's screen looks brand new & clear as I use flip cover since I bought....
  • Used the DualPro case on 5 phones and love it
  • It actually doesn't look half bad. It makes you wonder what a phone would look like with that dual-tone black/grey matte plastic, and not like the HTC Desire phones.