Rainbow Six Quarantine artwork confirms New York, San Francisco setting

Rainbow Six Quarantine
Rainbow Six Quarantine (Image credit: Eric Clark on ArtStation)

What you need to know

  • Rainbow Six Quarantine promotional artwork suggests New York and San Francisco as planned locations for the upcoming shooter.
  • The artwork, as showcased on ArtStation via 3D artist Eric Clark, aligns an earlier alleged leak of Rainbow Six Quarantine promotional material.
  • Rainbow Six Quarantine is scheduled for release later in 2020.

While Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege exhibits continued success into its fifth year, Ubisoft has set the stage for its cooperative spinoff, Rainbow Six Quarantine. Inspired by the multiplayer shooter's limited-time Outbreak event from 2018, Quarantine translates those tactical foundations into a zombie outbreak. It sets the stage for up to three-player squad-based combat, assembling teams of the series' iconic Rainbow Six Operators, tackling a global biohazard threat.

Ubisoft remains tight on Rainbow Six Quarantine details following its cryptic E3 debut, and since delayed beyond its scheduled early 2020 release. We expect a similar setup to Outbreak, where a USSR space capsule crashes with an onboard alien parasite, as players attempt to contain its spread. But Quarantine could see that epidemic spread nationwide, with newly-surfaced promotional art alluding to New York and San Francisco as potential settings.

The behind-the-scenes glimpse comes via 3D artist Eric Clark on ArtStation, a contributor on Rainbow Six Quarantine assets used for the reveal. The promotional materials featured lightsticks and patches branded with an emblem, setting the tone for Ubisoft's latest project. Clark's portfolio now includes an insight into the creation of the renders, including fabric patches and a lightstick design comprised of several components.

Rainbow Six Quarantine Lights Test

Source: Eric Clark on ArtStation (Image credit: Source: Eric Clark on ArtStation)

The portfolio also includes renders of both sticks removed from the housing, branded with "NY" and "SF" detailing, and coordinates within the cities. 40.7128°N 74.0060°W lands on the New York City Hall, while 37.7749°N 122.4194°W points toward San Francisco's Van Ness Avenue, also host to various city department buildings. Both models also reference the "Rainbow Epidemic Advance Confinement Team," potentially the counterterrorism unit assembled for the title.

While the models are far from a confirmation, with the use of placeholder details commonplace in work-in-progress designs, both align with a promotional leak earlier this year. Images of an alleged pamphlet breaks down planned Operators, enemies, and locations, including New York and San Francisco, as two of three planned cities. It appears increasingly likely Ubisoft has sights set on two coastline cities for Quarantine, providing a small glimpse into plans at the studio.

While Rainbow Six Quarantine has been delayed beyond its scheduled early 2020 release, we still expect availability on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, alongside PC, later this year.

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