Qik Coming to Windows Mobile

Qik has announced it will be coming to Windows Mobile. The Windows Mobile version should be ready in the next few months and you can expect a review when it drops. Qik is the web casting service that streams video from your phone to the Qik website. If your one of the lucky owners of a Motorola Q or Samsung Blackjack then you might be able to get in on the invite only alpha.

In my opinion this is great because Windows Mobile has always been known for getting things done and with Qik we can add having fun to the list. With the ability to stream live video to Qik the possibilities could be endless. Now instead of 60 minutes of video share you can share more birthday parties, anniversaries, and graduations. I think it will be best for sharing moments with friends. For example if your buddies not at the movies with you, simply fire up Qik and he can watch it with you without eating your popcorn. Er, on second thought, don't try that last one, we wouldn't want the MPAA storming your house.

WC Staff