The Razer Gigantus is a massive eSports gaming mouse mat

If you've invested hard-earned cash into an expensive mouse, it's absolutely possible to enjoy the peripheral to an extent with an affordable mouse mat. To get the absolute most out of the pointing device, however, you'll really need to consider investing in a premium pad with a cloth surface for enhanced precision and travel.

Take the Gigantus, Razer's $29.99 oversized mouse mat that has been designed in conjunction with eSports teams, including Team Liquid. Not only is it the result of a collaboration with the eSports community for serious gamers, the mouse mat can be effectively deployed for productivity and more. If you need more surface space for your mouse, look no further.

Razer Gigantus

So just how big is the Gigantus? Measuring in at a whopping 455mm square (18 inches) and 5mm thick, you'll need to double check that your desk will be able to handle such a size. And because it's a smooth cloth surface, any mouse will simply glide across the mouse mat without issue, emulating a feeling that there's nothing beneath the pointer aside from a super-smooth layer of air. The best part is accuracy is not hindered one bit.

The obscene size and design of the mat ensures mice with low DPI settings will be able to perform admirably in titles. The rubberized underlay will prevent unwanted movement from occurring, even during the more frantic mouse movements. An added bonus is the anti-fray stitching, which will at least see the mouse mat survive a mouse replacement or two.

We took the special black edition version of the Gigantus for a spin, pouring in hundreds of gameplay hours in a variety of titles, including League of Legends, Skyrim Special Edition, Factorio, Terraria, Cities: Skylines, and Stellaris. The DeathAdder Elite was deployed, alongside the VicTsing T3, and Corsair's Sabre. All performed well atop the Gigantus.

The Gigantus isn't for everyone. In fact, if you're not a fan of large mouse mats, there's really no point in even considering the pad. Razer offers a number of options that cater to different requirements, but should you enjoy reducing DPI down to an absolute minimum, have ample workspace to use, and prefer large mouse surfaces, the Gigantus is a great investment.

Whatever you make of Razer hardware, they make some seriously good mice and mouse mats. The Gigantus is a result of this, and with the inclusion of eSports teams in the development process, gamers will know they're investing in an accessory that will do nothing but enhance their gameplay.

The Gigantus comes in three flavors: the standard elite version, special black edition, and finally Team Razer edition. The latter two are only available through Razer's online store.

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Rich Edmonds
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