Razer Iskur line expands with Iskur Fabric and XL gaming chairs

Iskur Fabric
Iskur Fabric (Image credit: Razer)

What you need to know

  • Razer is updating its Iskur line.
  • You can now get the Iskur Fabric, which, as the name implies, features fabric-based seating.
  • There's also the Iskur XL, which is bigger than its predecessor and can handle up to 396 lb.

If you have $500 or more lying around and are eager to spend it on a gaming chair, Razer has the seats for you. While there's already the $499 Razer Iskur on offer (a chair which Windows Central Executive Editor Daniel Rubino gave a full five out of five stars), Razer's expanding the lineup in case you have even more money lying around and want different options for your Iskur experience.

First, there's the Razer Iskur Fabric. While the non-fabric model focused on synthetic leather, this one is all about densely woven, ultra-soft fabric. Razer says it's resistant to oil, water, and dirt. This chair goes for $499, unless you want to supersize it, in which case the Razer Iskur Fabric XL will cost you $599.

There's also the Razer Iskur XL, which takes fabric out of the equation and gives you the traditional Iskur experience, only bigger. The Razer Iskur XL is $599, while the Razer Iskur X XL (yes, that's the name) is $499. These larger XL chairs "can support up to a height of 6' 8" (208cm), and up to 396lbs (180kg)," according to Razer. They're 15% bigger than their average-sized brethren.

Robert Carnevale

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