Rainbow Six Siege crosses 25 million registered players

However, that's not the biggest news of the day. According to the publisher, Rainbow Six Siege has now surpassed the 25 million registered players mark. Keep in mind that this figure represents "registered players" which means that it includes gamers who have purchased used copies, tried the game during a free trial, or game share between friends. This is not an accurate reflection of sales. Alexandre Remy, the Brand Director for Rainbow Six Siege, issued the following statement:

Player investment has been core to the success of the game with longevity being always very important to us. As the game progressed, we continued to develop it with the community in mind. We're thrilled to see that the community has embraced the game, brought along their friends, and really pushed our understanding of what's possible with what we've created.

The new Rainbow Six Siege season includes the new Mok Myeok Tower map set far above Seoul. Operation White Noise also introduces three new Operators — Dokkaebi, Vigil and Zofia — who each have signature weapons. Players can purchase the Year 2 pass now until December 12, 2017 to gain early access to Operation White Noise Operators.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Rainbow Six Siege is a new approach to the first-person shooter experience. Players choose from a variety of unique Counterterrorism Operators and master their abilities as they lead their teams through tense, thrilling, and destructive combat. The game had a lot of issues when it launched but Ubisoft fixed many problems including team killing and balancing.

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Asher Madan

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