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What you need to know

  • Razer has three new PC productivity accessories available: Its Pro Type Ultra keyboard, Pro Click Mini mouse, and Pro Glide XXL mouse mat.
  • The Pro Type Ultra keyboard is $159, Pro Click Mini mouse is $79, and Pro Glide XXL mouse mat is $29.
  • The trio of products put an emphasis on ergonomic design and optimization for gaming.

If you're looking for an easy, aesthetically unified way to burn through $270 (not including taxes), check out Razer's new additions to its productivity line of PC accessories. For $159, you can grab its Pro Type Ultra keyboard, or you can go with its $79 Pro Click Mini mouse and $29 Pro Glide XXL mouse mat.

The Pro Type Ultra keyboard advertises quiet clicking capabilities courtesy of its silent mechanical Razer switches. Plus, it'll give you wrist support with a leatherette wrist rest. And it supports USB-C, Razer HyperSpeed wireless 2.4GHz, and Bluetooth connections.

Meanwhile, the Pro Click Mini can survive up to 15 million clicks, according to Razer (meaning gamers into Cookie Clicker and all those one-handed visual novels on Steam are in for a treat!). As for the mouse mat, it's big, features high-density rubber foam, and utilizes a textured micro-weave cloth surface so your mouse movements are on-point.

All these products are available on Razer's site right now.

Magic mice

Razer Pro Reco

Pro Click Mini mouse

Sleek computing

Clicking things—it's in your nature. In your DNA, even. And now, you can do it up to 15 million times thanks to Razer. So long as you have $79.

No-click computing

Razor Keyboard Pro Reco

Pro Type Ultra keyboard

Tactile typing

If you want to experience the premium end of PC gaming and aren't afraid to pay for it, Razer has a fancy keyboard just for you.

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