Zello push-to-talk enters private beta testing for Windows Phone

Back in January we reported on Zello, a new push-to-talk walkie-talkie service, was heading to Windows Phone with a beta sign-up announcement. That follows the June 2013 announcement that they were looking to even build and app.

Well, today is that day as the Zello app is in the Store, but unless you read our article back in January, you can’t quite have it yet. That’s because the app is now in private-beta testing, following their earlier promise of an April timeframe for that program. So far, they’re keeping to their word (even if the app is a few days late).


From the app description, Zello (which is also on iOS and Android), looks to be a snappy app:

“Join millions of people who use Zello instead of texting. You can use it one-on-one with a friend, for a live group call with your family or soccer team. The Zello app can even replace two-way radios at work.

Zello is the only place for live open group communication – old school CB Radio style. Create a live Zello channel for your forum or customers, or enjoy conversations from across the globe.”

  • Free live voice over any network or Wi-Fi connection
  • See who’s available or busy
  • Cross-platform
  • Free with no ads

Unless you’re WhatsApp or Google, private betas are usually the last stage before release. It’s a good sign, with only a few weeks from this wider testing to general release to the public, so we’re hoping for something by June (fingers crossed). The app is only for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 devices, so no 7.x support.

You can see the app here in the Store, but you won’t have permission to download unless you’re on the beta list.

Have you signed up for the Zello beta and or already using it on another platform? Let us know in comments what you think!

Via: Windows Phone Apps

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