Razer Kiyo Pro vs. Razer Kiyo: Which streaming webcam is right for you?

Razer Kiyo Pro Press
Razer Kiyo Pro Press (Image credit: Razer)

Overall, the Razer Kiyo Pro cements itself as the definitive option if you're a professional streamer in need of top performance and features. Meanwhile, the original Razer Kiyo remains the best choice if you're a casual user who can make do with solid specs and will benefit from a lower price tag.

Kiyo Pro vs. Kiyo: Comparison and specs

Source: Razer The Razer Kiyo Pro. (Image credit: Source: Razer)

In a direct comparison, the Razer Kiyo Pro outclasses the normal Razer Kiyo in pretty much every way. The Kiyo Pro's 1080p 60FPS capabilities outperform the Kiyo's 30FPS maximum, and the Kiyo Pro's lens is outfitted with Gorilla Glass 3 for superior durability. Additionally, the Kiyo Pro also has support for HDR. In terms of field of view, the Kiyo Pro has more options at 103, 90, and 80 degrees compared to the Kiyo's 81.6 degrees. The Kiyo Pro also has a more advanced light sensor that does a better job of making adjustments to the image based on your environment's lighting. Finally, the Kiyo Pro has a detachable L-shape joint that gives you much more flexibility when it comes to mounting, as opposed to the standard monitor mount that comes with the regular Kiyo. Both webcams can be used with tripods, and both also have good onboard microphones.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Razer Kiyo ProRazer Kiyo
Resolution and framerate1080p @ 60FPS1080p @ 30FPS, 720p @ 60FPS
LensF2.0 with Gorilla Glass 3F2.0
SensorIMX327 with STARVIS TechnologyProprietary sensor
FOV103, 90, 8081.6
Mounting optionsDetachable L-shaped joint, tripodMonitor mount, tripod

Despite how the regular Razer Kiyo falls behind in terms of specs, though, it's still a fantastic option if you're someone who only streams and broadcasts every once in a while. This is because while its performance isn't the best of the best, it's still good and will be more than enough for non-professionals. Also, it's much more affordable, which makes it more appealing for folks on a budget.

Kiyo Pro vs. Kiyo: Which should you buy?

Source: Windows Central The Razer Kiyo. (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

While both of these webcams are excellent, we think that overall, the Razer Kiyo Pro will be the best option for most people looking for a quality webcam for streaming and broadcasting. Its excellent performance and features make it an amazing choice, and if you're serious about your streaming, it's arguably the best webcam you can buy to support your goals.

If you're more casual about streaming, though, don't count out the standard Razer Kiyo. While its performance is weaker than what you get with the Kiyo Pro, it's also much less expensive, making it an attractive budget-friendly option. Additionally, the performance is still good overall, meaning that you'll still have a good experience.

If neither of these webcams is right for you, don't forget to check out our roundup of all of the best webcams for Windows PCs for more options.

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