PSA: Remember to close Mass Effect: Andromeda to avoid wasting your trial time

The trial period for one of the year's most anticipated games, Mass Effect: Andromeda, recently kicked off for EA Access and Origin Access members to much fanfare. As is usual with EA trials, this one gives players 10 hours of play time before the it ends. That's all good, and should be plenty of time to take in first impressions, unless you forget to do one crucial thing: close the game.

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It seems fairly obvious, but given the way the Xbox One dashboard works, it would be easy to forget actually make sure the game is no longer running in the background after popping back to the dashboard after a long gaming session. If you forget to close up shop, the trial timer will continue ticking and you'll lose out on those precious hours of game time before you know it.

So, remember: if you're currently enjoying some Mass Effect: Andromeda through EA Access, fully quit the game when you put the controller down to avoid wasting trial time. Thankfully, if you decide to pick up the full game once it launches, your saves and any achievements you earned will carry over just fine.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • there a chance i didn't fullly exit the game last night....
  • I played for a little over an hour last night and really enjoyed it. Can't wait to play a bit more tonight.
  • Wouldn't people just torrent it?
  • maybe a cheap, pathetic person like you but most gamers prefer to pay for their games and DLC
  • "most gamers prefer to pay for their games" LMFAO! You're crazy if you believe that! PC is notrious for piracy. And gamers are cheap and always want free stuff.  
  • From reading impressions I'm gonna guess this game gets around 75-80 metacritic. Quite alot of people disappointed. Reviewers and gamers playing the trial from EA.
  • is it smart they have trial out prior to the review embargo lifting?
  • Lmao. Had no idea that the background caused the app to be considered on. Does this mean I have had over a week of Halo 5 running, being paused with my XB1 "off" (standby mode).
  • most likely true
  • This is true. Played 2 hours. Left the rest for the weekend and now my trial is over. Very annoyed.