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Quantum Break's episode pack is a massive 75GB download

Remedy's upcoming action-adventure third-person shooter Quantum Break has a TV series that ties in with the game's storyline. If you're playing the game on the Xbox One, you have the option to download the episode pack, which comes in at 75GB.

Quantum Break

If you don't have that kind of storage left on your Xbox One or on an external drive, you can always choose to stream the episodes, which are delivered after every major chapter in the game.

Quantum Break will be available starting April 5. If you pre-order the game for the Xbox One, Microsoft will throw in the Windows 10 port for free.

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  • Whaaaaaaattt?? BioResearch & Games.
  • Really heavy!!! Sent from WC app (1520) on Windows 10 Mobile
  • What? Is there something wrong with the earth's gravitional pull? :P
  • Shook the gravity out of gamers. That's what it is ;p
  • Funny.   I like the way you think  Dr. Brown.  Now I must go walk Einstein and wash the Delorean.  Because both  the movie and this game are about time travel it would have been even more on point if you tied in the time element to the whole quote. "Heavy." Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?"
  • Wow. Good thing I have a 4TB drive. Streaming should be fine but just I'll download it just in case. Just delete it after u finish the game. Cop E Ryte........ Cause everything I do is official!
  • You know what's funny... Everyone is whining about storage when i nearly feel of my chair thinking of the data costs... 3rd world problems i guess
  • Aye Kevin, I know that feel
  • Wow! (In shock at the moment although I shouldn't be) Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Holy butts! Isn't the game around 50 GB itself too? I guess I shouldn't be surprised that HD TV episodes take up that much space. That says it's probably a pretty long game though, which is nice.
  • Hey Keith (if you preordered) how do you feel the game being 720p? Or some cases the game being higher res. For me and sister we just care about the plot of the game. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android! (Nexus 5x)
  • My TV is 720p, for starters. Halo 5 runs at a variable resolution (I wonder if this does the same), and it dips to something comparable to 720p (not the same 1280x720, but a similar pixel count). I'm generally not worried about resolution, even if I get a better TV. My eyes aren't trained to notice the differences, and most who complain need still images of the game to see the issues in the first place.
  • The game isn't really 720p. The Resolution is complicated  
  • I have seen 1080p screencasts of it. Confused?
  • Kind of nuts though, as a 2 hour um, backup, yes backup movie from pirate bay in 1080p can come in at less than 2.5 gigs if properly compressed and look virtually the same as the bluray it was ripped from at any kind of reasonable viewing distance.  There aren't 50+ hours of video in this game right?!
  • Depends on content quality and compression. I just looked up a Doctor Who torrent, and I see a 1080p copy of the last Christmas special at 4.37 GB, for an hour-long episode (which is actually a 40-minute file, since the commercials are cut out). Remedy said in December that the game has 5 acts and 4 22-minute episodes per-act. That means two hours/act. That's 20 hours. At the 4-ish GB/hour I found, that's 80 GB.
  • Dr Who is a BBC program. BBC do not play commercials, they are funded through every household in the UK having to pay for a licence to watch TV.
  • Wow, that is pretty terrible to do to people, but that is what it is. Regardless, the show's episodes are not the full hour.
  • Lol try Canada bells space is a joke half of their programs 6mons later appear on ctv2 yet they gouge their competitors or the stuff they get appear months before on tmn etc.
    If you want free try filmon
  • Well first you are saying look "virtually" the same, second, are you sure they are actually 1080p? I've seen plenty that call it 1080p and the resolution isn't 1080p. So yeah the extras add quite a bit more data to this.
  • Bigger issue for me would be my data caps, that would eat up a good chunk of it. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Off top: Did anyone notice changes after camera update. There is unknown for me video resolution 2208x1242. This is the highest. 10586.164
  • Just be happy its not 720
  • Take it to the forums. Why is it so hard for people to do that? It's so obnoxious tyiny got read an article and have discussions when clowns keep throwing their garbage in like we're all supposed to jump into these derailing discussions.
  • This game will prolly suck like watch dogs
  • I have no idea why you're saying that. While its certainly possible, given todays poor track record with games, you're making a comparison to a different publisher and developer..
  • I liked Watch_Dogs. It wasn't a perfect game by any stretch, but it was an OK game. Driving physics definitely needed work, and there could have been more diversity in pedestrian interactions (they started to repeat themselves later in the game), but I generall enjoyed playing it.
  • I should finnish it.  
  • Jesus, that's going to kill some people's data caps.
  • Australian internet is hopelessly inadequate for streaming the video bits.  Besides, a USB 3 3tb drive is about the same price as the game itself and no xbox gamer shouldn't be using some kind of external storage.  
  • im a gamer i use it. works fine no problems. just make sure you meet required specs from xbox to use expandable storage.
  • thats why I have a 5 tb Expansions. I have every game I own pluss 38% availbile space left.
  • Wow! Don't they know there is something called "compression"? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Compression is okay for streaming services, but if you buy something outright, people generally get quite annoyed if it's compressed.
  • Lol if had to guess theres some heavy drm padding
  • I would hate it if the video was compressed. Might as well pirate it if I wanted poor quality.
  • I wonder how many GB is the Windows 10 port to download.