Zello push-to-talk solution looking to build app for Windows Phone

We've some rather good news for those of you who have heard of Zello (www.zello.com) and have used the service in the past. The push-to-talk service is currently planning an app for Microsoft's Windows Phone platform. Sporting clients for Android, BlackBerry and iOS (as well as web browsers), it would be a positive move for the platform to see Zello begin showing support. 

CEO Bill Moore confirmed with TruTower there is indeed an app in the works, but there's no ETA for when consumers will be able to see the listing appear on the store. It's safe to assume we're looking at development in its early stage here. Initially released in April, 2012 Zello has grown and now boasts over 35 million users worldwide. If you've been wanting an app that allows you to create custom channels for up to 300 people to chat in real-time in "walkie-talkie" style, Zello is definitely worth checking out.

Think of Zello as a mobile form of team VoIP (much like Ventrillo, Mumble and TeamSpeak), allowing multiple clients to connect and users to communicate using push-to-talk. Previous conversations can be played back at a later date, the apps are lightweight and will work over WiFi as well as mobile Internet (even EDGE and GPRS). Best of all - it's free.

Zello Apps

Zello also caters for business and enterprise with its Work version. This would be perfect for businesses that decide to utilise Windows Phones in the work place, offering unique functionality that's also available on competitor platforms. While this app won't be for everyone, we're still needing big name companies to come over and support the platform.

We'll keep our eyes peeled for more information on the upcoming Zello app and what features it'll sport once released. Are you interested in a client being developed for Windows Phone?

Source: TruTower; thanks, Bilesha, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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