PSA: Microsoft to stream press briefing on its cloud future today at 2 pm ET

As previously revealed, Microsoft will be making some announcements about the future of its cloud-based businesses in a press event to be held in San Francisco today starting at 2 pm Eastern time (11 am Pacific time).

Microsoft will offer a live stream of the event for anyone to watch on its news site at that time. The event will be attended by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who has already conducted interviews that were posted earlier today by CNBC and USA Today where he gave some very general statements about its cloud plans.

While there's no word on what Nadella will be discussing in this event today, we do know that it will lean more on Microsoft's enterprise based businesses rather than its consumer divisions. However, there might still be a surprise or two awaiting us in less than two hours. We will be watching the live stream and will report on anything interesting that might be revealed during the event. What do you think Microsoft will announce today?

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John Callaham
  • Add gmt time please
  • agreed for international reference.. here is GMT -3:00 (or BRT) and I have no idea what "2 pm Eastern time (11 am Pacific time)" stands for me... lol
  • 16hrs no Brasil
  • I know it now... I did some little research on web.. but GMT is my common knowledge instead of US and all their time zones...
  • My dear friend.... here a link to you (and me hehehehehe)
  • Look it up, its not that hard to find
  • No! Why should we when this is an international site and it can be included, as previously in other articles.
  • Do you want them to brush your teeth for you in the morning and take you for a pee? Do you expect them to add the local time for each and every time zone? Why would you expect them to get that info when you are too lazy to get it yourself?
  • Most ridiculous comment ever.
  • No, I expect to just receive GMT. Every time zone is based on GMT, so people could do the adding and subtracting
  • GMT = ET+5  or PT+7   How hard is that to remember ..
  • Amen! ;)
  • Because its actually called UTC now, becuase its the Universal Time Constant. So yeah, its kind of the sensible one to use.
  • Somebody put this man on a pedestal! Maybe if we request it as UTC rather than GMT, we will be heard.
    PS: I've always wondered why my time zone reads UTC+2 instead of GMT+2. Now I know.
  • So are they supposed to list every time zone?
  • GMT for all us European WP fans would be respectable. This is an international site so my request is reasonable. Especially as they have included different time zones in previous articles. Just good journalism really.
  • Most international sites only include the local time at the place of the event. It really isn't that hard to figure out. This is a non issue
  • +830... Please stop with this US-only behaviour.
  • They do it because they're an American company. Deal with it.
  • Convert the time
  • So ban all IP from outside the USA...
  • But more users outside US so you deal with it matey.
  • Sooo when it says in 2 hours.... Is that hard?
  • I think quoting UTC would be sensible. 
  • Time zone abbreviations (like "EST") are almost always customary, not legal, and meant to be unique only within a defined area (like the U.S.), not globally. Edit...end of rant.
  • I'm in a time zone that's UTC-6 during Daylight Saving or UTC-7 during Standard Time. Its handy that I have a dual time zone watch, one screen shows my local time and I've set the other to UTC.
  • I work in an international role, which generally involves me talking to people across almost all the time zones, whenever I say 'shall we speak at next at...' I always use, GMT or BST, and they understand that, when they ask they always use EST, or whatever they're in (arabs tend to say Abu Dhabi time, or Saudi time, rather than an acronym). Its acceptable to assume that anyone can convert time without doing it for them, although polite to give the other persons time. If you're talking to a group on a conference, or in this case on a website, you should always use local time first, if you wish to put UTC to make it easier for others to convert that's your choice. GMT stopped being the standard around 50 years ago I believe, and was replaced by UTC which has leap seconds every now and then to keep things correct for computers. GMT is now only a local timezone used for half the year in the UK, BST being the other. UTC is required for sat navs and the like to be able to sync with enough accuracy since the earth doesn't spin around the sun accurately enough, as used by GMT. Although UK time and UTC are the same in winter :) Using GMT+ can still be confusing for some, since some people outside of the UK do not know we have BST, and so if they do the converting in a country without a summer time zone, you may find yourselves on the call an hour apart.
  • Its going to be the Cloud Watch. Calling it now.
  • If it's the cloud watch I'm gonna go crazy! I hope you're right!
  • Cloud watch?
  • Yes. A weather app focused solely on the movement of clouds aimed at storm chasers. :p
  • +8.1 Update 1
  • Surface 3 with 12" screen.
  • GMT = Eastern + 5hrs
  • That means 7GMT, 10 pm here in Saudi Arabia great!
  • 8pm here in morocco! Thanks
  • 9 pm in Algeria,10pm in bahrain
  • Is there a way of streaming this on a phone ?
