Farming simulators are sleeper hit games — low profile, but somehow widely popular. Today, Techland Publishing and developer Ice Flames released a new trailer for Pure Farming 2018 which focuses on PC modding tools.

The main focus of the modding appears to be user-created vehicles. Players can import custom-made machines — created in their preferred 3D software — to Pure Farming 2018 and easily share them with the community. Devices such as tractors, harvesters, ploughs, trailers, pickups and trucks are all compatible. Any machine you can imagine will work with the game. However, it's unclear how functional many creations will be.

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Grzegorz Skwierczyński, Pure Farming 2018's Lead Programmer, issued the following statement alongside the modding trailer.

Modding is a huge feature for the farming community so we simply had to have it in our game. The tool we offer is intuitive and universal, giving players the flexibility to get really creative with what they add to the game — even going beyond traditional farming machines. We were testing it using one of the models provided by Techland as you can see in the video.

If you're into farming simulators, keep an eye out for this one. Pure Farming 2018 is scheduled for a March 13, 2018 release for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4, and our inner farmers are looking forward to it.

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