RainbowMod custom ROM for Lumia 710 now available

It was only yesterday that we covered the availability of Metro^7, a custom ROM for the Lumia 710. Now we're pleased to announce another custom ROM has been published on the XDA forums - RainbowMod. This custom mod, by XDA Forum member lucifer3006, is based on Windows Phone "Tango" and is available in Spanish, French, Hungarian, Swedish, Czech, German, English US, Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil), and Danish.

So what's featured in RainbowMod?

  • Full Unlock from UltraShot
  • Removed OEM applications (Nokia Drive, Maps, etc.)
  • Search key remapping
  • QuickLaunch menu for quick switching the state of WiFi, 3G, Flight mode, Power save, etc.
  • Ability to access file system via WiFi/USB
  • Integrated Live ID, DppImplant no longer needed, but the new key can also be banned
  • Orientation locker
  • Added many color themes
  • Easy installation xap from a browser or file manager
  • Added Google and Yandex search engines
  • xb0xmod cert for cab-updates
  • Cab-updatable
  • Lots of minor changes
  • Updatability via Zune (not guaranteed)

Check out the video below for a quick glance at the ROM.

Two versions are available, the full version and a 'lite' version that strips most languages (leaving English and Russian) and bundled apps away. As always, Windows Phone Central cannot take any responsibility for damaged Lumia 710s, especially if they startup Skynet.

Source: XDA, via: Plaffo

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • "Skynet" hahaha
  • Skynet is real.
  • Nick Stahl is misssing...
  • I have used that as BSSID for a looong time :)
  • Why would anybody want to remove Nokia Drive?
  • I was thinking the same. =D
  • Skynet... Haha
  • How does alternate search engines work on WP?
  • Why the name Lucifer though?
  • can anybody englighten me as to why do the least owned windows phone get custom roms? like seriously, what about the 900? just like that custom rom for the htc phones, while the samsuing focus being the best seller never had one. like wtf ppl?
  • +1
  • I think it just depends on how much quicker they ate to unlock
  • Some phones are easier to unlock than others.