Zello for Windows Phone

Zello, a new push-to-talk walkie-talkie service, has officially launched on Windows Phone. We last covered Zello earlier this month, with testing kicking off for lucky souls on the private access list. That stage of development has well and truly ended with Zello now releasing the app into the wild, opening up access to all Windows Phone consumers.

If you're not familiar with the name, Zello is essentially a mobile form of quick VoIP (much like team solutions such as Ventrillo, Mumble and TeamSpeak), allowing multiple clients to connect and users to communicate using push-to-talk. Previous conversations can be played back at a later date, the apps are lightweight and will work over WiFi as well as mobile Internet (even EDGE and GPRS). Here are some highlighted features:

  • Free live voice over any network or Wi-Fi connection
  • See who's available or busy
  • Cross-platform
  • Free with no ads

The added benefit is the service is cross-platform and now supports Microsoft's mobile OS. If you're tired of texting and want an easy way to communicate with others, be sure to give Zello a try.

UPDATE: We inadvertently posted the beta link, which will not work. Please re-try the new Store link, which 100% will download. Sorry!

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