Rare Replay for Xbox One will need 50GB of space to install the full package

In early August, Xbox One owners can take a trip down memory lane with Rare Replay, a collection of classic titles from Rare to celebrate their 30th anniversary. While it's a pretty great price for all the games included, with it comes the space you'll need to install the whole package. About 50GB.

That's mostly because of the Xbox 360 titles included. The initial Rare Replay install is around the 11GB mark while the Xbox 360 games that download separately total 38GB. The good news is you don't have to install it all at once. The Xbox 360 games can be cancelled and re-installed at any time at a later date. The pre-Xbox 360 titles are all wrapped up in the initial download. To re-install the Xbox 360 titles you'll just need to go over to the "ready to install" area in "My games and apps."

The titles in question include Perfect Dark, Viva Pinata and Kameo, which are currently available to Xbox One preview members to play using backwards compatibility.

Rare Replay is set to hit both physical and digital store shelves from August 4.

via Digital Spy

Richard Devine
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