Quikr working on official Windows Phone app for Indian classifieds

The Quikr team have revealed on Facebook that they're actively working on an official Windows Phone app for the region of India. The service is an incredibly popular destination for classifieds, enabling consumers to trade, buy and/or sell listings. There are over 12 categories, containing over 140 sub-categories that range from mobiles, real estate and cars to services, jobs, entertainment and general electronics.

"Our product team is currently working on the application to support Windows based mobile phones. It is currently on testing phase. Once done, our users will be able to use the application."

Apps are already available for both iOS and Android, so it'll be a positive to see an app released on Microsoft's mobile platform. We'll let you all know once the Quikr app is released, should everything go according to plan. Who's excited for this to become reality?

Source: Quikr (Facebook); thanks, Aniruddh, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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