Rainbow Six Quarantine Ranked mode, Operators, mission list slip in data leak

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak
Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft remains quiet on the status of Rainbow Six Quarantine, the cooperative spin on its hit tactical shooter, following an unveiling last June. Further capitalizing on a return-to-form for the Tom Clancy-branded series, Quarantine challenges three players to fight back a zombie outbreak. The premise builds on the same alternate universe as the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak event in 2018, where the game temporarily pivoted to a limited-time cooperative experience.

While firm Quarantine details remain scarce, with just a brief cinematic trailer at E3 2019, we've continued to round up the trail of leaks in past months. The title is expected to explore New York City, San Francisco, and Truth or Consequences, the setting of the original Outbreak event. Rainbow Six Siege's Operators will translate over, too, including returning gadgetry and weapons that defined their identities.

The latest wave of Rainbow Six Quarantine snippets have now surfaced, with a dump of alleged pre-release game data from a continued source of Rainbow Six leaks, /u/Zer0Bytes_ on Reddit. Their post details new features and an extensive list of game file strings seemingly pulled from a pre-release build.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak

Source: Ubisoft (Image credit: Source: Ubisoft)

Perhaps most significant is talk of an upcoming "PVE Ranked" mode, akin to the skill-based experience at the core of Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft's existing Ranked scene sees players compete in a designated competitive-primed playlist, where wins and losses help calculate ranks. Ranked multiplayer has emerged fundamental to the game, with the potential hope of past success translating to Quarantine.

The leak also lists likely Operators headed to the game, aligning with a supposed marketing pamphlet that surfaced earlier this year. It confirms the return of favorite faces, allowing attacking and defending Operators to squad up in a cooperative setting. The previous leak aligns almost identically, only swapping out Smoke and Nomad for Maestro, suggesting the 20 Operators will see themselves categorized into Assault, Recon, and Support classes.

  • operator_jager
  • operator_tatchanka
  • operator_hibana
  • operator_ying
  • operator_doc
  • operator_echo
  • operator_finka
  • operator_iq
  • operator_ela
  • operator_rook
  • operator_fuze
  • operator_vigil
  • operator_pulse
  • operator_sledge
  • operator_alibi
  • operator_lion
  • operator_zofia
  • operator_gridlock
  • operator_maestro
  • operator_jackal

Rainbow Six Quarantine

Source: Ubisoft (Image credit: Source: Ubisoft)

Likely missions also feature, split into three chapters, and six missions each. That corroborates those leaked marketing assets, but with the mission count now doubled. Rainbow Six Quarantine previously suffered a delay beyond a planned early 2020 debut, which may have contributed to this broader content offering.

  • R1Q1_Extermination
  • R1Q2_SpikeFree
  • R1Q3_StopHittingYourself
  • R1Q4_TargetPractice
  • R1Q5_Blindside
  • R1Q6_AllTogether
  • R2Q1_MassDefusal
  • R2Q2_PeekABoo
  • R2Q3_HighGround
  • R2Q4_FromTheDark
  • R2Q5_DetailedAnalytics
  • R2Q6_SolidPerformance
  • R3Q1_TheHarderTheyFall
  • R3Q2_AntiNesting
  • R3Q3_NotInMyHouse
  • R3Q4_NoOneLeftBehind
  • R3Q5_CovertOperations
  • R3Q6_ResoundingSuccess

Familiar hostiles appear to be returning from Outbreak, including the Grunt, Breacher, Rooter, Smasher, and Apex. We also see the inclusion of new enemy types, named as the Bloater, Spiker, and Harasser.

Take all new details lightly around any unconfirmed content, as plans can and will change before release. But these latest details paint a clear picture of what Quarantine sets out to achieve, further expanding early foundations from Outbreak in 2018.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is next expected to make a July 12 appearance at the Ubisoft Forward digital event.

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