Rainbow Six Siege free to play this weekend on Xbox One and PC

Rainbow Six Siege is going free to play once again this weekend. Coinciding with the game's Pro League Finals, the game will be free across Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 for all players from November 14-18.

During its free play days, all of Rainbow Six Siege's standard edition content will be available to play, letting players check out a number of different modes and maps while working towards unlocking the available operators. Any progress you make during the weekend will also carry over if you decide to purchase the game after the free play period is over.

Rainbow Six Siege has enjoyed a pretty steady base of players since its launch, and the game is now about to cap off its third year of post-launch content. Next on the docket is Operation Wind Bastion, which promises to deliver new operators and a new multiplayer map located in Morocco. Operation Wind Bastion is set to get a full reveal on November 18.

If you decide to pick up Rainbow Six Siege after the weekend, Ubisoft says that it will be available at up to 70 percent off all editions from November 15-30. For now, the game is currently available for $27 and up at Amazon, depending on which edition you pick up.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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