Rare studio head Craig Duncan says the team is still playing around with Everwild's gameplay ideas

Everwild (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Rare is one of the many studios that are part of Xbox Games Studios.
  • Rare has different teams, some of which are working on Sea of Thieves, while others are on a new IP called Everwild.
  • Studio head of Rare Craig Duncan recently spoke with Polygon about how the team is trying different gameplay ideas in Everwild.

Under the leadership of studio head Craig Duncan, Rare is continuing to work on updates for Sea of Thieves as well as its new IP Everwild. Revealed during X019, Everwild is still something of a mystery, with the first trailer placing a heavy emphasis on nature and different kinds of wildlife.

As part of a large interview with Polygon, Duncan talked about how the team on Everwild is still trying out different gameplay ideas.

"We learned a lot from Sea of Thieves," Duncan said. "At its heart, we love the idea of Sea of Thieves [and] players creating stories together. I think with Everwild, Louise [O'Connor] and her leadership team are really passionate about giving players a world that they can just lose themselves in — you know, a lot of nature feels magical. So the notion of, 'What does it mean to nurture a world? What does it mean to be in nature?' Part of the reason we haven't talked a lot about Everwild is because we're still feeling a lot of these things out. We're still playing around with gameplay ideas. We'll have plenty to say in the future on that, but … we have an idea we feel really passionate about, and we think there's something special. I have a team of people that wake up every morning with the desire to make this game that they're really, really passionate about."

We'll have to wait for more updates to get a better idea of just what this game is about. Maybe we'll see Everwild or new updates for Sea of Thieves at the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase on July 23. Whenever it eventually arrives, Everwild will be available on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Whatever happened to Spencer's promise of not announcing games too early? Here they are still playing around with ideas of what the gameplay will be like.
    When he said he liked the idea of Sot that "players creating stories together", my hope is he doesn't come up with something like that. Release an empty game loaded with grinding and fetch quests.
  • It's what makes the game special. Otherwise it's a levelling up MMO ARPG. And there are plenty of those and they're all unespecial and a grindfest.
  • I mean if you like that type of games fine, the second part of my comment was what I hoped for the game. I mean there is already SoT, I wouldn't want something similar but a different experience. Historically, Rare mostly made single player games. I know this is not the Rare of old but I would have hoped for single player game (with coop possible) with a nice story after they made an online service like SoT.
    But that's it, just my opinion...
  • I think with times changing and new technology being open to developers, also come new possibilities of creating new game experiences. DK Country and Banjo Kazooie were fine for their time. But Rare has always taken advantage of the technological possibilities of the era and pushed them. And they still are. We can't expect them to do another Banjo Kazooie. But for people who are into that kind of game, there's a lot of indie developers doing them. I'd rather have Rare keep experimenting with new game concepts instead of iterating past hits.
  • I'm not sure how you can call it new game concepts when the guy was hinting at doing something similar to SoT their current game.
    Also when you talk about "technological possibilities of the era" are you talking about microtransactions or turning games into service that tries to get more money after it's being bought or rented? In that case, I'll just say I don't think everything that's modern is great...
  • I have a blind faith in them. I know it will be interesting.