Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 adds map bans and replay mode in new leak

Rainbow Six Siege Replay Mode
Rainbow Six Siege Replay Mode (Image credit: Windows Central)

Ubisoft soon ushers Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege into its Year 5 updates, expected to deliver four seasonal refreshes to the hit multiplayer shooter. And while Ubisoft keeps details on the annual milestone locked tight, early leaks suggest some notable changes to its content approach. That includes six new Operators confirmed for Year 5, scaling back the recruits planned for 2020. And while disappointing for some, Ubisoft affirms increased focus on quality-of-life improvements, including "free events, extensive reworks, and other core gameplay features."

Rainbow Six Siege delivered similar improvements in Year 4, scaling mid-season events, initiatives to tackle cheating and toxicity, and features beyond core gameplay. That extends into Year 5, and following a reputable leak on planned content, we seemingly have our first glimpse at what to expect.

The latest on Year 5 comes via Kormora, the reputable ResertEra user behind countless Year 4 leaks, and now extending into the upcoming year. It outlines two long-requested features on the future roadmap, alongside further details on a Tachanka rework.

Rainbow Six Siege Nomad

Source: Ubisoft (Image credit: Source: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege will reportedly introduce map bans in Year 5, allowing players to "decide what map to pick and ban," comparable to the existing Operator Pick and Ban system. Diverging from Rainbow Six Siege's existing matchmaking setup, selecting a randomized map from the current rotation, the feature would provide teams with input on map choice. While Ubisoft already curates a tight roster for the Ranked playlist, the concept would now considers personal preferences.

Ubisoft will allegedly also introduce replays in Year 5, translating another highly-requested component of rival shooters into Rainbow Six Siege. The replay mode should allow players to archive and rewatch past matches, potentially switching up perspectives, and providing insight on match performance. That's previously been challenging for Ubisoft, regardless of development resources, attributed to the inconsistencies of the game's client-side debris. We understand work on a solution has been underway for some time, potentially making replays more viable in the process.

The leak concludes with a tease of the overdue Tachanka rework, Rainbow Six Siege's beloved turret-wielding defender, increasingly isolated through his mounted weaponry. The Spetsnaz heavyweight will reportedly utilize an LMG as his primary weapon, equipped with an incendiary gadget.

While a continued source of reputable Rainbow Six leaks, take all details lightly until confirmation from Ubisoft. Year 5, alongside Year 5 Season 1, will make their debut next month at the Six Invitational 2020, scheduled for February 16, 2020.

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