Razer Mercury White gaming accessories shake up the status quo

Razer has been on a bit of a mission lately to shake up the status quo when it comes to gaming peripherals. While most gaming accessories come decked out in black with plenty of RGB lighting — and Razer gear is no exception — Razer has started embracing different aesthetics across its peripheral lineup. We've previously seen this with the company's poppy pink Quartz Edition accessories, but now you can get your hands on a whole line of Mercury White peripherals.

The Mercury White line isn't quite as jarring as its pink siblings, but it does stand out in a sleek, stylish way. And while the name may imply a largely white aesthetic, it's been paired with plenty of silver accents that look mighty slick.

It's a combination that makes the accessories stand out in a subtle way while still retaining plenty of Chroma lighting effects to please gamers out there. I've always had a thing for white accessories and electronics, particularly in this color combination, but these look downright handsome. It's a color shift that worked well for Razer's Blade 15 laptop (opens in new tab), and it works just as well here.

Functionally, these accessories are the same as the other colors, so it all comes down your preferences. We put together a gallery of photos to show off the new color scheme.

Razer Huntsman Mercury White

Razer Basilisk Mercury White

Razer Kraken Mercury White

Razer Base Station Chroma Mercury White