  • Yes, if you click through to the link it will let you load the stream on WP IE. Though hasn't started yet obviously.
  • You sure? Says Flash 10.2 or higher required.
  • Yes, just clicked through to the Microsoft site link on my Lumia 630. Tap the Play square then Full Screen Landscape Video steams. Good quality stream too.
  • This works, watching on my 930 now, yeah.
  • No live stream?! :(
  • Did you read it or??
  • Do you even read, bro?
  • Yeah MS about to say we got hacked so change your passwords.   Yay cloud!!!!
  • Hahaha.....
  • Midnight Indian time.. Not bad..
  • What is PSA? Wpc keeps using the term, I just don't understand it!
  • Public
  • Yep, and its not just a WPC thing, so you done learnt' ya somethin'.
  • ill watch it in u tube later. i loke how Nadella speaks
  • I'll be lazy and wait for WP Central to update me. Watching those toast notifications lol
  • Didn't someone say it may present new Office?
  • So if its USA ET, 15 mins togo
  • Clouds evaporate
  • I don't care how smart he is or how great his ideas are, Nadella is not a good public speaker.  Everytime I hear him speak its a struggle to stay awake.  Was never a fan of Balmer but he was a much better presenter.
  • #thepowerofthecloud
  • If you're using your phone to watch it,you won't be able too,I think you have to watch it on a PC.
    On your phone you'll required flash 10.2 or higher to watch it.
  • Nope. I'm on phone and I'm watching it
  • Watching it now.
  • I would be surprised of any announcements from this.  I also find it ver wierd that Nadella is even presenting this.  Its probably because its his baby, but nevertheless, he probably should have deligated...
  • Who cares about Eastern time?
  • Well, that was slightly underwhelming. I am quite surprised that Nadella took the time for this event. No real news, just a few usecases...
  • Nothing new?
  • Not sure where you saw the big news. The only new item I saw was the new virtual machine series and that was expected. The rest is already in place.
  • Nothing new what-so-ever.  Essentially here is your rundown of the event:  Hello, cloud, hyperscale, cloud, empowering, cloud, robust, cloud, office 365, use case, use case, cloud, cloud, eubiquitous, cloud, use case, cloud, Closing. I was a bit disappointed,  it was just a "hey look at our cloud and how awesome it is while we don't really tell you much about it" kind of event. I was hoping for some new pricing options that would allow office 365 to actually be affordable for a business that has a lot of shared computers.  Going from computer based pricing to user based pricing is not in a lot of companies best financial interest.
  • I use O365 E3 for my business. I am not sure if you are referring the the business offer, but I can install my office suite on up to 5 devices per user I pay for. That seems plenty to me.
  • Yes you can install on multiple devices but what if you had several shifts of field crews that come into the office 1-2 times a day and use one of 4-5 shared computers.  You go from buying a license for each computer to buying a license for each user who would need access to the computer at some point or another.   Or... you start using generic users which is never a good idea.
  • Agreed, that is an issue. I have a few shared PC's but I use a generic job function based local user for the login with very limited local rights (after all I want them to work in the cloud anyway) and the user then logs into the database application hosted in sharepoint with usernames I defined in the application to make sure I can track the interaction based on the user. So they share the needed access installation which is tied to the generic user, but work in my application as an individual user. I guess it depends on the details of your usecase to see how you could tackle that.
  • But shifts have no bearing on afforability, neither does the device. Its a "per user" service. The fact you have re-used a PC but fill up hours in the 24 hour cycle with shifts is imaterial. If you had say 2 PCs but 10 staff on an email system (and presuming their working day is 7-8 hours like normal) then thats still 10 staff days of service per day, 10 staff usage of email and 10 x storage. You need 10. The fact you share machines and work shifts is irrelevant? I can tell you from costing internal email to 365 email, its very very affordable in fact if you get an EA and decent discount its a fraction of the price of running it yourself (and MS are going to build a better datacentre than most Enterprise IT shops, even ones with lots of money)      
  • For some organizations that haven't made a choice on cloud providers yet (I work for one of them). events like this could be useful. It felt like a live whitepaper on the Microsoft Cloud to me.
  • Agreed. The event itself was OK. I just think it was a bit overhyped with the "cloud future" statements. It was more something you would put out in a press release as case studies.
  • This is amazing. Basically cloud computing for everyone. The independent developer to the enterprise. OS independent and environment independent. Integrates with Google, Amazon, Sales force, etc. This is what funds the development, commercialization of our beloved toys. For small to medium enterprises there is the ability to scales on as as needed basis.
  • cool
  • anyone knows which channel on u tube it will nd available to watch it later
  • Xbox One will use it to urm, you know, power games beyond anything else!