Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides leak names Kali and Wamai as new Operators

Rainbow Six Siege Jager ADS
Rainbow Six Siege Jager ADS (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege soon unveils its Operation Shifting Tides update, rounding up 2019 with two new Operators and the Theme Park rework. The latest content headed to the hit tactical shooter further diversifies its gadgetry lineup, exploring new Indian and Kenyan recruits. And with brief teasers scheduled ahead of the November 10 reveal, a new leaked gadget trailer appears to have named new Operators to drop with Shifting Tides.

The prematurely-posted teaser primarily focuses on new gadgets for the upcoming season, featuring a hard-hitting bolt-action sniper rifle with an underslung launcher, alongside an anti-projectile deployable rivaling Jager. Closer inspection also appears to name the season's two new Operators, our Indian attacker "Kali" and Kenyan defender "Wamai."

Rainbow Six Siege CSRX-300 Teaser

Source: /u/manuxillo on Reddit (Image credit: Source: /u/manuxillo on Reddit)

Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides Operator Icons

Source: /u/Loldiman2 on Reddit (Image credit: Source: /u/Loldiman2 on Reddit)

Shifting Tides' sharpshooter, Kali appears to derive from the Hindu goddess, often associated with time, creation, destruction, and power. Wamai is a name with Kenyan origins, aligning with official details first outlined via the Year 4 roadmap. Although not explicitly named as new Operator titles, both align with preexisting backstories. Two alleged Operator icons have also surfaced, as pictured. Expect formal confirmation over the days ahead, as new teasers drop.

Reputable leaks currently frame Kali with the CSRX-300 bolt-action sniper, with anti-gadget capabilities, providing a new alternative to Thatcher. Wamai sets out to rival Jager with a new counter for projectiles, expected to "suck in" and detonate throwables via a new "Mag-NET System."

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides is set for a November 10 unveiling alongside the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals in Tokoname, Japan.

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